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How diuretics work for weight loss?

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Often, if necessary weight loss people with overweight use of diuretics. As a diuretic effect on the changes of body weight and health? Do I need to take diuretics?

Diuretics or diuretics act on the kidneys, they will assist you in getting rid of excess water and salts. There are three classes of diuretics, they act differently, therefore, self-administration of diuretics undesirable. The action of diuretics seems harmless, most people do not have any information about the effect of diuretics and even trying to use them for weight loss. What you need to know about diuretics.

Diuretics treat commonly prescribed drugs

Diuretics are used to reduce swelling and prevent the accumulation of excess fluid and reduce blood pressure. They are prescribed for hypertension, congestive heart failure, edema of unknown origin.

If you wish to lose weight or to get rid of bloating diuretics are not assigned.
Diuretics do not cause addiction, but can be dangerous

Diuretics are not able to cause addiction but they can cause damage to the body, especially if taken without a doctor’s prescription or to exceed the prescribed dosage. Diuretics lead to dehydration and worsen the condition of the kidneys, cause severe loss of electrolytes in the soil which develops weakness, dizziness, confusion, increased heart rate.

A diuretic will not help to lose weight

The effect of weight loss, which is given diuretics, due to a decrease in swelling, the person feels less bloated. This effect is temporary, immediately after the rejection of the drug the kidneys will return to a previous mode of operation, again the body retains water and electrolytes are returned to their previous weight.

Because diuretics weight can be higher

Taking any diuretic drug over a long period of time leads to the opposite effect. Buds tend to compensate for the influence of drugs, the liquid begins to appear worse, the tissues accumulate water. In this regard, the body retains more fluid than it needs, the weight becomes more than before you start taking a diuretic.

Diuretics prescribed for PMS

Healthy women do not need the diuretics, but they are used to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. For painful PMS diuretics reduce bloating, puffiness with the foot, relieving discomfort, however, they should only take on prescription.

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