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How coffee makes us fat?

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Cappuccino and other coffee drinks all clear – they contain a lot of calories, so they give rise to excess weight. But what trick hides real coffee?

Anyone who knows how to count calories, know that cappuccino and other speciality coffees with milk and sugar is not the best companions on the road to getting rid of excess weight. In these drinks contains too much calories each of them is equivalent to eating or even exceeds the standard caloric content of the meal. Due to the lack of calories coffee without milk and sugar seem safe, but it is not.

Millions of people drink coffee in the morning, caffeine helps them Wake up, invigorates and sets on a productive day. They are not even aware that morning coffee makes them gain weight. The scientific world came to the conclusion that coffee with caffeine has a specific action on receptors in the long term leads to the appearance of extra pounds.

Thoughts of scientists were confirmed by the study, consisting of several stages. In the study, people drank caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated drink, and then they had to describe their taste of research. People recognized that decaf tastes more sweet than a traditional coffee with caffeine. Then they had to try a few tastes – bitter, salty, sweet and sour to describe their feelings.

After drinking caffeinated coffee, taste perception changes, and this effect lasts long enough.

Any product eaten after a Cup of coffee, will have a modified taste.

Caffeine affects the adenosine receptors, changes sensations, precisely because of this, after a Cup of coffee, you’re feeling cheerful. But the coffee dulls not only drowsiness, but the perception of tastes, the person ceases to feel the sweetness of fully and he wants to eat more sweets, to get the desired feeling.

Coffee has no direct relationship to the emergence of excess weight, but is present in it caffeine makes me eat more sweets. Thus coffee contains no calories, but is bad for the figure. The number of sweets eaten depends on their availability and how people like sweets. If you notice the relationship between coffee consumption and desire to eat sweet for yourself, then the best thing to do is to give up coffee. There is another way to resist the effects of caffeine after every Cup of coffee should actively move. Physical exercise or at least walk for 15 minutes will help to get rid of high of cravings for sweets.

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