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How a bodybuilder starred in Meggle commercials

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Each bodybuilder will consider career growth an opportunity to demonstrate his physique on screens for millions of viewers. But not everyone manages to rise high, following in the footsteps of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger), often these are just episodic roles or shooting in advertising. IFBB Elite Pro athlete Dominik Dörfl made a detailed video to explain to his audience on Youtube what to do to be able to participate in the commercial. The German athlete starred in an advertisement for Meggle cheese, participating in casting and daily filming. At the beginning of his video clip is played, in which two bodybuilders are seen standing in front of a supermarket shelf where they cannot decide which product to buy. Soon after, the lady pushes the back of the two athletes and confidently reaches for Meggle cheese. Then two bodybuilders are already sitting next to a woman who is eating a milk snack with 24 percent protein. According to the young bodybuilder, a casting of 100 people took place in Hamburg four weeks before filming began. The bodybuilder then met with two professional bodybuilders Steve Bentin and Tim Budesheim on the set. The athlete who best represents the brand and meets the other criteria set by Meggle would be chosen between these three athletes. After that, three actors played this scene of a short commercial, in the end, the role went to Dominik Durflu. The filming day began on Sunday at 6 a.m. and ended at 1 a.m. Shooting took so much time because all the possible variations of the video were shot to give the customer the opportunity to decide what best suits the food brand. As a result, only 15 seconds of all the records were used, which are now broadcast on the markets of the European Union. According to his own statements, Dominica was provided with everything on the set, including his bodybuilding-friendly chicken and rice food.

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