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Home workouts for girls to lose weight

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Most of the fair sex believes that only a visit to the gym will help get rid of the hated kilos, give a beautiful relief to the muscles and build. In fact, it turns out that home workouts for girls for weight loss are no less effective. Adhering to the simple tips below, you can quickly achieve more than excellent results.


The advantage of such complexes is that in addition to losing weight, they help to improve their health. They have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, improve the psychological state, and are an excellent prevention of many diseases. In this case, the sport will not have to devote much time – about half an hour a day, but regularly. Only adhering to a clear plan can achieve the goal.

Home Sports Benefits

Training at home for girls for weight loss has a number of undeniable advantages:

Saving money. There is no need to buy an expensive subscription to the hall, spend money on specialized equipment, a new form.
Time saving. There is no need to go or go anywhere, and classes can be held at a convenient time of the day.
Psychological comfort. You can do it calmly, at a convenient pace, without worrying about unnecessary observers.
After physical activity, you can immediately take a shower.
Young mothers do not have to worry about who to leave the child with.

fitness home


It is impossible not to say about the minuses:

Lack of coaching control. Some exercises require an exact technique, which cannot always be mastered without the support of a professional.
The program will have to be compiled personally. Given the wide variety of thematic videos in the public domain, it is not so difficult.
Motivation needed. Only you will be responsible for the regularity and duration of your workout. In addition, there are distractions such as household chores, etc.

Still, there are much more pluses, so many girls prefer independent training at home.


It is quite possible to lose weight by doing without any additional accessories. Only with them will the process go faster and easier. If you have a desire and opportunity, you should purchase:

Dumbbells. This is a basic accessory that is necessary for strength training. They can also be replaced, for example, with bottles filled with water.
Fitness gum. Used to work out the lower body.
Mat or mat.
Fitball. Helps to achieve the perfect press.

This is only a small part of the available inventory. A large assortment is available at the sports store.

If you are determined and want to do it for a long time, you have to think about buying a simulator, for example, a treadmill. Again, this is not necessary – to lose weight is quite real and without additional equipment.

Class Rules

Adhering to the following rules, you will quickly achieve the desired:

Always start with a quality workout and then end with a hitch (muscle stretching exercises). This will help prepare the muscles before exercise, and then help them recover.
The last meal should be at least 1.5 hours before class.
Try to slightly adjust your diet, because it is nutrition that accounts for up to 80% success. Calculate your CBJU norm and do not exceed it.
If you exercise in the morning, exercise on an empty stomach. Half an hour after exercise, you can have breakfast.
Use the recommended rate of clean still water every day.
Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Sneakers will provide support for the foot and ankle, and a sports top or bodice will support the chest.
Start gradually: first three times a week, then increasing to four to five. After a couple of months, change the acquired program to a new one.
Breathe correctly: inhale with your nose at every effort and exhale with your mouth as you relax.
Connect daily outdoor walks. This will not only help to lose weight faster, but also perfectly heal the body. To correctly control the steps taken and the pulse, you can use a special fitness bracelet.
If you have problems with your back, try to reduce the number of exercises for pumping the abs while lying on your back.

workout at home

Types of Occupation

Home training can be divided into the following groups:

For beginners or those with impressive overweight.
For slimness and burning subcutaneous fat.
For muscle tone and body fit.
For intense muscle growth.

Each of them is designed for three days.

Training for beginners

At first, it’s enough to give the sport up to half an hour three times a week. Such a program is designed for a couple of months, then it is better to switch to more complex exercises.

You will not need additional equipment.

Each exercise is done for thirty seconds, followed by a break for the same time.

1 day:

Alternately raising the lower legs forward.
Raising the lower limbs from the "bridge" position.
Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees. Touch the heels alternately.

2 day:

Squat plie.
Knees to the torso in a standing position.
Lift the thigh in a supine position, on each side individually.
Steps to the sides with simultaneous dilution of the hands.
Lifting the upper and lower extremities standing on all fours.

3 day:

Alternating elevation of lower legs forward in a standing position.
Walking with the dilution of the hands and the lap of the leg.
Russian turn from a sitting position on the floor.
The back bar with the abduction of legs to the side.
Lifting the hips to the side, standing on all fours.

For losing weight and burning body fat

If you have already been involved in sports, and now want to continue, you can start the next complex. No accessories required.

Forty seconds are allocated for each exercise, then a twenty-second break. Start with one or two circles, then increase to four.

1 day:

Running in place with a strong knee lift.
Side strip with twisting.
Lead to the side of the leg while standing.

2 day:

Bulgarian attack.
Breeding with limbs.
Running on the spot with hands resting on the floor.
Swing hips standing on the elbows.

3 day:

Jumping to the side.
Raise opposite arms and legs while lying on your stomach.
Rise from a chair with a raised lower limb.
Plank with a jump (hips to the sides).
Strap with alternating arm lift and shoulder touch.
Stand on all fours with legs raised up.

For muscle tone and body tightness

If your goal is not weight loss, but overall muscle tone and shape maintenance, pay attention to the following complex. We need dumbbells or an analogue weighing up to 5 kg.

Duration, as in the previous complex.

1 day:

Squat with a jump up.
Sumo squat with weighting.
Push-ups (can be done from the knees).
Bar with pull-ups of dumbbells.
Double twisting.
Lunges forward and then to the side.

2 day:

The position in the slope, the breeding of the upper limbs to the sides with weighting.
Lunges with weighting agents.
Plank with legs tightened.
Squat, then stand on your toe.
While on your back, raise the opposite arm and leg.

3 day:

Side plank.
Lunges on the diagonal.
Jumping in the widest squat.
Back push ups.
Side lunge.

For intense muscle growth

This is strength training, thanks to which you can significantly improve the body shape.

1 day:

Squat with dumbbells, four sets of ten times.
Push-up, three times ten times.
Dumbbell bench press from the chest, three to fifteen.
Touching legs and elbows in a prone position, four to twenty.
Triceps Bench Press, two to fifteen.
Lunge forward, four to ten.

2 day:

Deadlift, four times twelve.
Lateral attack, three times ten.
Raising the upper limbs for biceps, three to fourteen.
Raising legs from a prone position, four to twenty.
A shoulder press, three to thirteen.

3 day:

Squat using sumo technique, four by ten.
Back push-ups, three to twelve.
Lunges back four to ten for both legs.
Position lying on the floor, breeding dumbbells, three to fifteen.
Lifting weights to the chest, three to twelve.
Standing walking, two to fifteen.

Some ladies believe that homework is almost useless and you can’t lose weight with it. In fact, it all depends on your desire and the right program. Systematic exercises will definitely work, and in a few months you simply will not recognize yourself.


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