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Home training your legs for girls

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Slender legs girls always attracted men’s attention. To bring them not only in gyms under the supervision of a trainer. How to pump up the legs of the girl at home? You need to do, and what basic rules should be followed – will be discussed in this article.

The basic principles of training

In the twenty-first century standards of beauty have changed, and now the fashion not skinny, but athletic and toned legs. To achieve this result, the fairer sex do not have to buy a subscription to the gym or engage in some sections, since there are many exercises that can be done at home.

How did to build muscle your legs home? The answer to this question contains some basic rules. Before you start any kind of training should carefully consider its features in order to avoid damage.

Second, for high-quality training legs all working in home, you need to understand what muscle groups and exercises for them. With properly chosen exercises can increase butt volume, improve the appearance of your legs, giving them a beautiful relief. Main categories: the muscles of hip and thigh, gluteal. Anatomically, these groups comprise almost fifty percent of all human muscle tissue.

Many women when training legs be afraid of becoming “inflated women” that they see in the photos from various competitions in the field of the fitness industry. However, we hasten to dispel this myth. No matter how you train and how much weight you gained (even if 70+kg of your weight) to “siphon” you will never succeed. All inflated girls, participating in various competitions in bodybuilding, use drugs, which increases the levels of a male hormone responsible for muscle growth.

Regardless of what goal you set yourself, weight loss or weight gain, the most important point in achieving it. However, starting from the goal, you will need to determine the system diet, and it will you to use the deficiency or surplus of calories. Only compliance with all the above points together will give you a great result.

Top exercises

Before you begin any training you must take the time to warm up. In the case of training aimed at leveling legs, it is recommended to do the walk in one place for three to five minutes, and do leg lifts and light stretching.

The most popular and, of course, an effective exercise for the muscles of the legs and buttocks is the squat. He is known in many variations, for example, narrow or wide of foot. Depending on the distance between the feet when performing the squat, the range involved muscles. That is why some people use in one exercise, several types of this exercise. In order to avoid damage and still achieve the desired result, you should closely monitor equipment performance. Standard squat: feet shoulder width apart and bending your legs the fifth point is given as far as possible (you seem to sit on an invisible stool).

Another effective exercise for the muscles of the legs are lunges. They also performed in different variations. For example, you can do them standing in one place, stepping forward. There are also attacks back, they are aimed at other muscle groups.

Also a good isolation exercise is the swing. The squat and the lunge, described earlier, was basic as involved several major muscle groups at the same time. The kicks allow you to work out those muscles which are not affected when you run the base. There are types of this exercise as the swing back and to the side. They can be run in push-up position with support on knees, feet in this case, the bend (this will lead hip to the side).

Beautiful pumped caviar also give a special charm to feet. In order to work this muscle group, there is one very effective exercise – lifting on socks. It runs in the standing position on the floor or hills.


Despite the fact that the theme of this article is to exercise the muscles of the legs, the moment system power down is simply impossible, because no matter how intensive was training without proper selection of the diet the results you will see. So, the first thing you must do before you start hard work on your body is to set a clear goal of what you want to see at the end of your journey. System nutrition for weight loss and weight are very different.

According to statistics, most women strive to lose weight.

It is important to remember that to lose weight ten pounds or more per week or month is impossible. losing weight is a long process, but it can be made quite comfortable. For this, the first thing you should calculate the daily calorie intake and subtract from it 20%. From the figures you need to calculate the norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. With the proper observance of kbzhu you will not need to abandon the sweet and harmful, it will not affect your figure.

In the Internet you can now find a variety of formulas to calculate the individual norm kbzhu. However, the main points in this system is the deficit of calories when weight loss and surplus of at mass. On average, when losing weight you need one and a half grams of protein per 1kg of weight, and when missanabie from two to two and a half. Also, be sure to calculate the norm of fats and carbohydrates for the day.

When performing exercises described above and compliance with the power system with counting calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates, after a short time will see the first results. In order to diversify the exercises at home or to complicate them over time, it is recommended to purchase sports equipment. The most popular for home – expander and dumbbells are also has gained popularity of fitness bands. Having all these equipment, you will be able to a full workout on all muscle groups from the comfort of home.

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