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Home gym: how to equip the room for exercise

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Home gym: how to equip the room for exercise

The contents

  • The best shells for home fitness workouts
  • Complex warm-up exercises
  • Example versatile home fitness classes

People who want to do fitness, but do not have the opportunity to visit a gym, you should not despair and give up the dream of a perfect figure. With a strong desire to perform physical exercises at home using the shells, which are easy to do in all conditions. A range of compact and mobile sports equipment is big enough and able to satisfy all the queries of trainees.

The best shells for home fitness workouts

Conducting fitness classes at home, you can use the following sports equipment that doesn’t take up much space storage:

  • The roller of foamed rubber or PVC.

This shell is most often used for myofascial relaxation, but it is possible to perform other training movement. The roller is inexpensive, is durable, it can be used to exert gentle stress on the muscles, so it is almost the perfect exercise equipment for beginners in fitness training.

  • The hanging loop.

Initially they were used by the us military to maintain good physical shape in the absence of a gym. But thanks to its effectiveness and accessibility of such loops is widespread among lovers of fitness. With their help you can perform push-UPS and deadlifts, lunges and squats, bending and several other exercise movements. Hanging loops are much smaller than stationary weight bench to perform all the above exercises and to consolidate the shells can be virtually anywhere, even over the door.

  • Sliding discs.

This sports accessory increases the load on the muscles. When using it you need to constantly make an effort to fix the balance. In such circumstances, the work included the small muscles-stabilizers, which receive little stress during exercise in the standard technique. That is why they should have to purchase for home training, especially because their price is low.

  • The shock-absorbing tape or the tubular expander.

This equipment creates additional resistance when performing movements. The force exerted of the resistance depends on the hardness of the projectile. People with low level physical exercise have to use the tape-expander with minimum resistance, but as you strengthen the muscles to increase the intensity of the impact on the muscles, getting more hard shells. Variants of exercises with a damping tape mass. Besides, it can be combined with other sports equipment. Compactness and portability, the fitness bands and belt bands allows you to take them with you on vacation or on business trips without interrupting the training process for this period. Fitness classes with these shells in their effectiveness and intensity almost as good as working with a stationary sports equipment.

  • Horizontal bar.

Pulling up is a basic movement for the strengthening and development of the muscles of the torso, so it must be included in the programme of home fitness workouts. In each dwelling there is a place for the installation of the horizontal bar, and to engage with the whole family, regardless of gender and age.

  • Wheel to provide loads on the abdominal muscles.

This compact shell are intensively working on the muscles of the abdomen, and after a few weeks of regular exercises with him, you notice a beautiful relief press.

  • The fitball is a versatile training tool, which is as power and aerobic exercise on the body.

The variety of exercise movements with the ball of large diameter allows you to work all major muscle groups and also muscles-stabilizers.

  • Weights and dumbbells.

If you want to achieve active growth of muscle mass, without weights at home training can not do. When working with more weight fiber muscle receives microtrauma, healing which leads to the formation of new cells and therefore increase the amount of muscle tissue. Kettlebells and dumbbells not as bulky as the rod, so power fitness exercise at home is best done using these shells. A small set of portable weights or dumbbells will be enough to qualitatively strengthen the muscles and stimulate the growth of its mass.

Complex warm-up exercises

No matter what apparatus is used in a home training, every fitness training should begin with warm-up. It is a required component of a fitness program because it prepares the system to work under heavy loads. Such training reduces the risk of injury and enhances the effectiveness of exercise. Doing your home, you can warm up using the following scheme:

  • Running or jumping in place (with a rope) for 3-5 minutes. This cardio speeds up pulse and the rhythm of the breath, slightly increases body temperature, increases blood flow to muscle tissues.
  • Rotation of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Rotational motion you need to perform 10 times in each direction.
  • Mahi lower extremities to the sides. This exercise should be repeated 5 times in each direction.
  • A wide attack on a stretch of the hip muscles and ligaments are located in the groin area. Need to do 10 lunges left and right leg.
  • Torso twists repeated up to 10 times in each direction.
  • The slopes of the case, where should you get your palms to the floor. It is recommended to perform 10-12 repetitions of this exercise.
  • Example versatile home fitness classes

    After the warm-up should immediately proceed to the main part of fitness training. It can include the following movements performed with different projectiles and repeat as many times as allows the level of physical training:

  • Pullups on the bar.
  • Bulgarian lunges with fixing one foot in the hanging loop.
  • Push-UPS, in which the lower limbs are in the hinges.
  • Dumbbell bench press.
  • Mahi weights.
  • Rolling wheel for abs.
  • Exercise “Cliffhanger”, sliding discs.
  • Stretching, performed as a hitch.
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