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Home fitness without equipment: principles and basic exercises

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Home fitness without equipment: principles and basic exercises
The contents

  • The basic principles of home fitness
  • Common mistakes in the fitness training at home
  • A set of exercises to practice at home

Sport trim figure you want to have all people, but not every person is the desire goes to the cause, justifying their inactivity, for example, the financial cost of a gym membership. But actually with a strong desire to perform various exercises at home. Thus will have to spend money only once on the purchase of dumbbells and other sports equipment.

The basic principles of home fitness

To get hammered at home, it is necessary to observe the basic principles of home fitness workouts that can significantly affect the final result of the trainings:

  • you want to stick to the basics of good nutrition and prepare a menu in accordance with the daily norm of calories.

To form new cells as muscle tissue, the body the necessary nutrients coming from the food. That is why nutrition is just as important as the well-structured programme of fitness classes. The menu should be present foods rich in protein and slow carbs for muscle growth and replenishment of energy consumption, vegetables and fruits as sources of vitamins and fats of vegetable origin. Completely abandon fat is not recommended, as they participate in the formation of cell membranes and other vital processes in the body;

  • fitness classes must be regular.

The first few months, all body systems are accustomed to working in conditions of periodic high-intensity exercise, so in the initial stages concentrate on the growth of muscle mass is not worth it. You need to perform basic strength exercises for increasing the level of training the muscles and improving physical fitness. When this load will be given easily, it is necessary to strengthen, to stimulate muscle hypertrophy. Systematically increasing the load, you can achieve the best possible growth of muscles;

  • for muscle definition and separation of muscles in a fitness program workouts should include cardio.

They help get rid of subcutaneous fat that hides the outlines of the muscles. At home, the most appropriate cardio are running, Biking or the elliptical, jumping rope, and any active sports.

Common mistakes in the fitness training at home

Beginners fitness classes, conducting training at home, very often make a number of mistakes, which prevent to achieve positive results. Such errors include:

  • high expectations.

Many fitness enthusiasts want to get visible results corresponding to their idea of a perfect athletic body, already after 2-3 months. And not getting them frustrated in the sport, and disrupt the training process. To avoid this, you need to begin doing exercises to realize that the result is not a matter of several weeks and months, and it is achieved through regular work and enviable perseverance;

  • work through force.

If exercise is not fun, and the result is likely to be minimal. Therefore the training program needs to include elements that is most consistent with individual preferences;

  • laziness and disorganization.

Fitness and sports is not only training the body but of the spirit, so the role of discipline in them – one of the key. People who exercise at home, the temptation to cancel or postpone exercise several times higher than those who visit a gym. For this reason, exercising at home you need to pay special attention to motivation and discipline not to give in to laziness and consistently continue with the fitness exercise;

  • the lack of diversity and progression in load.

When providing the same type of load on the body muscles adapt to such pressures and cease to evolve, therefore it is necessary to increase the working weight and use different variations of exercises.

A set of exercises to practice at home

Doing home fitness training, you can include the following main features to significantly improve physical fitness and to stimulate an active growth of muscle mass:

  • Squats.

They should perform with weights, hold the dumbbells near your shoulders or at your sides. If you have the opportunity to use the house rod, locking on his shoulders. Standing straight, take pelvis back and do his movement, similar to that which man makes by sitting down on a chair. Reaching the level of the hips parallel to the floor surface to be straightened. During the exercise, you need to keep your back straight and knees parallel to each other, preventing them from elimination on the line stop.

  • Push-UPS.

Option execution depends on level of physical training. Untrained people can do push-UPS from a wall or hill. While push UPS from the floor are allowed, the emphasis in its surface with your fingers, feet, and knees. Having a sufficient degree of training of the muscles, you can do classic push-UPS, standing in the emphasis on your toes and palms and bringing the torso to the floor by bending the elbows. This exercise has many variations and allows work large number of muscle groups, so it is highly recommended to use in home training.

  • Reverse push-UPS.

Sitting on a chair or the couch, you need to stretch your hands in the seat and hang your pelvis, bending your elbows and legs. Next, you need to straighten the upper extremity lifting the weight of his own body, and back down to the bottom position of the exercise.

  • Strap.

It can be performed in the emphasis on the palm or the forearm, the maximum straining muscles of the whole body and locking the body in a flat horizontal position for a much longer period of time. Strap it provides a comprehensive static load on the entire body, so it is necessary to include in home fitness.

  • Twisting.

Lie on your back, bend your knees and either put your feet on the floor or to raise the leg, hold their on weight. Having brush behind your head, elbows directed to the sides and lift the shoulders and head. Feel the tension of the abdominal muscles, slowly lower the torso. The back of his head touching the floor, immediately repeat the exercise.

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