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Home fitness with fitball slimming

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Home fitness with fitball slimming
The contents

  • The history of
  • What is the fitball
  • How to choose a fitness ball
  • Warm-up training
  • Exercise for weight loss
  • Weight loss as a result of training with fitball

Those who want to lose weight, generally realize that a slim body will not appear by itself. You will need to work hard: to revise the diet, regulate sleep and leisure, to engage in active fitness. But regular exercise does not necessarily disappear in the gym. Enough to buy a fitball and do at home.

Exercises with ball to remove some of the load from the spine and joints, so they are less traumatic to the body. However, their efficiency is quite high, because they involves almost all muscle groups, which causes the burning of more calories and rapid weight loss.

The history of

Fitball has been used since the middle of last century for rehabilitation and treatment of people with problems of locomotor apparatus.

First, it was used in Swiss clinics. Then, valuable experience was adopted by the Americans, they also began to use the ball in training for weight loss.

What is the fitball

The fitball is a large rubber ball. It is used and experienced athletes, and beginners as well as those who wish to get rid of back problems. Due to its design the exercise ball helps to work whole groups of muscles, additionally developing a sense of balance. The load on the spine is minimal.

This shell helps to solve almost any sports task and suitable for people with different levels of training. Based on the compiled fitball exercise program for weight loss, muscle strengthening, child development and even for training pregnant women.

How to choose a fitness ball

To deal with fitball long and happy, you need to make the right choice of the projectile, guided by the following recommendations.

  • The effectiveness of the fitness training with the ball depends on its size and match the diameter growth of the athlete:
  • for body height up to 155 cm, you should choose a ball with a diameter of 55 cm;
  • when 155-169 cm — 55 cm;
  • at 170-185 cm — 65 cm;
  • over 185 cm — 75 cm.
  • Children’s sessions are carried out with fitball with a diameter of 30 cm, the balls have a weight limit involved — no more than 100 kg.
  • It is better to buy the ball online and in person. This will give the opportunity to not only see the shell, but try it. You need to sit on the ball to check if it fits in size. This will help to define the “right angle rule”: when a person sits on the exercise ball, the angle at the hip and knee joints must be 90°.
  • The quality of the exercise ball, says his elasticity. After pressing on the surface should be free of dents.
  • Fitness balls normally made from environmentally friendly materials. They are hypoallergenic. The surface of the exercise ball should not be sticky or electrified.
  • Many balls are equipped with “intersrv”, in the case where damage to the shell it won’t explode, but just slowly let out the air.

Warm-up training

Any exercise should begin with warm-up. Exercises to lose weight with a yoga ball is no exception. To warm up the joints and muscles you can use any cardio exercise. You can just run in place or perform jumping rope.

The duration of the warm-up — 10 minutes.

Exercise for weight loss

Once the muscles are ready for exercise, you can proceed to the main part of the workout.

Exercise for weight loss based on a uniform development of all muscle groups.

Regular sessions with fitball, as well as a balanced, healthy diet is an indispensable condition of successful weight loss.

  • Planck dynamics.

This option straps helps to load all the major muscles of the body:

  • get on your knees, hands to his castle and rest your forearms on a fitball;
  • socks straight feet resting on the floor, clench and press;
  • the body should be a straight line with no SAG belly and the bulging of the pelvis;
  • rolling the ball forward, arms straighten, pause a few seconds;
  • to return to the starting position;
  • repeat 10 times.
    • Push-UPS on the fitball.

    To perform this exercise in two ways: placing the ball of the hand or foot. In the first case you can do 15 repetitions, second of 25.

    Push-UPS help to pump the upper body, as well as loading of the core muscles. Due to the need to keep the balance option on the exercise ball more effective than classical exercises.

    • The rise of the buttocks.

    The lower part of the body without straining the back and knees, can also be worked out on the fitball. In this system it is possible to train even the untrained athletes and people suffering from diseases of joints and spine.

  • lie on your back, feet placed on the fitball, to press the lower back to the floor;
  • tighten buttocks, slowly raise the pelvis, to fall back;
  • repeat 20 times.
    • The rise of the legs.
  • take the emphasis lying, straight arm to put on the floor, legs to put on the fitball;
  • lifting one leg, pause;
  • slowly lower your foot to the ball, not throwing it;
  • do 15 repetitions for each leg.
  • Another option is the leg assumes as the starting position to use the bar with the elbows on the ball.

    • Crunches on the fitball.

    Exercise helps to pump the stomach. It is important to monitor neck position — it should not strain. The main movement in the twisting is performed by tension of the abdominal muscles.

  • lie on a fitball so that it was under the lower back;
  • legs bent at the knees and put on the floor, hands placed after the head;
  • to perform a curl, chin up send;
  • pause at the top, go down;
  • to perform 30 repetitions.
  • Weight loss as a result of training with fitball

    Applying the proposed system of exercises, you can quickly tighten the muscles and reduce weight. When you feel that the exercises are easy, you can increase the number of sets and reps.

    It is important to remember that there are many exercises with the projectile, which include in their fitness training even for experienced athletes. Adding some of their classes, they can reach the next level of athletic development.

    Workouts with fitball is good for the fact that, in addition they bring a lot of useful bonuses:

    • improve your posture;
    • increase stamina;
    • relieve back pain;
    • develop flexibility and balance.

    We must not forget also about proper nutrition. To weight loss went faster, it is necessary to exclude from the diet of sweets, flour products and harmful products containing TRANS fats, artificial colors, preservatives. You should eat frequently but in small portions. The food should be rich in proteins, healthy fats and slow-digesting carbohydrates. For the proper metabolism you need to drink enough water.

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