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Home fitness: weight and cardio activity for weight loss hands

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Home fitness: weight and cardio activity for weight loss hands
The contents

  • Strengthening the back side of the shoulder effective exercises
  • Exercises for slimming arm
  • Food rules

Even those with a slender figure possible presence of excess fat in certain parts of the body. One of the problem areas — the back side of the hand from the shoulder joint to the elbow. Due to the accumulation of fat and loss of muscle tone in this part of the hands looks too full and flabby. The skin is ugly sags, the contour of the hand blur. Allow the hands in order to help fitness and rational diet. There are many exercises for weight loss and strengthen the hands. Many of them you can perform from the comfort of home.

Strengthening the back side of the shoulder effective exercises

For pumping of the muscles of the back side of the shoulder usually used:

  • Inclined push-UPS.

In this kind of push-UPS involved the support for hands. The higher the prop, the easier the exercise. For beginners it is best if the height of the support reaches the level of the pelvis. At home you can rely on a windowsill, kitchen countertop, commode, etc. exercise: put your hands on the edge of the support surface, to retreat two steps back, move your feet together, align your back. Distance between your hands should be shoulder width or slightly exceed it. Bend the elbows and bring your torso toward the support. In the shoulders and back should not be sagging. To make a short stop at the bottom, do push-UPS. Recommended load: 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

  • Pushups.

Here, as in the inclined push UPS, the load is concentrated on the pectoral muscles and triceps, but this exercise is more difficult. Execution: extend above the floor in the emphasis on hands and toes, feet put together, the maximum level the torso and legs. If you want to focus on the triceps, and they form the back of the shoulder, need to move hands to the small distance — less than the width of the shoulders. On the inhale bend elbows and lower chest to floor, on the exhale squeeze the body up. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. Beginners can put your knees on the floor, cross leg and do push-UPS in this position. In the push-UPS with a focus on knee load is reduced by about 10% compared with the push-UPS with a focus on socks.

  • Side push-UPS.

Procedure: stand in a push-up position for a regular push-UPS, but to plant the hands at a distance considerably exceeding the width of the shoulders, and guide fingers apart. Legs to close. Bend right hand, reject the body to the right. To return to the starting position. Repeat the push-UPS, but now bend the left wrist. Exercise is quite complex, so the first time it can be done with the knees.

  • Reverse push-UPS.

The exercise effectively trains the triceps, strengthens and tightens the rear surface of the shoulders. Its implementation will need support. In the gym uses a horizontal bench, at home you can take the chair or any stable object of similar height. How to perform: turn the chair back to sit down and rest hands on the edge of the seat. Pull the legs forward and put on the heels. Bend the elbows to bring the buttocks to the floor. Straighten arms. Repeat 20 times. Make 3 sets.

  • Exercise “scissors”.

With the help of scissors to strengthen hand and with back and front side. If the exercise is done vigorously and in a large number of repetitions, it provides good cardio. Execution: stand up straight, raise hands and spread them to the sides. To keep his hands by crossing them. In the first iteration, hold your right hand over your left hand, in the next iteration, the left over the right. Cross hands, until you have done 20 repetitions. This is the minimum amount of load. In order to achieve quick weight loss, you need to do “scissors” for 15-20 minutes a day.

  • Extend hands over head.

The exercise uses weights. It is better to take one or two dumbbells. If the dumbbells at home, you can replace them with a plastic bottle filled with water. Execution: sit on a chair to pick up the weights, raise the arms above the head, straighten the back. Bend the elbows and lower the load behind your head. To stretch the triceps, straighten your arms and lift the dumbbells to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions. The weight of the weights should gradually increase.

  • The rotation of the wrists.

This simple exercise helps to drive away the excess fat from the arms and improve muscle tone. It is performed with dumbbells weighing 0.5 kg each. Home dumbbells can replace bottled water. Execution: sit up, straighten your back, bend the elbows, raise the dumbbells in front of you. Rotate brushes first clockwise for a minute, then counter-clockwise.

  • Side walk in the bar.

Execution: stand in a horizontal bar on straight arms. To put the foot close to each other. Move the left foot to the left and bring your right hand close to left hand. Then move to the left left hand and bring right leg to left leg. To move thus right and left, making 2-3 steps in each direction.
Regularly performing these exercises in combination with proper nutrition helps to make the hands look slender, toned and strong. If the arms are the problematic part of the figure needs to load their exercise 2-3 times a week.

Exercises for slimming arm

To speed up the weight loss hands, it is recommended to include a set of morning exercises for the following exercises:

  • To sit up with your legs shoulder width apart. Extend hands forward. To make tassels rotational motion inside (30 seconds) and out (30 seconds).
  • Extend hands forward. Squeeze hands into fists. Stretch the hands. Bend the elbows and bring the fists to the shoulders. Straighten the elbows. Repeat for 30 seconds.
  • Connect your palm on your forehead. To strongly press your palms to face each other. Keeping the tension of the hands, slowly move the palm down to waist level (as low as possible). Rotate the brush fingers down, then turn them back and raise the clasped palms to the forehead. Hands all the time to keep tense. Repeat 10 times.
  • To relax your hands, shake them in the air.

For quick weight loss you need to run, to walk, to bike, to swim. But the cardio had the desired effect, they must be regular.

Food rules

To solve the problem of excess weight, even if the excess fat only accumulates on his hands, it is necessary to establish a proper diet. Will have to limit the consumption of foods that contribute to fat deposition and to reduce the portions of food. Food must be fractional: need to eat after equal intervals of time 5-6 times a day. In the diet should be high in vegetables. They are healthy, contain few calories and help fast enough.

Definitely need to make sure that the body receives enough amount of liquid. Weight loss will occur faster if you drink a glass of water in the morning immediately after waking up and half an hour before each meal. Thanks to the glass of water, taken half an hour before meals, faster comes a feeling of satiety. And the water drank in the morning, and accelerates metabolism slowed down at night. In addition, the holders of the extra pounds is often to consume green tea. It improves metabolism and helps gyroradii.

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