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Home fitness training: exercises and recommendations

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Home fitness training: exercises and recommendations
The contents

  • Exercises for men weight
  • Fitness training for elaboration of the press
  • Pullups on the bar
  • Physical exercise with dumbbells
  • Circular fitness training
  • How to make a program
  • Recommendations fitness professionals

Home fitness workouts for men is also popular as women’s. The advantages of physical exercise are obvious: no need to spend your time going to the gym, money for a season ticket and personal time, which is always so lacking. In addition, shy people are easier to do at home: familiar environment allows you to concentrate and tune in to the achievement of excellent sports results. Home exercises for men has its own characteristics and nuances that you should understand before proceeding directly to the classroom.

Exercises for men weight

Workouts for men weight can be called a base. They do not require the use of special equipment, so there is no need to buy them to his apartment. Even the most standard exercises in a well-structured program will allow men to achieve impressive performance.

As soon as there is a need to increase physical activity, for the complexity of elements you can use the special weights: as a professional and made of scrap materials. Typically, the additional burden men often use a kettlebell or a dumbbell. They efficiently help to increase the intensity of exercises.

Among the basic exercises for men at home include:

  • Push-UPS.

The intensity thus depends on the production of hands: the smaller the distance between extended arms in emphasis lying, the better target the muscles being worked.

  • Some burpees.

This is a great physical activity that promote intense weight loss. To perform the exercise as you can with the push-UPS, and without it.

  • Squats.

All movements are performed with its own weight and with weights (dumbbells, weights, classified).

All the exercises in the initial stages of home fitness exercise performed 5-6 sets of 15 reps. Between sets you should make a pause of 1-2 minutes to relax the muscles.

Fitness training for elaboration of the press

Home training for a thorough study of the musculature of the press men can organize even a small home space. For the development of the abdominal muscles the most effective exercises are:

  • basic crunches (lifting the hull to bent legs);
  • twisting turns of the body in different directions — for the development of the oblique muscles;
  • exercise “scissors” to study the muscle fibers of the lower press;
  • lifting the extended leg upward;
  • base plate;
  • side plank for the development of not only the primary but also the side muscles.

Perform all exercises 5 sets of 20-25 reps. Gradually the physical strain may increase. In the strap it is recommended to stand from 40-50 seconds to several minutes.

Pullups on the bar

Installing a home bar does not require a lot of financial investment and effort, in addition, there are removable options for sport compact parts. Home fitness workout with pull-UPS is a great way to work the dorsal muscles and all muscles of the shoulder girdle. At the primary level can be feasible to perform a minimum of exercises. Gradually, with the development of strength, 10-15 pull-UPS will no longer feel like an impossible task.

Physical exercise with dumbbells

Complex home exercises with dumbbells — effective method for men to work through key muskulaturnoy group. To buy the shells in any sports shop, as well as muscle building equipment can be change to a more massive.

Do fitness training with weights for 4-5 sets. To the complex underlying physical activity, with a pair of shells include:

  • breeding dumbbells in different directions at arm’s length;
  • breeding dumbbells on bent arms;
  • dumbbell bench press lying or inclined position;
  • lifting dumbbells from the shoulder joints;
  • press shells to the chin.

Circular fitness training

Circular home fitness training for men is a combination of marginal energy costs and minimal time. Classes are based on the same scheme: 1 circle — several sports items that are running without interruption. Then it all starts from the beginning. For a complete fitness training requires 3-4 range, you also should have a rest for 30-40 seconds.

An example of a typical pie exercise:

  • Jogging with high knees (30 seconds).
  • Some burpees — jump from push-up position with jumping and raising hands (30 seconds).
  • Shallow squats with a hop (30 seconds).
  • The twisting muscles of the abdominals (30 seconds).
  • How to make a program

    To get the maximum benefit from training, it is important to make the home program. The most suitable option for beginners — each class to perform a set of exercises to target a specific muscle group. Mode of physical activity should be feasible, but not exhausting. The optimal number of classes — not more than 3-4 times a week.

    For example, on Monday try to explore the back, arms and shoulders, Wednesday — legs, buttocks and the press, and Friday do cardio.

    Recommendations fitness professionals

    Before you begin home physical activities, men should consider all nuances and to see the recommendations of the experts.

  • Never start a fitness workout with maximum weight. Increase the amplitude and intensity gradually. This will avoid injuries and the effect of a training plateau, leading to muscle stagnation.
  • Don’t forget to perform a warm-up before each training and after exercise do not neglect the complex movements stretching of muscles and ligaments.
  • Study regularly. Build your schedule of classes so that to perform a set at the same time.
  • Don’t forget to periodically change the types of muscle activity. Alternate cardio with strength training.
  • Exercise for men at home can be as productive as in the gym. The main thing — to be able to correctly set goals, draw up an appropriate exercise program and strictly adhere to the plan of action.

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