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Home fitness: the secrets of effective exercises

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What to do to lose weight? To lose weight in a short time and without a gym – a very real problem! It’s only worth it for the correct organization of training process in good conditions. You will also need to revise the diet and daily routine.

As for the food

To lose weight, no need to take sports supplements or exhaust themselves with strict diet. The key point of proper nutrition is the exclusion from the diet of harmful products such as muffins, chocolate, soda, i.e., all “fast carbs”. Every day, without fail, drink fluid in sufficient volume. It helps to remove harmful substances from the body and tone the body.

How to do to lose weight?

Improvement – the main purpose of training and nutrition, and only after this adjustment of the figures. And now we will share the secrets of exercising at home.

If your goal is to shed pounds in a short time, you should remember the following rules:

  • Practice at home at least three times a week.
  • Do fitness – well, add to training for another race.

Jogging will help to saturate the cells with oxygen and improves the cardiovascular system.

  • Perform the exercises without stopping: at this rate, the body is loaded and begins to burn fat stores.
  • During training it is better not drink the water.
  • Between sets on the exercise you do little breaks.
  • Pay special attention to the technique exercises.

Now go to the exercises that you can perform without any special equipment.

Fitness at home – useful and effective

For classes get only sportswear, appropriate footwear and a Mat. Let’s start:

  • “Riveting” on the press. Lie down on the Mat, stretch your arms over head, legs raise up and keep it straight. Then start to raise arms and legs up so that they touched. Do it 10-12 times.
  • In the queue squats and jumping. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands behind his head. Do a shallow squat and jump up. Go back to the starting position and repeat 10 times. This technique is popular among women seeking to pump up the ass and to put in order the hips.
  • Do the twist – exercises in which one process is being worked out not only the press but also the side muscles. Sit on the Mat, put your hands out in front of him, back tilt backward. Feet off the floor, slightly bending hold the weight. Start to make turns: hands with the body turn to the right, legs to the left. Go back to the starting position and repeat with the other side. Do 10 times at maximum speed and switch without a break to the next exercise.
  • Jumping on the hill. For this exercise you will need a chair or stool, but they must be stable to eliminate the risk of injury. Put the rise at 30 cm from itself, slightly bend your knees and elbows. Take the leap without doing the big swing hands. In the initial position come back also in the jump. Do 10 repetitions.

Remember that the break between exercises is forbidden! The body does not have time to relax. For variety in a workout can add an exercise ball or dumbbells. Rapid weight loss does not require working with weights, enough own body weight.

For increase of efficiency of training process be sure to do stretching. What is its advantage? After basic exercises done stretching improves blood circulation and increases the length of muscle fibers. If there is no stretch, then your muscles get used to one length. For this reason, it will be difficult to move on to other exercises and loads. Do stretching for all muscle groups.

What food to eat to lose weight?

How to do fitness to lose weight, we understand. Now about the food. The topic of healthy nutrition is quite extensive. Write about it in hundreds of books and publications. The secret to quick weight loss is 3 components of success: sports, balanced diet and drink large amount of water.

The decomposition products which are formed as a result of the training, the toxins must immediately withdraw from the body, cleansed of “trash”. Therefore, a prerequisite for weight loss – drink clean water (at least 1-1,5 liters per day). Still have 1 liter for tea, fresh juice and other liquids.

In daily diet, add more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats, mushrooms. Eliminate completely sweets, fast foods, salads with mayonnaise.

All these tips will help you to lose pounds and hated to breathe! To lose weight need exclusively with health benefits!

Secret proper diet for quick weight loss

Now you know what to do to lose weight fast:

  • The secret of healthy eating – the frequent eating. Trapezica every 3-4 hours, do you exclude the possibility of starvation. In the fasting state the human body takes nutrients from the cells of the body, thereby slowing down metabolic processes. Observing this rule, you will not eat more than you need to the main meals.
  • Eating normally during the day, you don’t want the evening to attack the fridge for the full devastation.
  • Make snacking between meals. For this fit an Apple, a salad, small amount of cheese or a couple of biscuits.
  • How to eat more often? Prepare products for snacking, put them in different places. For example, put a pack of biscuits and a few apples in the cupboard at work, the glove compartment of the car. Can also fill a vase with fruits in the kitchen, put some peanuts and a few candy bars in my purse.
  • Give up the yogurt with a long shelf life and sweet curds. No benefit from them, only a few extra pounds will add unless. It is better to give preference to natural products without additives.

Features of the fitness at home: advantages and disadvantages

Naturally, exercises to lose weight at the gym, and with the advice of a professional trainer, bring many benefits. However, if done right, the same results can be achieved at home.

Advantages of home fitness:

  • Cheap is the main advantage of home workouts. You don’t need to spend money on expensive subscriptions to the gym. If you don’t go to the gym, and save money with a pass, for a year to save up for a pair of trainers and train safely at home.
  • In addition, home fitness will save time, which is very important for busy people who find it difficult to provide the clock for the gym. At home, you can do the exercises at a convenient time without worrying about the cost of missed classes by subscription. But if you live in a big city, and on the road save.
  • Of course, it and in comfort too. At home you can relax like nowhere else. Doing exercises without worrying about your hair and what other people think. Yes, and wait in line for the shower is also not necessary.
  • Cons:

  • This gym is suitable for those who believe in their will power and has good motivation. Because the exercises require clarity and stability, eliminating the ability to postpone.
  • If you are sure that you will not be able to train yourself, then it is better to opt for a workout in the fitness center.
  • Now you know how to do at home to lose weight effectively and health benefits! Believe in yourself and all dreams will come true!

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