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Home fitness: how to overcome laziness

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Home fitness: how to overcome laziness

A healthy lifestyle is not a permanent violence against them, and the hard work and the joy of the results achieved. Training should bring satisfaction and health benefits, and not become a hated drudgery.

Excuses cleverly disguised as planning: the timeless “Monday”, the site with the scheme of the classroom, carefully studying for months, methodically shoveling tutorials under the pretext of choosing the optimal sport. The result is the same – and it is zero.

If you don’t like to do at the gym, but to organize classes in home hard, try to figure out what kind of load is right for you, and adjust the attitude to the sport.

If you have decided to improve the health condition to start working on that right now

The hatred of their own body and a strict ban on sweets is the worst motivation for the novice athlete. You should love yourself and want to improve your fitness and health. If you want to make sport a permanent habit, it should be enjoyable.

Start right in the morning. This can be a glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach, a light jog or a walk with the dog. If time permits, try to walk part of the way to work. Listen to the advice of the best doctors who agree that a morning workout improve your mood and make the brain work better. If you come to the feeling in the morning, try to wash in cold water.

Find a good video of a coach who will not accuse you for being lazy, and praise for good work. If you pick the perfect type of load does not work, then continue to wander from aerobics to dancing, from kickboxing to capoeira, but it would bring you pleasure.

Try to pay your home training for 10-30 minutes daily. Start with slow workout with elements of cardio of running in place or session on the exercise bike. Feel free to modify and extend the program, because the human body quickly gets used to the same type of load.

Be sure to learn the correct breathing technique. Open the Windows, let the fresh air to the muscles and heart was enough oxygen.

Home fitness does not demand special expenses

For your home, do not need a special form. Can go barefoot or in ballet flats, and the clothes pick a convenient and easily breathable. Purchase a gymnastic Mat, couple of dumbbells or weights, the weight of which you’ll increase as you progress, as well as support-“the brick”.

Novice handy elastic strap for stretching. Do not try to twine his own pain. Stretching warmed-up body – a pleasant end of the training, especially useful for those who spends a lot of time behind the office Desk.

Remember: you do for fun. Not prevoznemogaya pain, do not place unattainable goals. Allow yourself to relax in times of illness or bad mood, but be sure to praise yourself for the effort after exercise.

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