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Home fitness for women: exercise program

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Home fitness for women: exercise program
The contents

  • The benefits and disadvantages of carrying out fitness at home
  • Exercise program for weight loss at home
  • Complex strength exercises for women
  • Tips for home fitness workouts

Almost every woman believes that her figure is not perfect. But not all girls can afford to visit a professional gym, there to exercise for the correction of the silhouette of a figure under the guidance of a coach. The only solution in such situations is the organization of the training process at home. Depending on what goals a woman training at home, her fitness program may have a different orientation. For intensive weight loss the emphasis in training should be on cardio, and to strengthen the muscles and its development — on-force training.

The benefits and disadvantages of carrying out fitness at home

Fitness classes held outside of the gym, have a number of competitive advantages compared to workouts that require a gym:

  • significant financial savings that can be spent on the purchase of the necessary sports equipment to further enhance the effectiveness of home fitness workouts;
  • no need to spend time on the road to get to the sports hall and back;
  • the ability to perform exercise at any free time;
  • the familiar routine helps to maintain a comfortable emotional state, and factors such as shyness, not interfere with your training.

However, given all the above advantages of home fitness workouts have a number of shortcomings that need to be considered when deciding to study at home:

  • you need to have extremely strong motivation not to allow yourself to relax and not to succumb to laziness, being in a comfortable home environment. Original sports enthusiasm, if it is deliberately not support, very often disappears after a few weeks of fitness;
  • there is a need to purchase additional sports equipment, to create favorable conditions for the progression of the load. In addition, you need to have free storage space for purchased equipment;
  • distraction in fitness classes held at home, is very large.

Exercise program for weight loss at home

To promote effective weight loss, women with excess weight and a minimum level of fitness, you can train 3 times a week, performing on the first day of the following complex:

  • Push-UPS with emphasis on hands and knees.
  • Some burpees, or exercise, squat, plank, push-UPS and jumping in the given sequence.
  • Plie squats.
  • Lunges forward, needs to be completed for each lower limb.
  • Lifts the pelvis from the supine position.
  • Mahi lower limb back and up running in the emphasis on hands and knees.
  • Standard plank on the forearms.
  • Side plank, performed the same amount of time on each side.
  • The second training day home programs for weight loss you need to work on this plan:

  • Reverse pushups with the support of the palms on the hill.
  • Bending with a straight back and forth in each direction.
  • Classic squats.
  • Alternating back lunges each lower extremity.
  • The Exercise “Bicycle”.
  • The abstraction bent lower limbs, standing in the knee-elbow position.
  • Strap.
  • On the third day of lessons aimed at effective weight loss, you must complete the following training facilities:

  • Pushups from an elevated position with a focus on knee socks or feet.
  • Turns the body left and right.
  • The exercise “Jumping Jack”, or jumping through a gorgeous limbs.
  • Walking lunges.
  • Deep squats with jumping.
  • Mahi direct lower extremity to the side.
  • Plank on straight arms, running for the maximum possible period of time.
  • Standard twisting.
  • Complex strength exercises for women

    Women who do not have excess weight and aim to improve your fitness, can at home to conduct fitness training with weights 3 times a week, performing on the first day of such a complex:

  • Deadlifts with dumbbells or other suitable heavy household objects, which can functionally replace the data of sports equipment.
  • Rod weights in the slope.
  • Squats “Sumo”.
  • Mahi lower extremities to the sides.
  • Strap.
  • In accordance with the specified sport program fitness classes the second day of training you need to carry out this plan:

  • Alternating lunges ago.
  • Deadlift performed on one leg.
  • Press the weights lying on your back.
  • Flexion of the upper extremities to strengthen the biceps.
  • Classic twisting, repeated maximum number of times.
  • In the third training day of the week women wanting to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, can perform the following exercises:

  • Squat with a wide breeding stop in the starting position.
  • Standard lunges forward and hold the hand weights.
  • The breeding of the upper limbs to the side with the weights.
  • Pull the dumbbells standing in the slope.
  • Flexion to strengthen the triceps, involving the raising and lowering of the shell behind the head.
  • The Exercise “Bicycle”.
  • Bulgarian lunges for each lower limb.
  • Tips for home fitness workouts

    To extract home fitness workouts greatest possible benefit, should they be guided by the following advice from professional coaches:

    • to start a sports activity you must warm-up during which to execute spins and moves limbs, turns the body and of torso. This work helps to prepare the body to stress and thus enhance efficacy and safety of exercise;
    • to complete the exercise need stretching to gradually withdraw from the body mode of operation in conditions of high rate and get rid of excessive tension in the muscles;
    • exercise performance depends largely on the observance of the principles of proper nutrition, so if the menu does not correspond to them, it is necessary to adjust;
    • exercise intensity must be constantly strengthening, increasing the number of reps and approaches, as well as using heavier projectiles;
    • a fitness program can be changed by incorporating more exercise for the most problematic zones.

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