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Home fitness for weight loss: recommendations for beginners

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Home fitness for weight loss: recommendations for beginners

The contents

  • Fitness slimming at home: main benefits
  • Home fitness: useful tips for beginners
  • Examples of fitness exercises for health and beauty of your body

Home fitness — the best option for those who want to achieve the perfect figure and to maintain the beauty of your body without visiting the gym. Many believe that home environment is not conducive to the sport, and therefore to achieve the desired results on their own will be quite difficult. Meanwhile, if there is a strong mental attitude and the right motivation fitness at home is not inferior to the effectiveness of the training in the gym. The most important thing — to overcome the habit of saving sessions for later and focus solely on success.

Fitness slimming at home: main benefits

Fitness classes at home require considerable effort in order not to do yourself any favors and timely perform all of the exercises. However, once you start training, after a few days you get used to a new way of life and will see considerable progress in your endurance. In addition, the advantages of home fitness impossible not to appreciate:

  • Save money.

Performing exercise at home, you can save not only on cost of membership: most fitness centers have their own sports bars, and spas, from which it is not easy to give up.

  • Freedom of action.

In addition, you will be able in its discretion to determine the timing and duration of classes, home workouts will allow you to control the pace and sequence of the performed exercises and can innovate in the training program.

  • Saving time

Pursuing fitness at home, you can always start training at convenient hours, without losing time on the way to the gym.

Because exercise is contraindicated in certain diseases, before you start training, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Home fitness: useful tips for beginners

In order for home workouts as effective as possible and bring you only positive emotions, use the following guidelines:

  • Purchase sports memorabilia: get free weights, special Mat and other accessories for fitness exercises. Beginners often replace the rug with a blanket, and a dumbbell — bottles with sand or water. However, the use of sports equipment much easier. In addition, when creating the house special, contributing to the sports atmosphere, you can feel the correct emotional attitude with which to practice fitness slimming will be much easier and more enjoyable.
  • Take the apartment a special place to train. Make sure that nearby were not fragile items and other things that can interfere with your studies.
  • In the training room to install a large mirror, through which you will be able to see yourself in full growth. Since you are not going to coach that will help you to fix committed when you exercise errors, you will need to hone the correct technique.
  • Before each workout, ventilate the room and make wet cleaning.
  • Train only comfortable clothes. The costume should be free to lie down to the body without restricting movement.
  • Exercise regularly, do not forget about moderation. Fitness slimming involves systematic and active exercises. In the early stages of training will be given quite difficult. To avoid injury when a strong muscle aches be sure to arrange yourself a little rest with a duration of 1-2 days.
  • Determine the most convenient sequence of exercises and stick to it in the future.
  • During training do not concentrate on problem areas: all muscle groups should be worked out evenly.
  • To quench your thirst arising in the gym, put a water bottle in the room for training and periodically drink water in small SIPS.

It is important to understand that fitness for weight loss — not only is it a systematic exercise: to achieve the desired results you must also follow a proper diet and to keep drinking regime. Eat only healthy foods (fish, meat, nuts, greens, vegetables, fruits, etc.) and drink per day at least 1.5 liters of ordinary drinking water. Semi-finished products, confectionery (except chocolate), roasted and pickled food, fatty sauces, alcohol and sweet aerated water, it is recommended to completely eliminate from the diet.

Examples of fitness exercises for health and beauty of your body

If you decided to practice fitness at home, before every workout make sure you take a ten-minute warm-up. This is perfect circular rotation of the head, tilts, swings arms and running in place. After your muscles are warmed up, you can begin classes. To work out major muscle groups will help you with the following fitness exercises:

  • Squats.

Spread your feet shoulder width apart so that the socks looked forward; perform 10 squats with a straight back. For greater efficiency, perform squats with dumbbells. These exercises will allow you to work leg muscles, and make buttocks more rounded and toned.

  • Breeding dumbbells.

Take a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder width; straighten your back and start slowly to dissolve the dumbbells in hand. Perform 5 lifts, do this same exercise with the slope. When breeding dumbbells bending your elbows.

  • Lunges with dumbbells.

Hold the dumbbells in the lowered along the body hands, start alternately perform squats on the left and then the right leg so that between the drumstick and the thigh formed a right angle; be sure to keep your back straight and do not tilt the torso forward. Perform 5 lunges on each leg.

  • Pushups.

Lie on your stomach so that your palms and toes rested on the floor. Slowly lift the torso off the floor, straightening the elbows, then the same lower rate. The body should form a straight line. Try to do push-UPS at least 15 times. Hand position can change depending on which muscles you want to use: to study the chest muscles place hands wider than shoulders, and triceps position them at chest level.

  • Lift the shoulders lying.

Lie on your back, placing your hands on the back of your head; slowly raise your shoulders and shoulder blades off the floor, then lower. Perform 10 lifts with a break of one minute, then do another 2 sets.

  • Flexion of the body with twisting in the opposite direction.

Lie on your back, placing hands behind one’s head; bend legs at the knees. Gently lift the body and drag your left elbow to your right knee, then slowly lower and apply the right elbow and left knee, following the same principle. In General, you must perform 3 sets of 10 crunches on each leg.

  • The foot in the supine position.

Lie on your left side, leaning his arms on the floor, then slowly lift your right leg up and slowly lower it, not bringing it to the floor. Then turn over to the other side and do the swings with the left foot. Do 15 swings right and left leg for 3 sets.

Recommended exercises do not require a high level of physical fitness, but for beginners, their implementation can be quite complex. In such cases, the number of sets should be reduced gradually increasing the load.

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