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Home fitness for the shoulders: exercises and rules training

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Home fitness for the shoulders: exercises and rules training

The contents

  • Principles of home fitness workouts
  • Complex exercise to train shoulders
  • Food to increase muscle

To pump up the shoulders, make them massive, ripped and beautiful, do not have to buy a subscription to a fitness club. Good results can be achieved at home. However, a simple push-UPS for this will be enough. Even doing them in different variations, you get to pump only the front and middle beams deltoides. Rear Delta will remain completely untapped. For a balanced development of the shoulder girdle, it is desirable to include in your training exercises with dumbbells. In addition to fitness workouts also need to monitor compliance with the diet.

Principles of home fitness workouts

Below home fitness workout aimed at pumping the deltoid muscle were effective and brought visible results, they should be conducted according to the following rules.

  • Carefully ready the body to stress. Workout and joint exercises for 10-15 minutes will help warm up muscles, accelerate blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • Train your deltoids at least 3 times a week at least for half an hour. It is recommended to plan activities and not to miss a single workout.
  • Do each exercise 8-12 times, resting between cycles of 2-3 minutes.
  • Follow each element with the proper equipment. All movements should be smooth, without jerks.
  • For exercises with dumbbells do not take immediately the heavy shells. To start you must train with weights small weights, and increase the load gradually, focusing on current level of fitness.
  • Plan fitness training so that it was more basic elements that contribute to local muscle growth.
  • Study 1 training, all 3 edges of the deltoid muscle. If will not exercise any part, your shoulders will develop unevenly.
  • Include in the diet more protein needed for muscle growth, or to additionally use an appropriate sports nutrition.
  • Complex exercise to train shoulders

    The number of repetitions of each element is 8-12 times, sets — 3-5. The greater the number of repetitions do not make sense, because it will increase endurance, not muscle growth. When you work with weights to perform the basic exercises it is recommended to take heavier shells, and for isolated — lighter.

    • Items with dumbbells.
  • Take the shells in hand, to sit in the chair, back pressed to the support. Foot flat to the floor. Raise the arms with dumbbells, placing the shells on the shoulders. The blades can be reduced, to lower the shoulders, palms to deploy forward of the forearm to position perpendicular to the floor. Raise the dumbbell up completely straight hands and keeping perpendicular to the floor, return to starting point.
  • To stand up, feet shoulder width of the pelvis, hands with shells down. The palm turned towards the body, dumbbells pressed to the front of the thighs. To pull the shells to the chin, bending your elbows and spreading them apart. To lower the equipment down.
  • Being in the same starting position, raise your straight arms forward to shoulder level and gently push them down.
  • Push the shells to the side of the hips, turning palms toward each other. Slightly bend your elbows, slowly raise arms out to the sides, raised to shoulder level and bringing the scapula. To give up.
  • Slightly bend your knees, take buttocks back, tilt your body forward (to an angle of 60 between them and the floor). Keep your back straight, look to tend to floor, hands drop down. To breed the limbs with weights in hand, raising them to shoulder level. The palm during the movement to expand the little fingers up. Pause, return to starting point.
  • To speed up the process of strengthening the muscle areas, you can pick up a light dumbbell and perform the following elements:

  • The rotation of the arms at the shoulders. To get to his feet, sticking them to the width of the pelvis, straighten the back, look forward. To give up with shells down and make circular movements with your shoulders, lifting them higher and higher.
  • Rotation of the arms with a full range of motion. Standing in the same position, arms out to the sides and making them a circular motion forward and then back.
    • Push-UPS.
  • To stand for the classic push-UPS, feet to connect, to raise your hands slightly wider than shoulders. To look forward, not back bend, don’t slouch, the pelvis is not to stick out. Lifting one leg, to make the desired number of pushups. To repeat the item, raising the other leg.
  • To plant the feet on the width of the pelvis, hands together. To do push-UPS as needed.
  • To deploy the brush so that the fingers “looked” at each other. Elbows pressed to the body. Make the desired number of pushups.
  • To deploy the brush, but so that they “looked” at the knees. The back does not bend. Down and without touching the chest and stomach of the floor, raise the body up.
  • Put your feet on a chair, hands placed a bit forward for balance, fingers deploy so that they “looked” forward. Keep your back straight. Fall down to the right angle at the elbows, to rise again.
  • To come back to the bench, put your palms on its edge, placing the limb just below the shoulder joints. Knees slightly bent (or Vice versa right for the complexity of the item, and lean on your heels). Bend the elbows at an angle of 90 so that the elbows face backward and lower the body down. On the exhale return to the starting point.
  • Make a handstand. If equilibrium is to hold difficult, you can lean legs against the wall. The palm a little bit to the side, put the limbs at shoulder width. Bend the elbows to 90 ° and then gradually straighten the joints.
  • Pushups recommended 3-5 approaches at 8-12 repetitions of each element depending on the endurance level of the performer.

    Food to increase muscle

    Exercises for effective muscle growth is only part of sporting success. Its bulk is a healthy routine and proper nutrition. After a workout, be sure to fill the loss of energy high quality food to provide all the necessary muscles for growth with nutrients. If this is not done, the muscles recovery will take the protein from its own fiber, thus “eating” themselves. Pollremove food should include carbohydrates, amino acids (essential and non) and sufficient dose of protein.

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