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Home fitness: exercises with weights for women and men

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Home fitness: exercises with weights for women and men
The contents

  • Rules of selection of dumbbells.
  • Effective exercises for all muscle groups
  • The organization of the exercises at home
  • Physical exercises with dumbbells: good workout plan
  • Exercises for the correction and proper nutrition

Many athletes regularly perform exercises with a barbell rather than the dumbbells. Their approach to training is understandable. The barbell can be a great to build muscle, is gradually increasing its weight. But to follow such a methodology need not always. After all, many men and women don’t want to look like bodybuilders with experience. They just need to bring her figure in order to remove excess weight. In this case, the rod is usually not needed. It will be enough for the most ordinary dumbbells and the desire to change for the better.

In this article we will talk about exercises for different muscle groups performed with dumbbells. They are perfect for men and women of all ages. You only need to choose the weight of the weights and to organize regular classes. As girls and women we will give this advice: don’t be afraid of exercise with weights you will never percocetas. It will not make your testosterone levels and the weight of a small sports equipment.

At the end of the article we will give some guidelines for the organization of proper nutrition that will make training more effective.

Rules of selection of dumbbells.

Almost every family at home are dumbbells. With their help, the children are attached to physical culture, and adults pumped up muscles and correct figure. But hardly anyone thinks that the “correct” choice of equipment depends on the success of the training.

What are the main characteristics of a good fitness equipment?

  • collapsible option.

Preferably, the removable pancake weight not exceeding 500 g. In this case, it is possible to accurately control the weight of the sports equipment, collecting it at its capabilities. Men can choose dumbbells over free weights with pancakes from 500 g to 2 kg. But this is after a certain period of regular exercise;

  • convenience.

To physical exercise at home not only brings results, but the fun fitness equipment to be comfortable. When choosing a shop, feel free to try inventory in the business. If the handle shell is comfortable to grip, does not slip from the palm of your hand and does not leave the characteristic traces of notches, you can feel free to buy it;

  • appearance.

If dumbbells are not attractive, the desire to engage in do not add. Try to choose the shells that will be pleasing in the aesthetic attitude. Then the hands themselves will be drawn to him.

Choosing quality equipment, it is possible to start drawing up a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles and maintain physical fitness in good condition.

Effective exercises for all muscle groups

Here are some basic physical exercises with weights that will be useful to both men and women. The weight of the weighting in each case is selected individually.

  • Traction.

This exercise engages the muscles of the back, buttocks, and abdomen. Using a small hill, rest in her right hand, pull up and back left lower extremity and in the left hand take the weighting and push it down. This is the starting position. Now start hauling sports equipment to the belt. Do 10-12 reps and switch hands and legs.

  • A variation of the squat with dumbbells lifting.

This is the work of the muscles of the legs and shoulders. Do a squat so that one leg was in front, and second back to focusing on the knee. Hands with dumbbells down. Now try to stand on the supporting leg and move the foot forward of the rear leg. When you do this, lift the dumbbells forward and upward. Go back to the previous position. Perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions for each leg.

  • Lifts to the side.

This is a great exercise for the muscles of the shoulders. Basically the item involved medium beam deltas, but it will not remain without work other muscles. Stand up straight. Hold dumbbells down in front of him. Start to plant the hands to the sides and up. Bring the shells parallel to the first division and return to starting position. Do 10 to 12 repetitions. Pay special attention to the technique. At the initial stage of training is the physical exercise will seem difficult. So use a small weight, increasing the load from lesson to lesson.

  • Breakthrough.

This exercise is borrowed from kettlebell sport, but in this case, instead of weights will be in the hands of the dumbbell. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent. The dumbbell in the right hand bottom. Do the dash shell up, squared his feet. Once the dumbbell gets the top position, return to your original stance. Repeat this element for 10-12 times on each hand.

  • Lunges from a standing position.

Starting position — stand straight, lowered his hands a dumbbell. Make a lunge forward with the squat on one knee. Hands with dumbbells apart. Return to starting position. To master this exercise at home will be difficult. So start with low weight and practicing the technique of movements. Following the repeat start with the other foot. The total number of repeats 20 times, i.e. on each leg 10 times.

  • The rise of the weighting on the biceps.

The starting position is similar to the previous exercise. The difference in technique is that the dumbbells during the outburst rise forward, and arms bent in the elbow joints. The main thing — to synchronize the movement of the hands and feet. The number of repeats 20 times.

The organization of the exercises at home

To exercise had its desired result, the required regularity. Exercise at least 2-3 times a week. If a workout seems too tedious, limit the weight of the weights. The room in which you will conduct the training must be free enough that you are not afraid to get dumbbells in the mirror or bump into furniture. Before class ventilate the room. Give training about 1 hour. Remember that exercise at home will give results only if the required dedication and focus. And to have the incentive to engage in, the Cup stand on the scales and look in the mirror. Certainly you will notice how your figure is changing.

Physical exercises with dumbbells: good workout plan

As practice shows, the effectiveness of the training process largely depends on a properly drawn up plan. We offer you to choose any 6 exercises. The main thing — that they alternated work different groups of muscles. For example, if you worked at the press, then the following exercise should be on the back. And so on. All 6 exercises in a row, make substantial amount of repetitions. Between the series is a small 5-minute break. Series must be at least 4. Some exercises for the muscles can seem complicated. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the number of repetitions.

Exercises for the correction and proper nutrition

Often men, and especially women, doing exercises with dumbbells at home, are not intended to achieve some athletic performance. They will likely want to adjust your figure so to please myself and others. This, of course, will help you exercise with weights. But do not forget about proper nutrition. Then the goal will be achieved faster. Before training it is permissible to eat at least 2 hours. It should consist of slow carbohydrates. They are contained in regular pasta, oatmeal, buckwheat and other cereals. Do not forget about protein foods: meat, chicken eggs, cottage cheese. But you should not overeat. Your body will tell you how much to eat. Excess calories quickly you burn during training with weights. Exercises muscles with dumbbells would suit him best, but only if you strictly observe all movements.

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