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Home fitness exercises for slim legs

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Home fitness exercises for slim legs
The contents

  • Functional characteristics of the feet
  • Why train legs?
  • Exercises for the legs
  • Train the hamstring
  • Lateral lifts
  • Exercises for the muscles of the buttocks and the press
  • Squats
  • Leg exercises — General recommendations for effective training

Healthy feet — a natural key to an active lifestyle. And if we’re talking about a beautiful body, then certainly implicit, and strong, sturdy legs. For men it is usually bulky, with rippling muscles, and limbs. Women make a goal to slim legs, firm buttocks, and the lack of any hint of excess weight. But to achieve the desired result is possible only through constant physical training and special exercises for the lower limbs. What leg exercises are the most effective and affordable, we will discuss in this article.

Functional characteristics of the feet

From the course of anatomy know that the leg consists of 3 parts: foot, shank and thigh. What you need to know the athletes on the muscles of the legs? The biggest of them are located on the thigh. This biceps, quadriceps and adductor. The main muscle of the lower leg is the calf. The foot moves a whole group of small muscles.

Thus, the thigh muscles perform the function of flexion /extension of the leg at the knee and hip joint. The calf muscle works as a foot and helps to maintain the body in a stable position. Muscles of the foot are primarily flexors of the fingers.

To give the legs a beautiful shape, you must work on all these muscles. But the main emphasis should be on exercises for thighs and drumsticks, as their muscular system generates the visual appearance of the legs.

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym. But if you want you can pump up the legs independently, regularly practicing at home. A small complex of exercises for lower limb muscles will keep the muscles in tone, and constant training will make your legs perfect from the aesthetic point of view.

Why train legs?

Many people are quite satisfied with the condition of my feet, and I don’t understand why they are subjected to additional loadings. Motivation training is as follows:

  • Exercises for the legs, the human body consumes a lot of energy. In the result of burned calories throughout the body. The figure as a whole becomes more attractive and sportier.
  • When focusing on the lower limbs increases their strength and endurance, which positively affects the overall health of the person.
  • Training legs strengthens the circulatory system and effectively trains the heart.
  • Physical exercises make the ligaments flexible, and joints mobile. Which minimizes the risk of injuries and sprains.
  • The beauty and health of feet need to maintain throughout life. Then there is no need to be afraid of cellulite, excess volumes or diseased joints.

    Exercises for the legs

    All exercises of this complex can be done at home. While nothing except a pair of dumbbells to use is not necessary. For faster result it is recommended to combine exercise with proper nutrition and avoiding harmful habits.

    Train the hamstring

    In ordinary life the hamstrings and glutes loaded poorly. So many people, he does not look impressive. The situation can be corrected with targeted exercises for the legs. Especially important to pump this part of the body for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or engaged in sedentary work.

    Example exercises for the hamstring and gluteal muscles:

    • lie on your stomach, elbows abut to the floor, and palms — in chin;
    • Flex the hip and lift the leg;
    • slowly lower the limb, but do not touch her sex.
    • do this exercise with the second leg;
    • perform 5-10 movements with the legs up and down.

    To increase the load, can be clipped on the leg weights. But for beginning training is enough to operate its own weight.

    Lateral lifts

    This element allows to strengthen the inner thigh and further to adjust the waist. Technique:

    • lie down on a gym Mat (on right side);
    • right arm bent at the elbow, the left in any convenient position;
    • on the exhale, press your forearm into the floor and simultaneously lift body and legs so that the body had no depressions;
    • get down on the floor;
    • repeat the exercise several times;
    • turn over to the other side and perform another set.

    Exercises for the muscles of the buttocks and the press

    For those who have a goal — not sports records, and health and beauty body fit exercises. They will pump up not only the muscles of the legs, but also press, back, buttocks.

    One of these exercises is:

    • lie on your back;
    • place arms at your sides, tightly pressed them to the floor;
    • raise the legs to 15-20 cm from the floor;
    • make a second pause and lower legs;
    • repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

    If you raise straight leg hard, then start training with legs bent at the knees.


    Exercises for the leg muscles can be very simple. For example, the standard squats — they give a great strain on the thigh and buttocks, forced to actively circulate the blood throughout the body, burning a lot of calories.

    The classic technique of the squat consists in the following:

    • stand with your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider;
    • squat as deeply as possible;
    • keep your hands in front of you;
    • straighten;
    • place feet slightly bent in knees;
    • repeat the exercise 10-15 times;
    • ensure the back is kept flat position, and the body was not leaning forward.

    With easy squats you can do leg strong and muscle volume, with beautiful terrain and expressive form. Over time, the fiznagruzki should be strengthened, fulfilling the training with weights in the hands.

    Leg exercises — General recommendations for effective training

    To get the expected result, it is first necessary to draw up a detailed training plan. To train legs need to be constantly performing 2-3 exercises in each lesson.

    It is recommended to alternate the load on different muscle groups. For example, on Monday work the quads, Wednesday — hamstrings Friday — calf muscle. Training 3 times a week will be enough to make your legs perfect. But we should not forget about the other muscles. Because only harmoniously developed muscles of the entire body might make a person aesthetically attractive. Exercises for the leg muscles is just one part of an overall workout.

    The duration of employment shall not be less than 30-40 minutes with a maximum of 1.5 hours. During the training, you need to drink clean water in small portions. After the end of classes to eat not earlier than in 20-30 minutes. Once a week is recommended to visit the bath or sauna as remediation.

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