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Home fitness: exercise for weight loss

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Home fitness: exercise for weight loss
The contents

  • Menus for weight loss
  • Exercises for belly slimming
  • What to do with hands full?
  • The simulated feet
  • How much you need to train for weight loss

Problems with excess weight often become relevant when to hide under clothing changed the shape of the figure is no longer possible. In such cases, some go on a diet and torture themselves by starving, others are looking for ciudadanta pills able to burn fat. But all these methods are quite questionable, and their results are short-lived. What should I do? First and foremost you need to stop convincing yourself that there is a simple way to lose weight and just need to find. Secondly, if we look for a universal way to lose weight guaranteed allowing to simulate the body in the right proportions, you have to turn to sports. Currently very simple to enroll in a gym or fitness group. But even if there is no opportunity to practice organized, exercise for weight loss you can perform at home.

Menus for weight loss

Playing sports is a great way to lose weight and also healthy pastime. But the effect of training will be much more if you organize yourself proper nutrition. Its principle is to spend more calories than you consume. It is possible to train perfectly well without any discomfort. Different diets assume, on the contrary, the consumption of fewer calories than needed. Therefore, a person stranded on a diet, will always feel a hunger that will have a negative impact on his mood, emotional condition and physical condition.

Menu for weight loss should only limit the availability of carbohydrates and fats and to exclude from the consumption of junk food: meats, fried foods, sweets and starchy foods, alcohol. Not to abandon it, not worth it. We are talking only about the restriction within reasonable limits.

Healthy food understanding of a healthy person and an athlete is protein foods, which must be at least 50% of the total diet (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.), and high-quality carbohydrates like pasta, rice, buckwheat, nuts. Do not forget about the source of vitamins and fiber — fruits and vegetables.

Exercises for belly slimming

The abdomen is the most problematic area of many people with extra pounds. Adipose tissue here accumulates quickly and in large volume. To get rid of it, you will need to arrange a proper diet and exercise for weight loss belly.

It is believed that to lose weight in the stomach you need with the help of crunches. This is a misconception:

  • work at the press not allows you to burn a lot of energy, and, therefore, does not provoke a reduction of body fat;
  • to lose weight locally, only in the abdomen, it is impossible. Fat must be burned evenly throughout the body. Only in this case it is possible to successfully adjust your figure in problem areas.

To remove as much fat, you need to perform more difficult in terms of the energy exercises. Such as squats, pushups, lunges, pullups on the bar, do leg lifts in a vise. Weight loss will go faster if you boost the effect of your workouts using cardio exercises: walking, Jogging, Cycling, inline skating.

What to do with hands full?

Special exercises designed for weight loss of hands. They will lose weight in the complex with the whole body. But you can make a training plan so that more attention is paid to hands. Proper exercise will allow you to actively burn extra calories and strengthen muscles, that will certainly make the hands beautiful.

So, to work on the upper limbs use the following exercises:

  • pushups.

This is a simple and effective element of physical culture that we know from school. The main load during its execution falls on the chest muscles and triceps. Those who are just starting to exercise, you can start with 30 push-UPS, divided into 5 sets. This will be enough to start the process of weight loss, provided that fitness will be complemented by a healthy menu for weight loss.

  • pullups on the bar wide grip.

To learn the exercise, in the classical way, when the chin touches the bar. But as soon as the item will happen, you will need to move to a more complex technique and try to reach for the bar, not the chin and top of chest. This way the maximum load of the broadest muscle and biceps;

  • pullups narrow grip.

This technique increases the load on the biceps. So if you don’t have enough strength to perform this exercise, do pull-UPS.

Girls and women who are not able to correctly do the exercises described above, it may be advisable to start with their lightweight option. For example, do push-UPS from knees or to catch up on the low bar with emphasis feet on the floor.

Good to pump up the arms and burn extra calories will help work the biceps using dumbbells. The classic exercise is quite simple: stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, hands with dumbbells are lowered. On the exhale, bend your elbows and raise the weights, inhale lower it down. This element can be pumped and the press, if during the training to keep it in constant tension. Therefore this exercise is good for slimming the abdomen.

The simulated feet

The largest muscle located on the feet. Their job requires a lot of energy. So be sure to include a workout for weight loss leg exercises:

  • squats.

This is a classic element of fitness, allowing for a good download feet. Learn to squat without weights, using only your own body weight. Feet are shoulder width apart, back straight maximum. Once the squats start easy, let’s complicate the task, picking up dumbbells or put on the shoulders of the Griffon;

  • attacks.

To perform the fitness element is a step forward, leading leg is bent in knee, foot and back supports. Her knee should be 2-5 cm from the floor. The important point of the attacks is the need to control the position of the knee of the front leg. It should not extend beyond the line of the sock of the foot to avoid injury of the joint;

  • the rise of the hill.

In this case you will need a small Cabinet of height up to 70 cm or the Swedish wall. Stand in front of the dresser and put one foot on her cover (the notch the wall). Make a push and try on one leg to climb the hill. Scroll down without removing the leg from the bedside. Do this exercise several times and change the leg.

To complement these exercises can Shuttle run, walking in the fresh air and Scandinavian style.

How much you need to train for weight loss

To adjust the figure at home, you need to stick to the training plan and menu for effective weight loss. Work on burning calories will have at least 3 times a week, alternating a day of training with a day of rest. Each training session should consist of 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least 30 minutes of cardio (walking, running, Cycling or working on a stationary bike).

Described each exercise, perform 10-20 times depending on their physical fitness. Do 5-8 approaches.

Exercises for quick weight loss abdomen, legs and hands will give the maximum effect if you do them regularly, with good mood, music and company with a friend.

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