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Home fitness: exercise for toned calves

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Home fitness: exercise for toned calves
The contents

  • Why train calves
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Strength exercises to develop calf
  • Features women’s training
  • Program fitness training for women
  • Tips for training calves

Toned legs with nice relief make the figure slim and attractive. In addition, the trained muscles help the athlete become more resilient. Thanks to a developed muscles of feet it can easily withstand the growing loads, and exercises for other muscle groups to perform more effectively.

Often, paying attention to the hips, athletes forget about Shin. As a result, the calf muscles do not grow legs look too thin compared to other parts of the body. It not only looks strange but also hinder the development of muscle in General. To work out your calf muscles without a specially equipped fitness rooms: there is the opportunity to engage on the proposed program at home. If exercise becomes a habit, there will be power and leisure — the results will not keep itself waiting.

Why train calves

Calves work hard during walking and running. Fatigue and pain in calves after climbing stairs says about the weakness of the legs. In this situation, even ordinary run can be an overwhelming task.

Another problem stems from the fact that caviar is quite difficult to practice. To build muscle in this area is difficult even for experienced athletes.

Reasons stop the growth of muscles can be several:

  • Insufficient stress on training.

If a man goes in life, his calves require even more study than the feet of him who travels on foot a little.

  • Excessive load.

You need to give the muscles time to recover. If you train too intensively and often the effect of a training plateau after a couple of months.

  • The lack of progress.

Each time fitness must be loaded muscles a little stronger. Otherwise, after adaptation, they will simply stop growing.

  • Limiting food.

If one wants to reduce weight, he often resorts to extreme measures and sits on a strict diet. With a sharp decrease of calories and insufficient protein intake, the body begins to “eat” internal reserves. Unfortunately, it is not always fat cells in flow and are heavier muscles.

  • Genetics.

Each person genetically has a predefined structure of the body. Astenik will not be able to achieve the same results as gipersteniki how effective would be exercise.

Aerobic exercise

To make homework sessions more effective, it is necessary to combine the power bar for lower leg and aerobic exercise.

  • Jumping rope.

They develop the endurance of the calf and burn up to 800 calories per workout. As a separate cardio-training you can use jumping twice a week. You should perform 3-4 approach, each time jumping to a burning sensation in my calves. The permissible break between sets — 30 seconds.

Because jumping rope is a good warm up the body, you can do them as warm up exercises at the beginning of weight training.

  • Walking on the stairs.

This is an affordable exercise helps to put your feet up, if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle.

You can walk the stairs both at home and in the office. At the beginning of training, you need to make small warm-up and stretching, then walk up and down the stairs about half an hour. If when lifting to focus on the toe, the load will increase.

Thus you should train in comfortable sports shoes. Fast walking the stairs in heels is not only harmful, but traumatic occupation.

  • Slinky.

It is based on the main movement performed by the calf muscles in your life. This flexion and extension of the leg at the ankle joint. It is important to train this movement to prepare for more intensive strength complex.

  • Stand up straight, keep your hands on the support. The feet together, knees slightly bent.
  • To do a slow rise on the toes.
  • To fall, but the heels on the floor is not set.
  • Perform 4 sets of 25-30 times, resting between sets not more than 45 seconds.
  • Strength exercises to develop calf

    Before you spend a light workout: to run for several minutes at a moderate pace, to jump on the spot, to massage the calves and feet.

    • Lifting on socks.

    The exercise is performed on a small hill. It is important that the heel was hanging from a stand still to the floor.

  • To get up on the stand. Of the foot from mid to toe hanging in the air. Their feet are close to each other. The knees slightly bend.
  • Rise on the toes. To do a second pause.
  • Down so that the heel was below the level of exaltation.
  • Do 3-4 sets of 15-20 lifts. Rest between sets is 30-45 seconds.
  • The weights will make it harder to lift and will help to further build muscle.

    • Lifting on socks while sitting.

    Exercise helps to form caviar, pumping the soleus muscle located underneath the gastrocnemius. When it increases in volume, the main caviar becomes convex and has a beautiful relief.

    Upgrades are sitting with weights on hips and thighs: dumbbell, books, or pancakes from the rod. For variety and fun on legs can be put, for example, children.

  • To sit on a chair, put your feet on the platform. The rear part of the foot has to hang with her, not getting to the floor. The load placed on the hips.
  • Rise on the toes. To do a second pause.
  • Lower your heels below the elevation, the floor they do not touch.
  • Perform 3-4 sets 15-20 times with a rest between sets not more than 45 seconds.
  • Features women’s training

    The structure of the lower leg in women and men identical. They perform the same function, but usually the girls this muscular group developed slightly weaker.

    From frequent walking on heeled calf girls too can be cut and sandwiched, they often lack the stretch. This frequent nefiziologichnoe the position of the foot leads to poor circulation and can cause varicose veins.

    If the high heel shoes to completely abandon fails, you can at least prepare your feet for such loads, training of the calf and ankle.

    Most often, the main purpose of training for women is not muscle building and maintaining their tone. So the emphasis in women’s training done on cardio elements. Power fitness complex enough to do just once a week.

    Program fitness training for women

    Start with jumping rope (3-4 times). Each approach to perform to a burning sensation in the calf muscles. Rest between sets — no more than 30 seconds.

    Next you should work through the steps, you can replace them exercise on a step platform. Lead time is 25-30 minutes.

    Then run springs — 4 sets of 25.

    The following block — lifting on socks standing and sitting. Each exercise is done 4 sets of 20-25 times, rest between sets is 45 seconds.

    Tips for training calves

    Training for the elaboration of the calf has its own characteristics. To be effective, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The endurance of the calf muscles and small amplitude movements require you to perform exercises in several sets of repetitions.
  • So that the muscles have time to recover, you need to take a break between classes at least three days. Best would be to assign a workout to a calf band for men twice a week, the girls once.
  • Increase the load gradually.
  • Train calves in the same day as the hips. Lifting on socks to perform well after squats and working up the back of the thigh.
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