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Home fitness: exercise for perfect buttocks and hips

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Home fitness: exercise for perfect buttocks and hips
The contents

  • An example of a basic fitness training for strengthening the gluteal muscles
  • Classic lunges and other variations of this exercise for beautiful buttocks
  • Tips for creating a gym at home

Elastic tight buttocks is the dignity of the female figure. Not all the ladies nature endowed the desired shape, but even with a good natural ability over time, the glutes lose their elasticity and become flabby. Save and give this body part an attractive rounded shape can special exercises to strengthen and develop the gluteal muscles when performed regularly.

An example of a basic fitness training for strengthening the gluteal muscles

In the basic fitness training to develop the muscles of the buttocks, which can be carried out in the home, must include such training movement:

  • Squats.

Classic squats and their variations are extremely efficient and therefore the most useful exercises to bring tone and development of the gluteal muscles. They are as follows: stand up straight, place feet at shoulder width, the upper limb can be pulled in front of him or to put his hands on the belt. Keeping your back straight, first a little bit to take the pelvis back, and then lower it like sitting on the edge of a chair located in the back. At the bottom of this training movement fitness thigh should be parallel to the floor surface. Squatting, you need to make sure the back was smooth, and the knee was bent at a right angle and the patella did not go beyond the notional line formed by the toes of the feet. Rising from the squat, you should start from the floor with his heels and to prevent sagging in the back. To strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, you need to squat 2-3 sets of 10-15 times each until you feel strong tension and burning sensation in the thighs. To increase the load, increase the number of repetitions or to pick up weights, for example dumbbells.

  • Plies.

This exercise is a variation of sit-UPS and sent it on a qualitative study of the muscles located on the inner side of the thighs. To perform a plie, you need to stand up straight, hands put on the waist, stretch down, with the toes turning outward at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Then, from this starting position you need, keeping your back straight and directing your knees to the sides, take pelvis back a little and put it down to the level at which the inner part of the thighs parallel to the floor. Rise from the squat and repeat plie. To strengthen the intensity of physical exercise, it is necessary when performing this type of squat to make some springy movements, while in the lower position, and you can also increase the number of repetitions and use weights.

  • The bridge.

This exercise not only effectively strengthens the gluteus Maximus muscle, but gives tone to the muscles of the legs and provides quality physical load on the press. To be technically correct to perform the bridge, you need to lie on your back, having spread under her gym Mat, bend the lower limb and to rest against the entire surface of the feet to the floor. Between the bent knees should be a distance equal to the width of the shoulders. From this initial position you have to lift the pelvis, the maximum straining muscles of the hips and belly, and lower it without touching the buttocks of the floor surface. When you perform a bridge movement should be smooth and carried out solely through the work of the muscles, not inertia. To increase the load and vary your fitness workout, you need, completing the bridge on the lower abdomen to put a ballast in the top of the lift of the pelvis to dissolve knees in the parties.

Classic lunges and other variations of this exercise for beautiful buttocks

Lunges, like squats have many variations and are a very effective exercise to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and forming attractive shapes the lower body. The most popular versions of the attacks include the following:

  • Classic.

Standing straight and keeping your back straight, put hands on waist, step forward bend both knees at right angles, dropping the pelvis down. Rise from the squat and repeat the exercise, replacing the front foot and controlling to her knee in the squat does not exceed the line of the toes. To make it easier to keep the balance, you need to constantly flexing belly.

  • Reverse.

To perform a one foot step back, bend knees at right angles and set down to the level of parallelism of the hip the surface of the floor. Straighten your knees, straighten up and repeat this element of fitness training, stepped back with the other foot. To enhance the load in the squat to perform a few springy movements of the pelvis.

  • Bulgarian.

Stand up straight, raise ago one lower limb and put a stop for this leg on a small elevation, e.g. a small stool or stack of books. Straining muscles of the abdominals, thighs and buttocks, bend the knee of the supporting leg at right angle, avoiding it was out of the foot. Pausing in the squat for 1-2 seconds, straighten up and repeat the Bulgarian lunge, changing the reference lower limb. When performing this exercise the main muscle groups of the lower limbs, intense physical strain exerted on the muscles-stabilizers.

Tips for creating a gym at home

To home fitness exercises for beautiful buttocks were the most productive, and their positive result was not long in coming, the organization of training is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • every fitness training, regardless of venue, must necessarily begin with a warm-up. It is necessary to ensure that all body systems are prepared for the subsequent intense exercise. Thus, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum;
  • after fitness classes, you must run the hitch, during which you should stretch the muscle fibers;
  • if you want to reduce the amount of fat on the buttocks and thighs, to the above-described complex, be sure to add cardio, e.g. Jogging or Cycling.

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