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Home fitness: exercise for pectoral muscles

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Home fitness: exercise for pectoral muscles
The contents

  • A set of exercises for home workouts
  • Sample fitness classes for the development of chest muscles
  • Tips for fitness training

Broad chest is, without a doubt, the dignity of man. Fortunately, become the owner of any man who regularly perform exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles. The positive results can be achieved without a visit to the gym, doing home. The main thing — correctly to organize the training process and to practice regularly.

A set of exercises for home workouts

If men wanting to develop the muscles of a breast, there is no possibility to use the gym, for this purpose, in their home fitness they should include the following training dynamics:

  • Standard pushups.

For their implementation need to take a horizontal position, providing the way to the floor and feet together, and hands, and the distance between them must be much more than shoulder width. Your wrists should be parallel, and the fingers are directed forward. Then, in the exercise from this starting position need to breath to bring the body to the floor, bending your elbows and pointing them to the side. Pausing in the bottom position for a second, exhale to return to starting position, without straightening the arms completely, to reduce the load on the elbow joints. By carrying out this element of home fitness training, you need to keep your back straight, not allowing her rounding and straining the muscles of the abdomen and thighs to avoid sagging of the pelvis.

  • Pushups with negative slope.

The starting position for this exercise is as follows: you need to put the foot on the hill, for example, a sofa, a low chair or stack of books and stretch your palms to the floor, spreading them shoulder-width apart. Between the feet should be the minimum distance. The head should be lifted and to direct the gaze forward. Next, breath, you need to drop the chest to the floor. Reaching the bottom point, exhale and slowly straightening the elbows, take the starting position to make the next repetition of a given element of fitness classes.

  • Push-UPS on the hills.

This embodiment assumes that the foot must be kept, and the palm — rest against at the same time, and in two hills, for example, stacks of books, kettlebell or dumbbell sustainable. By adopting such a starting position, you need to breath to sink as low as possible. Pausing in the bottom position until the feeling of stretching the chest muscles and exhaling at this time, straighten the elbows, thus returning to the starting position. In this embodiment of the exercise the more range of motion, so the pectoral muscle is more intense exercise than the squats in classical technique.

  • Pushups with an offset load.

The starting position for this exercise is a push-up position with one support arm to the floor and the other in the hills, for example, books, weights, ball. Taking it, you need to breath to bring the chest to the floor, pause in the bottom position with a duration of 1-2 seconds and slowly straighten the elbows. This embodiment is recommended to include in a fitness workout, if the chest muscles develop unevenly and needs to increase the load on one side of the chest to correct the imbalance.

  • Work on the bars.

To take the shells and to catch up, by tilting the body forward and lifting your own body weight. You then, breathing in, bend elbows, crossing in the negative phase of the exercise and dropping down. Wrung out on bars so should not completely straighten the elbows at the top position, so as not to injure the joints.

Sample fitness classes for the development of chest muscles

Fitness training for men based on the most effective training movements for the chest and carried out at home may look like the following:

  • The warm-up. Its duration must be sufficient to the muscles and joint and ligaments properly warmed up before a fitness workout. Enhance blood flow to muscle and connective tissue using moderate cardio and simple movements such as rotation and swings of the upper limbs, turns and inclinations of the body.
  • Work on the uneven bars with an inclination of the case forward. This exercise should be performed 10-15 times in each of the 4 approaches. But if the level of physical training does not allow you to do push-UPS on the bars for the number of times the workload can be reduced. Better to do it right, but a smaller number of repetitions than to do push-UPS many times with abuse.
  • Classic push-UPS, repeat up to 15 times in each of 3-4 approaches.
  • Push-UPS with fixation of the tibia on the hill. You need to perform 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions each.
  • Deep push-UPS on the hills. Repeat up to 15 times in each of the 3 sets.
  • Hitch, held at the end of the fitness workouts and focuses on stretching the chest muscles, upper limb and whole shoulder girdle.
  • Tips for fitness training

    Home to fitness classes was not less effective than working out at the gym, should they be guided by the following advice compiled by the experienced professionals:

    • warm-up exercise and stretching performed at the end of the class are important components of the training process as the main set of exercises;
    • the rest period between sets should not exceed 90 seconds. Rest between implementation of the elements of the complex to two minutes;
    • to provide intense exercise for the chest muscles need a regular basis — 1-2 times a week, holding separate sessions for the chest or including in training other direction a few exercises for developing pectoral muscles. Too often load can lead to overtraining, which is characterized by stagnation of the results and the deterioration of health;
    • for the development of muscles is very important to observe the principles of good nutrition by eating frequently but in small portions. Caloric intake when performing fitness workouts to build muscle mass may slightly exceed the daily rate by adding to the menu of foods rich in protein and slow carbs;
    • as the muscles are strengthened and increase in volume during loading, and after a fitness, you have to create the body the most favorable conditions for recovery of muscle tissue. This should sleep at least 8 hours a day, and periodically massage and take a warm water treatment to increase blood flow to soft tissues.

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