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Home fitness: exercise for hips

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Home fitness: exercise for hips
The contents

  • Example home fitness workout
  • Exercises to develop the back side of the thighs in the gym
  • Recommendations for the gym

Strong muscles of the lower extremities (especially the developed muscles of the buttocks and posterior thighs) is important not only in professional power sports such as bodybuilding or powerlifting, but in a restorative training but also everyday life, because it greatly increases the physical capabilities of man. To train the muscles located on the back of the thighs, you need to perform regular strength exercises. This can be done as at home and professional gym.

Example home fitness workout

In order to provide quality physical activity to the back surface of the hips, you need in fitness training, held at home, to include the following effective strength training movements with free weights:

  • The slopes with weights.

Which can be bodybar, dumbbell, kettlebell or any other heavy materials at hand, is able functionally to replace the above shells in home fitness training. Are these inclinations as follows: stand up straight, putting the lower limb at shoulder width, to take up the available projectile and record the weight in the outstretched limb at the hip level. Keeping your back straight and lead the eye straight forward you need to tilt your body to the formation between it and the pelvis of a right angle, lowering the weighting along the lower extremities as low as possible. Pausing in the bottom position for 1-2 seconds, straighten up and repeat the exercise. Only it is necessary to perform 15-20 tilts in each of 3-4 approaches.

  • Mahi weights with one hand.

Stand in front of the kettlebell with your feet wider than shoulder width. While maintaining a straight back, take pelvis back, slightly bend the lower limbs and to take the weight. To start the shell first between the legs to give it inertia, perform max kettlebell forward up to shoulder level, pushed the hips forward simultaneously with the movement of the arm and projectile. Repeat this exercise working on the upper rear surface of the lower extremities and lower back, 15 to 20 times in each of 3-4 approaches.

  • The Romanian deadlift.

Standing straight and with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, take two hands kettlebell or dumbbell and place it in the outstretched upper limbs at the hips. By breathing in and keeping your back straight, tilt your body and lower the weight to a level at which it will be around the middle of the shins. Lock the bottom position for a second and straighten up, taking the initial. Execution of this item of home fitness training, you need lowering and raising the shell to keep it as close as possible to the feet. The recommended number of repetitions to 4 sets, each with up to 20 iterations.

Exercises to develop the back side of the thighs in the gym

If it is not possible to arrange comfortable conditions for training of fitness, while training in the gym you should perform the following complex strength training movements to strengthen and develop the muscles of the buttocks and of the muscles located on the back of thighs:

  • The slopes of the post.

Technically this exercise is similar to home slopes: need to take the bar straight medium grip, tilt the housing to lock the back in a straight position, to stay in the slope for 1-2 seconds, return to starting position and repeat this element of the fitness classes up to 20 times in each of 3-4 approaches. Perform deep inclinations presupposes the existence of good stretching of muscle fibers, ligaments and tendons of the lower extremities. So if your physical fitness allows you to perform deep inclinations, it is better to replace them with more simple variations of training movements, not to get injured.

  • Flexion of the lower limbs in the simulator.

This exercise is perfect for novice visitors gym, since its implementation is practically impossible to prevent technical errors. You need to lie down on his stomach on the bench of the simulator after setting an adequate weight, have a lower extremity for his rolls and to take up arms. To perform the inhalation and exhalation bend the lower limb back with rollers, and then slowly lower the legs, straightening the knees. To repeat the item fitness workout for 15-20 times in each of 3-4 approaches.

  • Romanian deadlifts with a barbell.

The technique of this training movement is identical to Romanian deadlift with weights carried out in home conditions and similar to the classic bow pull. The difference is that the Romanian version is running on slightly bent legs, and the projectile falls to mid-calf. The recommended number of repetitions exercises — 15-20 times in each of 3-4 approaches.

Recommendations for the gym

To fitness classes to pump muscles located on the back of the thighs and buttocks, was the most productive and safe regardless of their location, it is necessary to take into account the following recommendations experienced in sports experts:

  • before you take the shells and to start providing the main power load on the muscles of the lower extremities, it is necessary to perform a quality workout. Workout fitness exercise increases blood circulation in the muscle tissues, stimulates the production of synovial fluid and thus prepares the body for intense subsequent effects on his muscles. As a warm-up, you can perform a few exercises joint exercises and Jogging in place or the treadmill, jumping rope or work on the elliptical;
  • weight of projectiles shall be an adequate level of physical fitness. Picking up the weights, should be guided by this principle: it is better to take a lower weight and gradually increase it than to get injured as a result of working with too heavy a projectile;
  • complete strength training need a simple stretching exercises, through the implementation of which is decreased muscle tension, reduced risk of delayed onset muscle soreness and aktiviziruyutsya regenerative processes in muscle tissues;
  • train should be no more than 2-3 times a week so that the muscles could efficiently recover from, as the development of muscle and increase its mass occurs in the recovery period after strenuous exercise.

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