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Home fitness: exercise for beautiful feet

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Home fitness: exercise for beautiful feet
The contents

  • The most effective basic exercises for the leg muscles
  • Sample fitness classes for women
  • Methods gain loads of fitness workouts

Many who are new to fitness think that quality is to pump up the muscles of the lower extremities only by using special sport equipment in gym. However, the practice proves the opposite. Having a great desire, a minimum set of sports equipment and some knowledge, to help properly organize the training process, you can achieve quite successful results in strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and shins, regularly performing basic exercises for the legs.

The most effective basic exercises for the leg muscles

The most effective and therefore popular exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities include the following:

  • Squats.

Among the large species diversity of this training movement for the legs the most effective in home fitness are a classic squat, plie, squats with a narrow production stop and the Pistol. Plies work the muscles located on the inner surface of the thighs, and the other embodiments of the strengthen the gluteal muscles and the quadriceps, which are located on the front of the thighs. Classic variation of sit-UPS suggests that in the starting position between the feet is observed at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders and then the pelvis is moved back and lowered down to a level where it is in the same parallel with the floor. When performing a plie foot need to place as widely as possible and direct them to the side, and squat should be up to the education between the inner surfaces of the thighs a straight line. Technique exercises “Gun” provides a deep squat on one leg with the removal newporno straight lower limbs forward. This version of the squat is quite complicated, therefore more suitable for people with a high level of physical training. If you do all variations of squats you need to keep a straight position of your back and not to let your knees went on the toes and heels off the floor.

  • Attacks.

Technically, it is an exercise similar to the squat, however, when it is executed the entire burden falls on the supporting lower extremity, not divided between the two legs, as in squats. There are many embodiments of the attacks, but the classic technique involves the committing step forward and lower your pelvis by bending both knees at a right angle. Back should be flat and tense belly for a secure fit equilibrium. In home fitness training can incorporate any lunges with weights or without, depending on the level of training of the muscles.

  • Jumping up from the squat.

This exercise is aimed not only at strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities, but also on the development of explosive power. Also, it is effective in combating excess fat deposits. Done this element of the fitness training: you need to stand up straight, put feet on the width of the pelvis or a little wider, make the brush head and hook them to the castle. On the inhale, tensing the stomach and keeping the straight back position, should take the pelvis back and sit down. In the squat you must stay for 2-3 seconds, and then, rebounding from the floor with my heels, jump as high as possible. Soft landing on the whole foot, to perform another repetition.

  • Lifting on socks.

There are two options to perform: standing and sitting. The first is working the gastrocnemius muscle, and the second is the soleus under the calf. In home fitness training for the feet, you need to enable both options to the tibia developed in proportion and had a beautiful shape. Equipment hoists is in the consistent implementation of such actions: it is necessary to put the foot on the hill so that your heels hanging down and then go up on your toes and slowly sink down, dangling your heels below the platform level before the emergence of a sense of tension in the muscles of the legs. Performing the exercise in a sitting position, be sure that the knees remained straight angle. To enhance the load can be put on thigh heavy object.

Sample fitness classes for women

Women who want to strengthen muscles of feet at home, as well as to reduce the volume of the thighs and improve the appearance of the buttocks, hold fitness classes on the following plan:

  • Workout, the duration of which shall not be less than 5 minutes.

During this time, you need to enhance blood flow to muscle tissues by using light cardio, such as running or jumping in place, and carefully work the knee and ankle joints, after completing their rotation in different directions. The workout required to enhance the effectiveness of exercise and reduce the risk of injury during their run, so the exercise should be high quality, without neglecting this process.

  • Squats with a wide production stop.

To perform this exercise, you must stand up straight with legs apart at a distance exceeding the width of the pelvis. Having a brush head or placing them on the shoulders, deep seat, lowering pelvis below parallel with the floor. Pushing the heel into the floor, straighten up and repeat this element of fitness classes 3-4 approach to 12-25 times each, not forgetting that the back should be flat throughout the period of execution of the squats.

  • Classic attacks.

Repeat 20 times on each lower limb. The recommended number of approaches 4-5.

  • Lifting on socks feet sitting and standing.

Each run must be repeated in 5 sets of 30 lifts each.

  • Jumping up from the squat.

The average number of repetitions — 3 sets of 10-15 times each, but depending on the level of development of muscles and endurance, this number may change.

  • Hitch.

The final exercise and it includes a number of stretching exercises of the muscles of the lower extremities.

Methods gain loads of fitness workouts

To make progress in fitness, you need to constantly increase the intensity of the load exerted on the muscles of the lower extremities. This can be done using the following methods:

  • increasing the number of repetitions in the approach and the number of sets;
  • using weights;
  • reducing rest periods between sets;
  • increasing the duration of the period with the maximum load;
  • using the technique of supersets, in which a few elements of fitness training are performed without a break to rest.

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