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Home fitness: exercise for back muscles

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Home fitness: exercise for back muscles

The contents

  • The option of training exercises for back muscles on the basis of its own weight
  • Option training with exercises based on the use of dumbbells
  • The option of home fitness workout with elastic expander

To make the muscles of the back sturdy, strong, and well-developed relief can even at home. This does not require powerful machines, it is enough to use the basic equipment (dumbbells, barbell, grip) and to practice in accordance with effective exercises.

Specially designed exercises for back muscles allow you to upgrade not only the large dorsal region — wide muscles, but also develop small muscles of the back involved in the active process of flexion-extension of the body.

The option of training exercises for back muscles on the basis of its own weight

Fitness training weight to areas of the back are easy to perform and do not require sports equipment. With their help, you can work a wide, jagged muscles, all the beams of the deltas, muscles of the lumbar and cervical, and also to use arms and shoulders for getting evenly-developed torso.

The complex of the following exercises for back muscles is recommended to perform on the circular principle (one after another in 3-4 cycle for women and 5-7 cycles for men). So you can use the muscle fibers just dorsal division, including the muscles-the stabilizers and the extensors.

  • The slopes of the body while standing.

Simple fiznagruzki back, aimed at the development of gear and the widest muscles. At the initial stage, you can perform the element at a moderate pace without the additional weight. Gradually should increase the load, using the slopes of the dumbbell, barbell or bodybar to weight. Ideal physical activity for the beginning of the lesson warming up the spinal muscles before the main block of exercises. Bending should be done on all planes: left-right and forward-back.

  • “Superman.”

Effective exercise for pumping the small muscles of the lumbar and upper back area (greater round muscle, infraspinatus muscle, trapezoid). Performed lying on the stomach. It is necessary to raise a pair of elongated limbs. At the peak voltage should be fixed statically to the maximum stress of muscle fibers.

  • Squats against the wall.

Effective element for the simultaneous consideration latissimus, rhomboids, trapezius muscles and the gluteus muscles. Spinal muscles receive the static load, which is ensured by the application of effort to balance. Additionally improves posture, straighten your shoulders.

  • Pullups on the bar.

Powerful option exercise to increase back muscles and improve the terrain of the target area. To move the focus voltage at the back taking the bar should be done on a broad level, far beyond the width of the shoulder joints. In the narrow formulation of the hands, the load uses primarily the biceps and triceps, and the standard hand position on the chest. Pullups should be done to the chin, trying to lift the hull to have your elbows behind your back, reducing the blade tightly to each other.

  • Pushups from the wall.

One of the most effective variations of the basic exercises in order to develop the broadest muscle of the back trapezoid, diamond-shaped and big round muscles. Setting of the hands should be wide: then the voltage is shifted from the hands to the middle of the dorsal muscles. To perform the item with different levels of inclination of the wall: the larger the slope, the higher the intensity of physical exercise.

Option training with exercises based on the use of dumbbells

Dumbbells — one of the most popular shells for study back. Exercises for back muscles with this fresh equipment are of high intensity, especially when using a large operating weight.

When correctly carried out fitness workouts with dumbbells and in compliance with movement techniques you can use the inactive muscles of the back such as muscles, levator scapulae, muscle, straightening the spine, and the upper serrated muscles.

  • Breeding dumbbells in an inclined position.

A highly effective exercise for the muscles of the back, allowing to the limit load as all the major muscles of the back, and some minor (small round, infraspinatus, extensor). For maximum effect with the layout of the pair of shells in different directions to make the movement as full-range: up to straighten hands and to complete the connection of the blades. To do the lift owner when breeding you need to inhale, and lower the shells to the starting point — exhale.

  • The Romanian deadlift.

Romanian deadlift using dumbbells comes in many training facilities to build spinal muscles. This allows you to simultaneously load and pump the back and strengthen the muscles, which is very important when performing difficult exercises with a barbell. Performed from a standing position. When the enclosure is tilted the dumbbells should be lowered just below the knee. Back throughout the motion it is necessary to keep straight and keep hands in a relaxed state: the voltage should only use the back.

  • Press the dumbbells in an inclined position.

The complexity of this load is that for uniform pumping of spins will have to duplicate the load from different sides: not all players are able to repeat movements with the same amplitude, and the first hand because the grip strength and the quality of traction largely depends on the athlete right-handed or left-handed. However, this option is very popular due to the fact that effectively engages latissimus, trapezius, rhomboid, serratus muscles, and such muscles, extending to the shoulder blade. At home load can be based on any convenient horizontal surface: a bench, a chair, a low Cabinet. Support the need to have a knee down a free foot, hand rest against her for balance. The second hand is taken by a shell. With straight back on the inhale, the hand with the dumbbell is bent upward to the contraction of the muscles near the scapula. The same thing is repeated with the second hand after the change of the reverse.

The option of home fitness workout with elastic expander

Elastic expander — fitness training them very available and efficient. The most effective this mini shell is considering a wide, diamond-shaped, trapezoidal, and serrated muscles of the dorsal region. Additionally, when using the expander part of the load is redistributed to the biceps and Delta.

  • The raising of the hands with elastic expander.

The technique is the same as when performing the same exercise with dumbbells, but instead of shells use the expander. For fixing the elastic tape needs to stand on its middle two legs. For activating the back muscles the handle is squeezed through the sides up.

  • The thrust of the expander to the belt.

Shell one handle is fixed in any suitable location (e.g. leg of a table or bed). Two hands should take a second stick and extend your hands along the belt. On the exhale, the elastic band needs to stretch to the waist, straining the muscles of the back. Load efficient pumping the widest and the lower serrated muscle.

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