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Home fitness: exercise equipment for workouts

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Home fitness: exercise equipment for workouts
The contents

  • How to start exercise and how much to train
  • Home exercises for weight loss
  • Equipment for home exercises

Until recently was considered that a quality physical exercises to lose weight or maintain physical fitness is only possible in the hall for fitness. However, in recent years more and more people choose home weight loss and achieve great success in this.

Home exercises have a number of significant advantages. For example, there is no need to spend money on the purchase of a subscription to the club for fitness. Also training available at any time, without spending time on the road. In addition, the equipment can be easily purchased almost anywhere, both in conventional stores and via the Internet. And information about exercises to lose weight you can learn almost any sports website.

How to start exercise and how much to train

Any physical activity should begin with a warm up, which warms up muscles and prepares them for further loads. As a starter you can use the following complex:

  • alternate Jogging at a moderate pace and jumping rope — 5 minutes;
  • to combine fast walking with high lifting his knees and deep squats with jumping (raising hands up) 20 times;
  • to combine running with zahlest heels and pornoonline twist — 5 minutes.

The basic principle of the fight against excess body fat active calorie burning. Therefore, you need to engage regularly and intensively enough. Professionals recommend that complex home exercises were varied and included weights and cardio, and the frequency of sessions per week was at least 5 times.

In addition to a home gym should be supplemented with exercise quick walking or Jogging, swimming or skiing. These classes well promote weight loss and help to improve the body contour. The optimal duration of cardiosense — 0,5—1 hour. One of their options: warm-up joints (7 minutes), running or brisk walking (25 minutes), stretching exercises (5 minutes).

The power part of the load should take 45-60 minutes. The list of exercises and the interval between approaches are taken depending on the selected program. Usually home, provided the time between repeats up to 45 seconds, and pauses between the individual exercises up to 1.5 minutes.

Home exercises for weight loss

Before you make up your programme and select the exercise for weight loss, you must be familiar with the basic principles of training:

  • the complex consists of static (muscle tension for a given time) and mnogofotonnykh (15 times per 1 approach) exercises;
  • the interval between individual exercises to 2 minutes between repeats up to 45 seconds;
  • every muscle group is trained 1 time per week.

A typical 5-day package must ensure that the load on all muscle groups. So, to strengthen your back will help push UPS (10 times from the wall and 5 times from the floor). The next step is to plank (2-3 minutes), and with each passing day the time spent in stance increased (until you reach 5 minutes). This drill press is working fine and tightens the lower part of the abdomen.

Next are twisting in both directions (15-20 repetitions). Ideally, if this part is on the fitball. During crunches, you should pay attention that the pelvis did not go down, and not moved to the load.

The following exercise is aimed at the gluteal and leg muscles. To strengthen them are the squats and lunges from a standing position (15-20 times). They also include leg swings from the initial stand “on all fours” (20-25 times).

The muscles of the arms strengthens the work with dumbbells weighing 1 kg. To work out biceps, you should stand still, elbows pressed to the body, then bend and straighten arms (10-25 times). To work out the triceps should stand in the rack with his hands down. And then to have them behind your head and bend at the elbows (15 times).

The basic methods of conducting military complexes — circular and split. Circuit training includes several exercises aimed at different muscle groups. The complex is carried out sequentially, in a circle — from the first to the last exercise without breaks in between. After a 2-3 minute rest circuit training is repeated. One lesson you can go through 3-5 rounds.

The difference of a split program is that it is designed for a small break between sets. For example, today, the planned package for the muscles of the arms, legs and abdomen. This is done for 3 exercises for each region with 20 repetitions. To start done one approach in the muscles of the arms, after a rest of 45 seconds — the second approach the same exercise. After three similar approaches is aged for pause (1.5—2 minutes) and the training continues.

You should pay attention to the fact that a split program is mainly aimed at the overall muscle tone, so the diet should be supplemented with cardio.

Equipment for home exercises

In the conditions of the apartment or house is too difficult to place a full-fledged gym. So you should consider what equipment and supplies will be needed for exercise for weight loss.

Because as cardio fit running outside, swimming or walking, the need to purchase special equipment partly disappears. If classes will be held exclusively at home, then the best option would be purchasing a treadmill or stationary bike. Even given the rather high prices for such equipment, it will pay off, because the subscription for fitness will be more expensive.

If the purchase of professional equipment is not planned, you can limit the budget cardio — jump rope. It will bring no less benefits than a treadmill, and is incomparably cheaper.

As for strength training, home exercise for weight loss are conducted with the use of such equipment:

  • A pair of dumbbells.

The best option is a collapsible dumbbells that allow you to change their weight. One dumbbell in a configuration must not weigh more than 5 kg.

  • Weights.

Indispensable tools for training problem areas — the tummy and hips, making lessons more effective.

  • Mat for fitness.

The necessary for those exercises that are performed from a lying position.

  • Ball for fitness.

A great trainer who will help you to lose weight, improve stretch and develop flexibility.

Thus, a home workout is a great way to lose weight and maintain body tone without going over the threshold of his house. The main thing is to determine the set of classes, to acquire the necessary tools and stock up on good mood. About nutrition also do not forget, because this is half the battle.

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