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Home fitness equipment: benefits and selection criteria

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In the modern rhythm of life it is quite difficult to find time for fitness, and in fact daily exercise is a necessary condition for maintaining health and beauty. In addition, the active movement is responsible for the normal hormonal background of the body, including the production of the so-called hormones of pleasure and happiness – endorphins. Therefore, in order not to throw in regular exercises and at the same time save personal time, it is worth thinking about purchasing an effective home exercise machine.

Home exercise equipment: the benefits of exercise

Exercises conducted in the conditions of the house, have undoubted advantages over occupations in the fitness room:

allow you to choose any convenient time for training, and even in tight employment mode, select at least a few free minutes for training;
make classes cost effective, because the home simulator is purchased once and for a long period, while the gym membership must be paid regularly;
They increase the safety of workouts, since using their own equipment is much more hygienic compared to a public simulator, through which hundreds of people with an unknown state of health pass.

Experts advise when buying sports equipment to pay attention to several important points. You should choose a model that fits the size of the room and has a simple design in order to avoid possible problems with its operation in the future. If the exercises will be performed in an apartment or a small house with small children, then you should take care of the low noise background of the equipment. Also, the best option would be a simulator, designed for all family members at once.

The choice of the type of equipment depends on the fitness goals set. Those who wish to burn excess fat should be engaged on a treadmill, ellipsoid, rowing simulator or stationary bike, which are designed for intensive cardio loading. And for those who are planning to work on gaining muscle mass, power stations, weight training equipment or wall bars with bars and crossbars will most likely help. Also, before the final selection of the device, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to take into account individual contraindications for certain types of physical activity.

Home fitness: treadmill and ellipsoid

Home fitness: treadmill and ellipsoid

A treadmill is a universal type of home trainer, because running is a natural movement: it does not require special training and instruction. This physical exercise perfectly trains the heart and respiratory organs, strengthens muscles and burns excess fat. As during any other physical activity, the intensity and duration of classes should be increased gradually.

The disadvantages of a treadmill include a rather high price and large dimensions of the simulator, as well as the provision of a significant load on the joints and the spine. Mechanical models, moreover, make quite a lot of noise. Therefore, if possible, you should choose a relatively lightweight, more compact and less noisy electric simulator. Useful additional options will be the inclination of the canvas, various running programs, heart rate sensor and security key.

Also, home fitness will be productive with the use of another simulator – an ellipsoid, imitating the smooth movement of skiers. Unlike a jogging track, an ellipsoid can even be used by people with spinal or skeletal diseases, since it reduces the impact load on the joints. In addition, on it, in addition to the lower limbs, hands are also used, which is also a great advantage.

It is necessary to select equipment according to the height of a person and the working distance between the pedals in order to provide the performer with a convenient step. Also it is necessary to take into account that mechanical ellipsoids are noisier, but relatively inexpensive. While magnetic designs are considered the quietest, reliable, and equipped with many additional features.

Home exercise: bike and rowing

Home exercise: bike and rowing

The exercise bike is a great home alternative to traditional cycling. In addition, this exercise is available at any time of day and in any weather. This aerobic exercise especially strengthens the muscles of the lower body and develops the respiratory system.

Its vertical version looks like an ordinary bicycle without wheels. The horizontal is characterized by the presence of the backrest and pedals under the steering wheel, and is often used by people with ailments of the joints and spine. There are also models of transformers that can be transferred from one position to another. As in most simulators, the farther from the mechanical assembly, the higher the price of equipment and the more useful options it has.

Rowing machine allows you to simulate rowing on a boat. Such physical exercises combine aerobic and power loads, due to which fat is actively burned and the relief of the upper part of the body is formed. Rowing improves endurance, provides high-quality stretching of the muscles and excellent coordination. Low noise and soft movements will provide electromagnetic models of the simulator. It is also better to choose equipment with different levels of load, metal mounts and an adjustable shock absorber.

Strength Exercise

What to get to those who want to fashion a strong relief body? They should start with the use of the simplest equipment – a horizontal bar, bars or wall bars, on which you can swing under the weight of your own body. Exercises with different types of weight – barbells, weights, dumbbells, etc., also effectively build up the muscles of the arms, back and chest.

As for more sophisticated equipment, many trainers note the high efficiency of the universal power station, which allows working with several muscle groups of the body at once. Also excellent performance and practicality show bikes and ellipsoids. Thus, they are universal equipment that allows not only to burn excess fat, but also to increase the bulk muscles.

When choosing a fitness machine, you should pay attention to models that have a long warranty (at least 2 years), since this indicates a high quality product. It is also better to know in advance where the nearest service center of this manufacturer is located, in order to prevent possible problems in case of equipment breakdown.

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