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Home fitness: effective exercises for belly and sides

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Because of the bulging belly and sides often complex not only women but also men. This problem is easily solved! Properly organised home workout (if it is not possible to go to the gym) and the balanced daily diet will help you to become closer to the dream of a flat belly!

Fitness for stomach in the shortest time possible to cope with problem areas all through the ten exercises. Popular trainer Gay Gasper has developed a set of exercises, which focuses both on the direct and oblique muscles of the abdomen and the muscles of the back. The load was selected for women 40 years of age and older, for whom drooping belly and flanks – the whole problem. However, this technique is perfect for a person of any gender and age.

Let us consider what measures should be taken to get rid of flabby belly exposed sides, and get a beautiful delicious forms.

Fitness for stomach and sides at home

Feature of the complex is that 10 exercises to do in sequence. Observing it, you will achieve the best result for a minimal period of time. The level of difficulty of the course suitable even for novices, and the technique does not require any special equipment. One only needs to have comfortable sports clothes and a Mat.

Gay Gasper encourages all who train in her technique, add power exercises for belly and sides, with elements of cardio (aerobics, dancing, running), and start a balanced diet.

Through strength training is formed by the press, and sway muscles on the back, but they will be hidden under a layer of fat. Only through a combination of measures can effectively get rid of fat and finally become the owner of the desired shapes!

Remember that warming up is an integral part of the training. It can include leg swings, torso twists, forward bends, back and sides. Without a warm-up to begin to exercise – not the best idea, as it increases the risk to tear ligaments or muscles.

Home fitness: exercise for stomach

The following 10 exercises effectively tighten flabby tummy:

1. Classic twisting

Good work the main abdominal muscles and the waist. The important thing is to observe the twists for best effect.

I. p.: stacked on the floor, bend legs at the knees and put your hands behind your head.

Description: slightly lift the body together with shoulder blades. Press the muscles are tense, the edges try to push in the direction of the priests. Making the twisting, elevated saphicerotica on 2 accounts, exhale and return to I. p. Do the exercise 10 times, then short break and then again to 10 repetitions.

2. Study muscle lower press by lifting legs.

I. p.: stacked on the floor, legs up, bent at the knees at a 90-degree angle.

Description: hand in hand from the trunk, start to lift the ass by a few cm from the floor surface. It is not permissible to change the angle of the legs. Fiksiruesh in this position for a few seconds and return to I. p. Repeat 20 times: first, 10, then rest, then do the rest 10. Make sure that the entire body is pressed to the floor.

3. The first and the second exercise in the complex (the study of the lower and upper abdominals)

Legs up, as it is written in the 2nd exercise. Start with hips and chest to reach out to each other, lifting your shoulder blades and butt off the floor. Do 10 reps, then a break and again 10 times a comprehensive exercises.

4. Lateral twisting

Develop the side muscles. The technique is similar to classical twisting. However, the shoulders need to pull towards the opposite knee. Do 10 times. During the exercise the pelvis tight to the floor.

5. Crunches and lunges

Lie on your back, bend your legs and pull the feet to the pelvis.

When you lift on the blades pull one leg to your chest. Then make it lunge, pressing the blades to the floor. Perform 10 times with each leg.

6. “Bicycle”

Work on the sides.

I. p.: lie on your back, bend your knees and tighten the stomach.

Description: one leg straight and point upward, rising with the blade. Pull the left elbow towards the right knee. Come back in I. p. and repeat with the second side. Perform 10 times with each leg.

7. Walking with leg lifts

Effective exercise for flat tummy.

I. p.: get to the bar, leaning on his elbows. Press to strain.

Description: start in turn raise the legs above the hip. Do 10 times with each leg.

8. Rocking feet.

I. p: lie down on the floor, legs bend at a 90-degree angle and lift up.

Description: enables the muscles of the press, rising on the blades and one toe touching the floor. Come back in I. p. and repeat with the other leg. You need to do two sets of 10 times.

9. Lifting the knees and bend the back

I. p.: get on your knees and lean on elbows.

Description: energized muscles press prirodnimi knees. 2 sets of 10 times.

10. A full turn of the torso

I. p: lie down on the floor. Put feet closer to the pelvis.

Description: up on the blades and start the upper part of the body to do a rotation from one side to the other and Vice versa. Just do 10 times.

The essence of the given complex is a necessity to do everything at a voltage of muscles to the maximum. After finishing all the exercises be sure to take a stretch. Thanks to it the efficiency of the whole set of exercises!

Without twisting we will not see a flat stomach?

The training of Gay Gasper special attention is paid to the twists. Sure technique is correct and safe!

Twisting itself refers to the universal exercises in order to achieve this goal. In the process of its implementation involves all the muscle fibers of the abdominals, which is formed straight and oblique muscle groups. The occupation allows to provide not only the static load (holding the body in one position) but also dynamic (direct execution of twisting). The muscles at the same time reduced, stretch.

Through this exercise, you lead to tone the entire straight muscle of the abdomen, though she is not very homogeneous in structure. In the upper part – strong and thick, and the lower – weak and thin. Also on the psoas muscle fibers. They work as antagonists, that is, acting on the abdominal muscles.

How to do
1. Fixing feet

If you are a horizontal surface and try to catch, for example, for a sofa, or resort to the help of a partner making a big mistake. In this case, the load is transferred to other muscle groups. To correctly use a fixing foot when pumping the press lying on an inclined bench or the treadmill.

2. The divergence of the execution of the twisting breath

Distinctly remember: when you lift the body exhale, when returning to I. p. – breath.

3. Separation of polanicy from the floor

If there is no support under the lower back in the process of twisting, it can lead to loss of the intervertebral discs. Because when you lift the body the maximum press your lower back into the floor. Does not work? Then crunches on a fitball or a roll of towels under the bottom of your salvation.

4. Rescourse execution

Not allowed to help yourself when lifting the swing of the arms or legs. Don’t goes off the floor the shoulder blades? Then do not panic. Just need to feel the stress of the muscle. The important that you strain the muscle fibers, and do not perform twisting jerks.

Tips for shaping the perfect tummy at home

Do not believe your opinion that the exercises with weights accelerate the process of weight loss. These classes strengthen the muscles of the trunk, but subcutaneous fat volume, count, no effect. When using weights, you the volume of the abdomen will not reduce, but rather increase due to building muscle. That’s why classes on waist reduction take place without the use of any weights. Provides work exclusively with their weight.

In order to gain the desired effect, apply an integrated training approach. In other words, combine a diet with constant physical exercise.

Basic rules of proper nutrition

  • Eat small portions 5-6 times a day.
  • Drink a lot of water (per day to 1.5-2 liters).
  • Minimize sugar and salt intake.
  • Try to eat less fried and fatty foods.
  • Conclusion

    Aerobics for belly according to the method of Gay Gasper is a program of 10 exercises. This complex represents the most basic level, to learn that maybe even a person without physical training. It is called “abs for dummies”. In order to start buying any equipment is not necessary, enough only sport Mat. Therefore, to achieve a flat tummy really at home!

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