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Home fitness: benefits and contraindications of exercise “plank”

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Home fitness: benefits and contraindications of exercise “plank”

The contents

  • A useful exercise home fitness workouts
  • Strengthening press
  • Disadvantages of exercise
  • Exercise

Exercise “Planck” is ideal for home fitness workouts. The weights is the weight of your own body. No additional weights, the shells and the simulators are not used. The technique is easy to master on your own — without the help of a coach and insurance partner. However, exercise does not call a simple. Its implementation requires serious physical efforts and strict adherence to technical rules.

A useful exercise home fitness workouts

The bar perform in classes for yoga and Pilates, in the gyms and aerobic sections. This exercise is widely practiced. It looks great and in home fitness training. You can enter in a set of exercises for the abdominal muscles, or a different selection of exercises. Plank strengthens the many muscles at the same time. In this exercise, in varying degrees, use all parts of the body — from neck to shins.

Plank is a handstand and toes of the feet. Muscles are tense statically, when the athlete makes efforts to maintain stable posture. Dynamic movement in the strap are missing. The bar often included in fitness training on the strengthening of the abdominal muscles or back. But it can be done separately from the other exercises: there are several approaches for a total duration of 3-5 minutes. These mini-trainings are held 1-2 times per day.

Strengthening press

Strap makes strain a large number of muscles. How much muscle and to what extent will be involved depends on variations of exercises. Classic strap is horizontal plank on elbows or outstretched arms. If necessary it is complicated by the rise of limbs or dynamic elements. The classic strap is practically not inferior to the popularity of the side bracket. In this variation of the exercise is best worked out oblique abdominal muscles. A side rail can also become more complex with additional elements. There are even inverted (reverse) plank, in which the torso is rotated back to the floor.

All kinds of planks strengthen the abdominal muscles. But unlike the dynamic twists and leg lifts, static level does not increases muscle mass and improves the relief of the press — it makes the abdominal muscles stronger and stronger, and increases their tone. Plank is one of the few exercises in which heavily strained the transverse abdominis. This deeply located muscle is responsible for the reduction of abdominal cavity volume. If the transverse muscle is weakened, the abdominal wall begins to protrude, and is formed ugly bulging belly.

Disadvantages of exercise

Strap has contraindications to performing. It is not practiced in case of intervertebral hernia and problems with wrist joints. However, in the latter case can be used a variation of the plank, with emphasis on the elbows. From the run of the bar should refrain during the recovery period after cesarean section and after other operations on the abdominal organs. If in the recent past was a spine injury, you should perform the bar with great care, constantly monitoring your feelings.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the bar is a difficult exercise. Performing have to keep the body motionless, hovering above the floor in an awkward unstable position. If a person is poorly trained, he manages to hold the strap in just a few seconds. In the muscles may appear small at first, then shivering uncontrollably. This is a natural reaction to static electricity. At first you just need to force yourself to try to hold the bar at least 10 seconds in spite of the weakness and trembling of the muscles. Each time the exercise will get better. Advanced trainees can stand in the bar a few minutes at a time.


Those who first proceeds to development plank, it is better to start with the horizontal posture on straight arms. The sequence of execution:

  • Take the emphasis lying. The brush position under the shoulder joints. Rest on the floor socks. The knees straighten.
  • Make sure that the whole body was stretched straight. The lower back must not SAG. Tighten your abs and buttocks. Pull your abdomen, buttocks not to emphasize.
  • Try to stay in the pose for 30 seconds. Gradually extend your stay in the rack. If you are able to stand in the bar for 2-3 minutes in a row, it can be more difficult ascents of the limbs.

An alternative embodiment of the horizontal plank on the elbows. Is performed in a similar way, only the emphasis is not on the palm, and bent elbows. Elbows are strictly under the shoulder joints. Brush clench into fists. You can position the forearm parallel to or together fists together. Beginners it is better to place the foot on the width of the pelvis is easier.

In the submenu there are two options for performing on a straightened hand and arm. Work order:

  • Get down on the floor, sitting on the right hip. Put your right elbow on the floor, straighten your legs and lift the pelvis. Left hand pull up. Top foot print to the bottom or put one foot to the other.
  • Align the body in one line. Avoid sagging of the pelvis. Press tension.
  • Hold plank for 30 seconds.

The same pattern is performed a side plank with your arm outstretched. After the muscles a little stronger, you can intensify the exercise by lifting legs. Another basic kind of strap is called inverse or inverted. It strengthens the calves, buttocks, shoulders. Execution:

  • Take sitting position on the floor with straight legs. Press your palms into the floor behind you, fingers pointing forward.
  • Lift the pelvis, hovering above the floor in the emphasis on the palm and heel. The maximum level the body.

Some variations of planks will be easier, some harder. It is desirable to apply in training all kinds of straps to the body were studied as maximally diverse. During the run of the bar, it is important to breathe correctly. Exercise does not involve a delay of breath. The breathing should be free, deep and uniform.

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