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Home fitness: basic set of exercises to slim waist

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Home fitness: basic set of exercises to slim waist
The contents

  • Important tips for weight loss
  • Stretching exercises
  • A set of exercises for the sides
  • Shells to enhance the effectiveness of training

There are only a few main reasons why women starts to Deposit excess fat in the waist and abdomen. These include improper nutrition, physical inactivity and hormonal imbalance. And if in the latter case a doctor’s consultation and the appointment of appropriate treatment, in other to cope with the fat on the sides can be independently performing simple bodyweight exercises and using a variety of sporting fixtures.

Important tips for weight loss

Wanting to reduce the amount of excess fat on the sides and stomach, should not only do exercises that directly affect this area, but also care about the total weight of the whole body, changing their habits.

To reduce the overall weight of the body and make the waist slim it is possible, following these guidelines:

  • Try to reduce the overall level of stress and anxiety in your life by changing his attitude to some things and avoiding tense situations. When the body experiences stress, it emits the hormone cortisol, which causes weight gain and complicates weight loss.
  • Completely eliminate consumption of alcoholic beverages and beer, the latter contains phytoestrogen, causing the accumulation of abdominal fat in the abdomen.
  • Do not engage in fasting and not stick to rigid restrictive diet, eat regularly and balanced.
  • Daily drink about two liters of clean water that will support your metabolic processes properly.
  • Keep an active lifestyle, doing long walks, going camping and attending various events.
  • Weight loss some parts of the body, as the body is a unified system and responds to physical activity, respectively. To make the waist sleek and to get rid of excess fat on it, train all the muscles of the body, they provide a full activity, nutrition and recovery.

    Stretching exercises

    Any physical activity, regardless of its complexity and intensity, should commence with a quality workout that is the key to security and good effect of classes. In the warm-up can include the following exercises:

    • a leisurely walk in place for one minute;
    • leg swings to the sides, while the limbs may be straight or bent at the knees, and the movement should be performed slowly;
    • alternate standing on your toes and full stops;
    • circular rotation in all joints of hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder;
    • half and full squats;
    • rotate the housing in a fixed position of the pelvis;
    • of torso on the sides;
    • circular movements of the head and entire body.

    After the warm-up proceed to the immediate implementation of the following set of exercises that will make your waist slender through regular classes. Motivation to fitness a good mood and energetic training spend his rhythmic music.

    A set of exercises for the sides

    The following exercises are fairly simple in execution, but no less effective. Their major advantage is that they can be made at home, and even outside on the Playground. Conducting this exercise at least three times a week, a month later you will notice positive changes in your body.

    A set of exercises for the sides:

    • Strap.

    This exercise has a simple technique, but stay in a static posture for a long time is quite difficult. Therefore, beginners should start with small intervals. Well it is those that will involve not only the muscles of the sides, but also the entire body, providing it with effective weight loss. Take the starting position to the support position, the upper limb can rest on the floor with your palms or forearms. Straining the whole body and holding it on the same line, be in a predetermined position at least half a minute, each time increasing the time by 5-10 seconds.

    • Twisting.

    With the help of this effective exercises you can work on the oblique and straight muscles press. Lie down on a gym Mat, feet on the floor with your hands behind your head. Do short crunches, lifting the torso first right and then touching the elbow to the opposite knee.

    • Bike.

    This exercise pumps lower abs. Lie down on a gym Mat, hands pull along the torso, and the legs lift up vertically. Do feet movement, simulating Cycling.

    • Mill.

    Stand straight with feet apart slightly wider than shoulders. Perform a forward bend, keeping your back straight, and alternately touch the straight arm and the opposite foot.

    • Leg swings.

    Lie on your right side, with one hand back of the head, the second put in front of him. At a moderate pace, follow the top lifts legs to vertical position.

    Shells to enhance the effectiveness of training

    The above set of exercises you can perform at home, because it does not require any additional devices. To ensure that the training was productive, should be connected to the classroom sports equipment, the best of which are:

  • Hula-Hoop — acts directly on the area of waist and stomach, improves blood circulation in the area and gets rid of excess fat.
  • Dumbbells help to increase the intensity of your workouts for weight loss you should choose shells with light weight.
  • Jump rope provides an intense aerobic exercise that helps get rid of excess weight.
  • Gym ball or exercise ball it is possible to perform a large number of exercises for many muscle groups, and the need to balance the load increases.
  • CD “grace” — the shell helps to work the rotational muscles and make the waist thinner.
  • Systematic training with use of sports devices and without them will help to increase your physical activity, to get slim and to get rid of excess fat in problem areas.

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