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Home fitness: an effective set of exercises for the triceps

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Home fitness: an effective set of exercises for the triceps
The contents

  • Varieties of fitness workouts for triceps
  • Pushups with a narrow hand position
  • Reverse push-UPS from support
  • French press of the neck
  • Lifting dumbbells over your head
  • Exercises on the bars
  • Physical exercise with a rubber band

Triceps (triceps brachii) muscles responsible for the beautiful relief of the upper extremities and for the amount of the back of the hands. If you train this area on a regular basis, your hands will acquire an attractive appearance will be athletic, ripped and toned. The success of fitness activities, aimed at elaboration of the triceps brachial muscle, depends on the regularity and proper technique item. It is also important to gradually increase physical activity to a more intensive and qualitative study of the target area.

To the triceps brachii adequately pumped do not have to go to the gym. Beginners can start execution of a sports complex for the triceps at home.

Varieties of fitness workouts for triceps

Physical exercise for developing triceps is not very diverse. However, all exercises in this area can be called a high-intensity. Most of them is push-UPS with different types of props and different setting of the hands. Other elements would require the use of heavy equipment: paired free weights, dumbbells, barbells, and also the vultures of different configurations.

Pushups with a narrow hand position

Affordable and simple exercise to work out the triceps can be called push-UPS. Of great importance to develop specific target zone has a special setting of the brush when it stops.

Take the emphasis lying, as with basic push-UPS, pull torso in a straight line. Outstretched arms pinch together so that the distance between the brushes does not exceed the size of the palm of your hand. Make a smooth inhale and slowly lower the trunk to the lowest point possible. Then return to the starting position straight arm. Do 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions.

Reverse push-UPS from support

To perform the exercises at home, you can use any prop: a chair, a table, a bench or step standard platform for fitness. Stand will support housing will help to support the body weight and will have on the triceps need exercise. If there is a need to intensify the exercise, the support can be put in a very small room.

Turn your back to the selected support, then put your hand to its edge. Bend the torso in the pelvic region so that extended in a straight line leg located in the perpendicular plane relative to the housing. Slowly bend your arms at the elbow joints and push the pelvis down. At the highest point of tension hold for 5-7 seconds, then return to their initial position. Once at the bottom, slowly move to the original position. Perform 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions.

French press of the neck

Another highly effective exercise for the triceps at home requires the use of a rod or neck. Fitness training is held on a horizontal support. Instead of sports benches can be used and connected chairs or any other sturdy support that can withstand weight.

Settle into the support back, straighten and relax your spine. Take the upper grip the neck of the projectile at the level of the elbow. Follow a deep breath, slowly move your palms behind your head. Avoid vibrations of the housing and bends in the lumbar. On the exhale maximally straighten your arms. At the peak of the exercise, the hands position over the Central sternum. Do 5 sets of 7 lifts.

Lifting dumbbells over your head

Physical exercises for triceps at home can be performed with paired shells: with kettlebells or dumbbells. Depending on the required intensity, can do the exercises standing, sitting, with one hand or both hands simultaneously.

Sit on a chair or other firm surface. Feet spread to the sides, run a small deflection in the lumbar spine to maintain balance. Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell (one arm or two), stretch your arms so that the projectile is located above the head. On the inhale lower the shell with bent at the elbow in the back of my neck. Hold the pose for 5-7 seconds. On the exhale, straighten your arms and return the weight to the starting position.

Standing exercise is performed the same way as sitting, with one difference: in a standing position, you cannot perform the deflection in the belt. The back must remain flat in order to exercise properly distributed on the shoulder area and the area of the triceps muscles.

Exercises on the bars

This exercise is widely popular among athletes due to the effective study of breast area. However, the exact observance of a special technique gives you a chance to shift the physical load on the muscle area triceps shoulders. To involve the triceps, you will need to carefully hold the housing body in a plane perpendicular to the floor. During fitness training it is impossible to round the spine to change the angle and make a deflection in the lumbar spine.

Get a hold of the crossbar of the bars. Lower and raise the torso, Contracting the muscles of the shoulder girdle. At the highest point of tension hold for 5-10 seconds, then lower the body back in the original position. To the main load falls on the triceps, the body does not need lowered deeply, otherwise the focus will shift from the triceps to the chest muscles.

Physical exercise with a rubber band

To the group of the perfect exercises for developing the triceps include fitness training with elastic athletic tape.

Make a loop on the end of the tape. Lock on a suitable vertical surface in the region of the shoulder girdle. You grab one end of the shell with both hands. In measured pace bend your arms at the elbow joints, move the palm of your hand with the captured end in the direction of the hips. During exercises it tense the shoulder muscles and not the joints of the hands.

If the level of physical activity significantly small, it may be increased. This will need to move 2-3 steps backwards from the surface on which is fixed a rubber band. Thus, increased tension level, and the intensity of exercise several times will increase.

To achieve significant results in the elaboration of the triceps is possible even in conditions of home fitness. You only need to make an individual complex of exercises, to distribute the fiznagruzki and not to forget its periodic extensions.

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