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Home fitness: a universal set of exercises

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Home fitness: a universal set of exercises
The contents

  • A set of exercises at home
  • Exercises on press
  • Training for fat burning
  • Exercises for the legs
  • Exercises for hands

The best way of figure correction, weight loss and maintaining youthful body is a physical education and sport plus proper nutrition. Daily physical exercises are the Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. They help maintain muscle tone, strengthen joints and ligaments, stimulate the internal organs, improve emotional state.

A set of exercises at home

Lovers of physical education are most often used for training exercises for the entire body. What is it good for?

  • Helps to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, i.e., to make the figure beautiful and slim. Even the presence of 5-10 pounds overweight has a negative impact on the appearance of the human body and its health. And severe obesity causes visceral fat will put pressure on the internal organs, interfering with their normal operation. Exercises for legs, arms and muscle groups of the trunk provide an opportunity to intensify the process of burning fat to compensate for energy sports that will have a positive impact on the state of the whole organism.
  • Makes the figure aesthetic. People constantly engage in exercises, always visually appealing, toned and energetic. They often motivate others to follow their example.
  • Suitable for all age groups, regardless of gender, age and initial physical training.
  • The following is a set of exercises for men and women that you can use at home. Exercises are combined in any way and, if desired, diluted with other elements of fitness. You can train with their own weight or buy weights to improve performance.

    Exercises on press

    The abdominal muscles keep the internal organs healthy, and involved in the regulation of pressure in the abdominal cavity. Their condition directly affects human health. In addition, a beautiful belly — it is a press without fat, in good shape. To work out the abdominal muscles in several ways:

    • Stand on the chair.

    Needs to sit on a stool, a bench or a chair without back and holding the edge of the furniture with both hands to pull the legs forward. Then rise to his hands, severing from the chair the buttocks. Pausing in this position for as long as possible, sink to the chair. Pause 30-60 seconds and repeat the exercise.

    • The twist of the “reverse butterfly”.

    This element of fitness refers to the basic exercises entry level and great for beginners. To do that, you need to lie on the floor and bending your knees, pull the feet to the pelvic joints. Then knees are placed on the floor, turning to the right. His left hand slid behind his head. Next, begin to twist the body to the left so that floor looked only the head and scapula. Reaching the maximum possible amplitude, pause 1-2 seconds and return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times and change the position of the body.

    • The “owner”.

    Another simple and effective abdominal exercises that you can do daily. The technique of execution is this: sit on the floor and bend your knees. Then lie back, placing hands along the body. Pushing his palms into the floor, lift the shoulders and begin to bend and straighten legs, keeping them at a distance of 5-10 inches from the floor.

    Training for fat burning

    The complex of exercises for the entire body must be elements that stimulate the process of burning fat. At home it is recommended to perform these exercises:

    • Lifts arms and legs.

    Perform: kneel down, and have thighs and arms perpendicular to the floor. Then pull the right hand in front of him and took his left leg behind his back. Pauses for 5-10 seconds and return to starting position. Then change arm and leg and repeat the exercise.

    • Strap.

    Take the same position as when you push up from the floor. The arms are straight. Are in a static condition 30 to 60 seconds and falls to the floor. Repeat the exercise. To increase load you can, if you lift the arm or leg above the floor.

    • Running on the spot.

    This is one of the most simple but effective exercises that help reduce weight. Need to run with a high knee for at least 5 minutes. To increase energy you can pick up a dumbbell. It is recommended to combine Jogging in place with strength exercises.

    Do not forget during exercise to drink water in small portions. Water is essential to maintain the body’s acid-alkaline balance and normalize the biochemical processes in muscles and organs.

    Exercises for the legs

    Beautiful figure is harmoniously developed body. And there is no leg exercises not to do. Shake them this way:

    • Squats with a twist.

    Stand up straight. Keep your hands in front of you and spread the legs shoulder-width apart. Now bend your knees and turn to the right side of his whole body. Straighten up. Repeat exercise in other party. Be careful to work only the upper part of the body.

    • Power squats.

    This exercise for feet is among the basic. To make it simple enough, however, even working with its own weight, the leg muscles get more load. The technique of performing sit-UPS is the following: with your feet shoulder width apart, do a squat. The thigh should get parallel to the floor. Then climb back up. In this exercise, it is important not to tilt back, holding her in an upright position.

    • The jumping rope.

    Catching up with the jump rope, you can give your calf muscles a nice shape. The jumps burn a lot of calories and promote weight loss.

    Leg exercises with weights (dumbbells, barbells, and other weights) promote the active release of blood hormones responsible for muscle growth. Therefore, these lessons will be useful throughout the body.

    Exercises for hands

    Human hands always in sight. Therefore, their form and condition should be given special attention. To make the hands look beautiful will help the following exercises:

    • Push-UPS on the fitball.

    To pump hands this way, you need to lie on a fitball (exercise ball) abdomen, slightly forward, uperevshis hands on the floor. Then begin to bend and unbend hands, pausing in the bottom position for 1-2 seconds.

    • Pushups on the chair.

    For this exercise you must stand with your back to the chair, sit down and grab the edges with your hands. Then you need to stretch your legs forward, leaving a straight back. In this position, perform pushups from a chair, working with his hands.

    • Work on the biceps.

    For this you will need to pick up dumbbells and, keeping the static position of the elbows to raise and lower the forearm.

    These exercises will make your hands beautiful and strong just a couple of months. Additionally, you can use pullups on the horizontal bar, pushups, and other basic elements of strength training.

    Finish your workout stretching is recommended, which will remove tension from the muscles and eliminate pain.

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