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Home fitness: a range of effective exercises for beginners

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Home fitness: a range of effective exercises for beginners
The contents

  • The types of home fitness for effective weight loss
  • Requirements to conduct fitness workouts at home
  • A set of useful exercises for home training

Regular exercise of moderate intensity is an effective option to maintain good health and optimum physical shape. Not everyone wants to do fitness finds time and money for the gym. But this is not a problem as there are many sets of exercises that are suitable for practicing at home.

Choosing the right program of fitness training has a tonic and healing effect, promotes weight loss and strengthening of muscle corset. Fitness classes have a positive effect on the condition of the internal organs and vital systems and improve the appearance of the body: tighten the buttocks, arms, thighs, strengthen the press, strengthen the shoulder case.

The types of home fitness for effective weight loss

The modern fitness industry offers a variety of programs and techniques, different focus and level of training of the performers. For exercising at home will fit the following types of activity:

  • Aerobics.

Intensive training to rhythmic music, to lose those extra pounds, strengthening muscle fibers and the normalization of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

  • Pilates.

A kind of symbiosis of stretching and yoga, aimed at strengthening all muscle groups, increase joint mobility, normalization of functioning of internal organs, increased flexibility and endurance of the body. The program has several levels of difficulty, suitable for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals.

  • The body Flex.

The complex of gymnastic exercises that are performed using specially developed breathing techniques.

  • Stretching.

Program for safe stretching of the muscles and articular-ligamentous apparatus and deep study. Very effective for stretching the spine. The complex is a preventative measure to prevent malfunction of musculoskeletal system.

  • Zumba.

Dance fitness, passing under the fiery Latin music. Classes belong to a high-intensity aerobic exercise and ideal for weight loss, increase flexibility and give the figure the desired parameters.

  • Tybo.

Intense, high energy training, which is a combination of aerobics and specific movements of martial arts.

From physical fitness, frequency of exercise, intensity and saturation will depend on the outcome. To lose weight, for example, is influenced by the individual characteristics of the person: age, metabolic processes, a way of life.

To keep the body in optimal shape in addition to fitness, you need to balance your own diet. It should include foods rich in protein, fiber and beneficial vitamin-mineral complex.

One-third of the diet should be given fresh vegetables and fruit. For getting rid of excess fat, you should minimize the intake of fats and fast carbs.

Requirements to conduct fitness workouts at home

So that your workouts bring your body a favor, you need to follow some rules:

  • The limited duration of employment: from 40 minutes to an hour. During this time you can accurately work out the muscle fibers without fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Consistency: 2-4 times a week. Only systematic integrated studies can give a positive result. Single exercises performed several times a month, you will not have any effect.
  • Mandatory rest between training sets. Muscles need time to recover after exertion.
  • Daily morning exercise: it triggers the functioning of the vital organs and systems of the body, supports the body in tone, gives a boost of energy for the whole day, improves mood.
  • Schedule your workouts a month in advance and strict adherence to it.
  • The combination of the generic (aimed at strengthening the muscular system in General) and isolated (focused on strengthening specific muscle) exercises will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the training.
  • Recruitment exercises in accordance with the purposes of training.
  • Motivational work: it is necessary to stimulate yourself not to miss a workout and do the exercises with full dedication.
  • Any exercise should begin with warm-up block, and end with stretching exercises and muscle relaxation. To do advisable in a good mood, with an optimistic attitude, have to be focused on results.

    A set of useful exercises for home training

    Full fitness-workout at home — an affordable alternative to training in the gym. For high-quality training at home you need to acquire simple equipment: a fitness Mat, small free weights, jump rope, chest expander. To the basic elements necessary for an effective home workout are:

    • Push-UPS.

    Traditional element necessary for the development of the shoulder girdle, chest and biceps.

    • Squats.

    The classic exercise for development of muscular fibres of the thighs, buttocks and calves. Runs from the rack with the location of the feet on width of shoulders. The body should be tilted slightly forward. Lower your pelvis to produce education between the drumstick and the thigh angle. The program can be complemented with deep squats and squats with weights.

    • Twisting.

    Effective exercises for strengthening abdominal muscles, provoking a visible weight loss in the region of the sides and belly.

    There is a wide variety of techniques for twisting. For the study of the rectus do intense sit-UPS to bent knees. To strengthen the oblique muscles alternately drive the elbow of one hand to the opposite knee. For complex works all the muscles of the peritoneum follow the V-shaped twisting.

    In the technique, it is important to monitor the position of the waist: it should be tightly pressed to the floor. This will save the Department from excessive strain. And all the movements are executed by the operation of muscle fibers in the press.

    • Attacks.

    For the revitalization of the lower body the necessary forward and backward lunges. To enhance the effect can be performed with weights or by using hills.

    • The bridge, with emphasis on the shoulders.

    The fitness element is aimed at the elaboration of the thighs and glutes. From the horizontal position, bend the knees. Hands placed along the body palms down. Exercise lifts the pelvis with emphasis on the shoulders and scapula. Buttocks and lower back fully off the ground. Do 15-20 repetitions. With proper execution element the rear surface of the thighs and buttocks should feel tension and a slight burning sensation.

    • Abduction legs back.

    Exercise is perfect for strengthening the muscles in the lower part of the body. You need to get on all fours and take turns to take the bent leg back and up. During exercise, it is necessary to pull socks on itself.

    • The jumping rope.

    Familiar to all from childhood, jumping rope will help to tighten the body and lose excess volumes. This fitness element will make the necessary cardio workout.

    The whole complex is to perform better in circular mode, 3-4 sets of each element. A selection of movements may be supplemented by other exercises or complicated modifications. It is important to listen to the sensations of your own body and give it the required dose load to avoid injury and fatigue.

    Only regular exercise combined with proper nutrition will allow you to achieve an attractive shape and embossed body.

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