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Home exercises for women for figure correction

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Home exercises for women for figure correction

Home exercises for women differ in purpose (weight loss, muscle training, strengthening of the body), the type of load (strength, cardio) and the complexity of implementation. But if you want to reset for the month 4-5 kg weight loss and a little to correct the figure, it is not necessary to puzzle over drafting a set of exercises. You can take the simplest of them, because the simplicity does not mean inefficiency. If you combine home fitness and proper nutrition, then after a few months the figure will change for the better.

How to train and what to eat?

For training enough to devote 15 minutes a day. To speed up the progress, you can increase the duration to half an hour, and even better – to break it down into 2 sessions: morning and evening. Training you should complete at least 2 hours before bedtime. You can perform exercises at home for women, especially those with small children, this is especially important. Purchases will have the easiest sports equipment: jump rope, hula-Hoop, dumbbells, fitness Mat.

Exercises for women at home will not give the desired effect without proper nutrition. When losing weight the body must receive less calories than he expends. If the daily fill at the dinner table spent in training calories, about weight loss can be forgotten.

In the diet losing weight athletes not place pastries and sweets, white bread and sweet carbonated drinks. Will have to abandon the use of smoked meats, alcohol and strong tea. About half of the diet should be vegetables and fruits. The best option Breakfast – oatmeal or buckwheat porridge. During one of the snacks need to be sure to eat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese or drink a glass of yogurt. The meal should be not later than 1-1,5 hours before training.

Losing weight in 15 minutes

  • Training begins with a three-minute warm-up. Perform turns to the side (10 reps), lean forward (5 repetitions) and backwards (repeated 3 times).
  • To strengthen the arms, shoulders and chest is removed 2 minutes. Doing pushups (5 reps) and wall (10 repetitions).
  • For training abdominal muscles using a hula Hoop (twist 2 minutes) and complete retraction of the abdomen with breath – repeat 20 times for 3 minutes.
  • To make thighs and buttocks firmer produce leg swings standing on all fours, Crouch, and perform lunges forward. For each exercise assign for 1 minute.
  • At the end of the training to jump rope. Perform jumps on his toes and landing on the whole foot – 1 minute. Women over the age of 50 to exercise with the jumping must be approached with caution.

    Strength exercises

    At home you can also use the complex of power exercises with dumbbells. It helps to adjust the chest, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

  • Lying on back, big arms with dumbbells in hand, but not touching the floor. Pauses 2-3 seconds and bring the hands to the chest. Repeat 10 times.
  • The second exercise is a variation of the first. In the supine position raise your hands with dumbbells and slowly throw them to the side. Lower hands to the floor, but not touch it. Raise your hands. Repeat 10 times.
  • Holding dumbbells at hip level, perform squats. Doing 12 repetitions.
  • Take up the dumbbell. Be exactly, with your hands down at your sides. Feet put shoulder-width apart. Do a lunge with one foot to the side. Simultaneously straighten and raise to chest level the hand. Beginners perform 5 repetitions for each side, to further increase their number to 10.
  • Crunches, bringing to an abdomen arms with dumbbells. Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions. Exercise can be difficult, if the body to lift his legs, pulling them to the stomach.
  • When you are finished, you need to lie down for 5 minutes to catch my breath and relaxing muscles.

    Exercise for weight loss – just 15 minutes a day!

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