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Home exercises for beautiful buttocks

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Home exercises for beautiful buttocks

Exercises for gluteal muscles are very popular among women. This is not surprising, because the beauty of the buttocks is an integral component of attractive feminine appearance. In addition to fitness and nothing will make the buttocks toned, round and firm. Cosmetics, food additives and even diets can’t handle.

To work the gluteal muscles better at the gym, where there is special equipment and shells. But in the home to pump the beautiful buttocks is possible. A set of exercises for the development of this part of the body remains unchanged, despite the emergence of new training schemes, programs and techniques. To get elastic and tight buttocks, you need to do squats, lunges, swings and bridges.

Fitness butt workout with squats

Squats in all their variations are key exercises for developing the gluteal muscles. As well as General fitness, success from doing squats is the observance of proper technique. But when you work at home you need not only to carefully do the exercises and regularly engage in such training should include as many repetitions and approaches. This is the only way to increase the load on the muscles, if you work without weights.

Squats are performed from a standing position: feet slightly wider than shoulder width, arms stretched forward, back straight. The wider spaced legs and made deeper the squat, the more effective are being developed gluteal muscles. During squats, the pelvis moves down and back up until hips are parallel to the floor surface. Back try not to hump, your head forward and don’t bend at the waist do not bend. In the squat (at the bottom) the knee must not protrude beyond the toe, and it is desirable that the legs were bent at the knees at a 90 degree angle. Should be in the process straining it gluteal muscles rather than the hip. Return to the starting position, focusing on the heels.

Simultaneously with the buttocks can pump the inner part of the thigh, if you perform the squats with a broad statement of the feet. They are called the ballet term “plié”. In the starting position the legs are arranged well, and the socks maximum turn out. If while achieving the strongest muscle strain three times to move up and down springing movements, you can increase the load on the muscles.

Download hip and gluteal muscles: lunges

Lunges – a mandatory exercise for those who want to have beautiful thighs and buttocks. Due to the variability of this exercise you can vary the load on different muscles of the legs. Here, as with squats, it is important to do a lot of repetition – at least 20 times on each leg (4 sets). In the process to make sure that the knee of the bent legs do not protrude beyond the toe.

A classic of the attacks involves a wide step forward with the squat on the working leg – she should bend the knee at a right angle. Then return to starting position and change leg. The reverse lunges step make ago, trying to put a foot so far that her lower leg was parallel to the floor. Do side lunges to the side, and to perform a Bulgarian rear foot placed on a high stand and sit back on your front leg, bending it at a right angle.

Exercises for beauty buttocks – walking and bridge

The gluteal bridge necessary for a quality study of the big gluteal muscle. For exercise take the lying position on the floor, feet are on width of shoulders, hands lie along the body, legs bent. The pelvis and hips off from the floor, lift, linger at the top for a couple seconds and return to starting position. Try not to use your back, bend only the hips and buttocks. For greater complexity and a better study of the thigh muscles of the feet can be put on an elevation with a height of about 30 cm, and when reaching the top, bring your feet together.

Walking on the buttocks is performed sitting on the floor. The legs are kept straight. Alternately lifting the hips “walking” forward. Perform 20-25 steps each leg, move on to walking in the opposite direction. This walk is useful not only for the beauty of the buttocks, but for the health of the pelvic organs.

Home exercises for buttocks

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