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Home exercises for all muscle groups: fitness for men

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Home exercises for all muscle groups: fitness for men

The contents

  • The fitness exercises that strengthen the respiratory system
  • Fitness classes for fitness of the body
  • Hitch, nutrition and recovery between workouts

A toned male body attracts a woman at the level of the natural instincts: she subconsciously evaluates his ability to protective and extractive functions. Men’s health is an important component of its appearance. Regular fitness classes, self-care and avoiding harmful habits have a positive impact on the male body, making it stronger, hardier and more attractive. Unfortunately, not every man can afford daily sessions in the gym, but simple regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can significantly transform the shape.

The fitness exercises that strengthen the respiratory system

An important system in the human body is breathing. It ensures the very existence of man, filling his body with life. Current conditions adversely affect the respiratory system, so it is important to carry out various enhancing and supporting the respiratory system exercise. The most effective fitness exercise that support the respiratory system, is running. In great cities for Jogging it is better to choose early morning or late evening, when the stream of cars decreases, and the air becomes more pure (a great option — the stadium or Park near home). Beginners to fitness should start with 15-minute jog, gradually increasing the exercise time to 30 minutes.

If you run around outside is not possible, then the solution will be running in place. At home do it barefoot. In Eastern thought, the soles of our feet is the place of concentration of many energy points. Walking barefoot stimulates and improves the function of internal organs and systems. Duration of running in place also must be at least 15 minutes.

In addition to running as a stimulating exercise for breathing use jumping rope. They not only strengthen the heart muscle, but also a positive effect on the muscles of the legs. Also exercises with a rope well burn fat stores, making the figure taut and athletic. At the end of the cardio immediately to stop, as it is necessary to normalize breathing. For this purpose you can leisurely stroll around the apartment or the street until then, until the restoration of heart rhythm.

Fitness classes for fitness of the body

Every fitness training begin with warm-up. It prepares the body for subsequent work, warms up the body, ligaments and joints. As a warm-up exercises use elements of joint exercises that will help to prepare and protect them during training. Warm-up is performed from a standing position, with straight back and caught up the abdominal muscles. Movement starts with rotation of the neck, gradually descending down to and including the wrists, hands, hips, legs. To stretch your knee joints slightly bent legs, put your palms on your knees, and gently make circular movements with the legs.

After completing the warm-up exercise, proceed to the main occupation. It includes three types of exercises:

  • to work the back, chest, and hands;
  • at the press;
  • at the elaboration of muscles of the legs.

For enhanced workout pectoral and dorsal muscles, and hands, perform classic pushups. They require no special equipment, all work is done under the weight of his own body. Work gradually: first movement do with open palms, then move to pushups on your fists by placing them under a rug. When they start easy, move on to push-UPS on the bare floor. Replays do to a complete loss of power.

As fitness classes, which includes work the abdominal muscles, use twisting. Lying on the Mat, legs bent at the knees, and rests the feet on the floor. Palm interlock at the nape. On the exhale, tear off shoulders from a floor and stretch the legs. An important point in the progress of this fitness exercise is held tightly back. If it is off the floor, the work includes the muscles of the back and hips, taking the pressure off of the abdomen. Just doing three sets. The number of repetitions to the maximum possible, how much will strength of the body.

The exercises develop the muscles of the upper body, but to maintain the proportions of the figure should be included in the work and the lower part. For the effective study of feet at home using squats. The movements performed slowly, keeping the spine straight and keeping the sight in front of him. Hands placed on the waist or interlock at the nape. It is important to observe: the movement should be smooth, without jerks or blockages to the side.

The proposed exercises help to load and work large muscle groups of the body, strengthening them and leading tone. They are sufficient to keep the body in good shape, and in combination with a healthy lifestyle help to eliminate excess weight and unattractive body fat.

Hitch, nutrition and recovery between workouts

After the basic training necessary to perform the hitch and exercises to restore breathing. This mini-complex necessary for a peaceful return the body to normal, removing them from the training stress.

Hitch after strength training can include walking, stretching, elements of yoga and more. For its implementation it is necessary to spend only 5-10 minutes.

For a speedy post-workout recovery often resort to water procedures, contrast shower not only helps the body to recover faster, but also help to burn excess calories.

In addition to the fitness at home you need to pay attention to food. Proper nutrition is one of the inalienable components of a healthy lifestyle. As a basis we can take the so-called diets for men and to adjust individually to your body. Particularly useful are the various cereals with proper cooking.

To keep the body in good shape enough to do fitness at least 2-3 times a week, but don’t overdo it. After all, it could have a negative impact on health.

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