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Home exercise for men: features and exercises

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Home exercise for men: features and exercises

The contents

  • Home training: the pros and cons of self-study
  • Goals of home training
  • What to prepare for productive sessions
  • Warm-up
  • Core exercises for men workout
  • How to make home practice more productive
  • The power bar for increasing muscle mass
  • Exercise for weight loss
  • Contraindications to self-employment at home

Heavy workload and chronic lack of time often make use of gym is unreal. In such a situation the best way to become exercising at home. They do not require large amounts of equipment and extensive free space. So men of different ages and levels of training choose a home training to strengthen muscles, lose weight or improve endurance. The main thing — to define the objectives, to choose the exercises and find little time for regular training.

Home training: the pros and cons of self-study

Study at home have many advantages:

  • no need to waste time on the way to the gym and back;
  • you can study at any convenient time;
  • there is no queue to simulators and in the shower;
  • you can train to your favorite music.

Have home workouts and minuses:

  • there are weight limits: it is impossible to deal with big weights without a safety net;
  • there is no coach who can correct technique of the exercises;
  • sometimes it’s hard to force yourself to deal with the necessary regularity;
  • home is the distractions that may hinder effective training.

Goals of home training

To compose an effective training program, it is necessary to accurately define our goals. So, doing your home, you can solve a variety of tasks:

  • getting rid of excess weight;
  • muscle building;
  • study of individual zones, press, back, arms, legs, buttocks or chest;
  • increase endurance, flexibility or coordination;
  • improve overall muscle tone;
  • recovery of the organism.

What to prepare for productive sessions

The choice of equipment depends on the final results of training. A versatile set that can be used for men’s home training looks like this:

  • dumbbells (preferably patterned);
  • weights;
  • rod;
  • tents of different sizes with adjustable resistance;
  • the disk health;
  • fitness ball;
  • Mat;
  • bench.

You should train in comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. It is also necessary to prepare in advance a bottle of water and a towel.


How training begins, depends largely on its effectiveness. Good warm up joints and muscles before the main workout, you can avoid pain and injury.

As a warm-up suit walking on a treadmill, jumping rope, moderate Jogging in place, rotation in the joints.

Before strength training, you can perform the exercise from the basic block of the program, only without the participation weights.

Core exercises for men workout

Mens training should include elements on developing all muscle groups.


  • squats;
  • lunges without weights or with dumbbells;
  • dead lift;
  • lifting on socks.


  • deadlifts;
  • hyperextension on the floor;
  • deadlifts barbell or dumbbells standing in the slope;
  • pullover.


  • a variety of pushups;
  • dumbbell bench press lying;
  • breeding dumbbells lying.

Abdominal muscles:

  • twisting;
  • plank of all kinds.

Shoulder girdle:

  • dumbbell bench press sitting;
  • breeding of dumbbells in the slope sitting or standing.

The muscles of the arms:

  • bending of hands on a biceps standing;
  • straightening hands on the triceps;
  • reverse push-UPS;
  • bench press narrow grip.

These simple exercises can become the basis for training. Subsequently, in order to make the training more interesting, you can add load: use other equipment to increase the number of repetitions, introduce a new sports items or complicate’re already familiar with the basic options.

How to make home practice more productive

Training will be much more effective if you do not deviate from a few simple rules.

  • It is important to observe the required number of repetitions. For the development of endurance or weight loss new player needs to carry items in 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps with light weight. To build muscle and increase strength will allow a medium or large operating weight, used with a lower (6-8) reps.
  • Those who first begin to workout, choose 1-2 exercises for each muscle group. After a month of lessons, you can Supplement training with new elements.
  • Home workouts require discipline. To see the result, you need to practice regularly. Outside of the gym to motivate yourself to work hard is quite difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to build the program so that the classes were fun and motivated to succeed.
  • To avoid injury, you must pay enough attention to stretching and warm-up. Also, since no one at home to accompany, work with large weights should be moved into the hall.
  • Beginners before you train at home, you should consult with a specialist. The coach will help to determine the level of training, give advice on the selection of exercises and monitor the correctness of their implementation.
  • The power bar for increasing muscle mass

    Before performing the basic exercises you need to do joint exercises — 10 circular motions in both directions in the shoulders, elbows, hip joints, knees and ankles, to hold the rotation body.

    Power fitness workout involves several major exercises. Each of them, except the last, is performed in 3 sets of 6-8 reps:

    • squat with dumbbells at shoulder height;
    • forward bends with dumbbells at shoulder height;
    • bench press bar or dumbbells lying;
    • thrust dumbbells to his belt in the slope;
    • dumbbell bench press sitting;
    • arms bending neutral grip standing;
    • French press or straightening your arms at the triceps;
    • twisting lying on the floor — 3 sets of 30 times.

    All exercises should be performed slowly, feeling the good muscle tension. Working weight should choose above average. Before the main approaches recommended to do warm-up unit with low weight.

    At the end of your workout you need to breath and do stretching exercises.

    Exercise for weight loss

    Training for weight loss can be built on the same exercises that are used in power program. Feature of the workout is the greater the number of repetitions (12-15) at low operating weight. This helps to increase the intensity of exercises, to accelerate the heart rate and blood flow, which in turn starts the process of breakdown of fat reserves.

    Contraindications to self-employment at home

    Homemade strength training, like any physical activity, have a number of contraindications. We recommend caution and to exclude some of the exercises in the following health problems:

    • the flu, of SARS;
    • high blood pressure;
    • hernia and protrusion of intervertebral discs;
    • varicose veins;
    • bronchial asthma and other diseases of the respiratory organs;
    • diabetes.

    The presence of these diseases does not require the complete rejection of physical exertion. Just need to consult with a doctor and make for a more gentle exercise program.

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