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Hollywood smile: how to whiten teeth at home

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I’m sorry, honey, but a dentist you still can not be avoided. The doctor needs to see your teeth, gums, condition of enamel and to warn you about all possible adverse effects of home bleaching.


Kappa are similar to those that boxers wear during the ring. They are transparent and are made of soft hypoallergenic plastic. Option two: order a mouthguard dentist, orthodontist, making an impression with their teeth, or buy in a drugstore ready. The difference is huge: the first created just under your bite will fit snugly to the teeth. Second, respectively, will snugly worse, and that means bleach will be less effective. Mouthguard filled with a special gel, which bleaches — hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Wearing the mouthguard can be an hour or several hours — depending on the sensitivity and condition of the enamel. The first result will be visible in a couple of weeks. Disadvantage of this method: the destruction of enamel, hypersensitivity of teeth and gums. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, choose a gel with a peroxide content of not more than 3%.

Adhesive strips

The special adhesive on the teeth whitening strips came to us from the United States. Their biggest plus is the ease of use and relatively high efficiency. The entire procedure takes 30 minutes: you put the strip on the teeth and quietly go about their business. The whole course of bleaching can last from two weeks to a month. The action of the strips based on all the same peroxide gels: getting the teeth, the substances penetrate into the deeper layers of dental tissues on the mineral matrix and destroy organic pigments, splitting them to water and carbon dioxide. The biggest disadvantage of stripes is unreliable fixation on the teeth, which can lead to uneven whitening of the enamel. Important: the strips can only be used on perfectly healthy teeth. Well, of course, increased sensitivity of your teeth and gums after using the strips — guarantee.

Whitening pencil

The teeth whitening pen looks like a marker, pen or stick. The advantage of pencil is more gentle on tooth enamel. The main active ingredient is our favorite peroxide, albeit in a weaker concentration. The gel is applied to dry teeth and leave for a while to dry. Brush your teeth may be only a few hours after the procedure. The whole set of procedures is designed for 7-14 methods (permissible to apply the gel twice a day — morning and evening), and the interval between courses should be at least two months. The procedure has all the same disadvantages: can only be performed on healthy teeth, it is not surprising hypersensitivity after. Another point: it is important to apply the pencil on the entire surface of the teeth, including the gaps to get uniform color.

Whitening gels

The whitening gel acts on the tooth enamel due to the content of hydrogen peroxide. Entering into a chemical reaction of oxidation of the organic component of enamel, the peroxide causes it to lighten. Just do not use to lighten the teeth with conventional peroxide — it can cause great harm to the enamel. In gels for whitening contain additional components that protect from aggressive influence of the active substance, so that they can be used even for sensitive teeth. The gel is applied with a special brush or a regular toothbrush during brushing. Despite all the advantages and more gentle composition, the gel also has shortcomings. Careless application or leakage of the gel there is a risk of occurrence of irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. In any case, don’t swallow the gel, so as not to burn the mucous membrane of the pharynx and esophagus.

Whitening toothpastes

If you believe the advertising, the easiest way to whiten teeth and become the owner of a Hollywood smile is to use whitening toothpaste. Often, however, is a myth. One should not miss the first available in the store toothpaste labeled “whitening”. Most likely, those pasta — chalk and soda, which do not whiten enamel, but only remove the plaque. Besides the constant use of such toothpastes can cause sensitive teeth. Quite another thing — professional toothpastes on the basis of the chemical agents. They gently break down the protein structure of plaque without damaging enamel. These pastes are not recommended for use more than a month. It is best to alternate them with a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

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