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Hitch after training loads and exercises

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Hitch after training loads and exercises
The contents

  • The end of fitness workout
  • The need for a hitch
  • Exercises for a hitch
  • Hitch for effective stretching of the muscles

Sport is one of the main components of living a healthy person. Exercises help to strengthen the immune system, keep the body toned, increase endurance and overall athletic performance. However, not all people, especially newcomers, know what fitness training should be able to complete correctly. The one workout for a full-fledged sports little: after comprehensive training you should run a short hitch.

Hitch is done for relaxation and stretching of the muscles, eliminating injuries and increasing performance. The hitch also helps the body start the recovery process and to remove the excess voltage after a series of physical activity.

The end of fitness workout

How to finish the training? The hitch usually includes a complex of simple exercises, occupying no more than 10-15 minutes.

Good physical exercise for the final hitch — low-intensity running on a treadmill or outdoors, as well as isolated sports items to stretch muscles, tendons, ligaments.

Stretching muscles helps to relax the soft tissues, improves blood and lymph circulation, making oxygen more actively nourishes the cells.

That hitch has been a success and benefited, you must follow the following rules:

  • Do not allow dehydration.

During fitness training it is necessary to drink a lot, restoring the water balance. The liquid helps to reduce pain after strenuous exercise, and increases the elasticity, strength and elasticity of muscles.

  • Eat protein foods immediately after class.

It is believed that the earlier you make a snack after the training, the better. Because protein is the main building block of muscle, it is within 90 minutes after the last exercise he will actively work toward the recovery of the body. Ideal for a healthy snack — cottage cheese, egg whites, eggs, a special protein shake.

  • Don’t forget about the massage.

Stretching muscles is a pretty energy-intensive activity, so after a workout, muscles also need quality rest. Massage is the best procedure to relax the body, restore, normalize blood flow and reduce swelling in the extremities.

The need for a hitch

Any fitness exercise is a powerful stress for the muscles and the whole body, so recovery is a mandatory part of the sports process.

You can’t just finish training with the latest exercise. All because a sudden stop in physical activity can lead to different consequences: the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness, high blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, nausea, heaviness in the limbs. Hitch is a slow transition from activity to relaxation. That is why this step is very important.

The best cardio exercise to complete the workout will be a gradual slow steps, walking in place raising the knees or walking on the treadmill at a moderate pace. To complete the exercise will also help dynamic stretching (slow asanas yoga positions Pilates or callanetics).

If fitness training was very intense, the hitch will not remove all the tiredness. However, it will prevent severe discomfort, tension and pain in soft tissues.

Exercises for a hitch

In the sports complex for the full hitch includes a large number of loadings with varying degrees of intensity. The last exercise in the list aminochrome complex should be static load with uniform stress distribution throughout the muscle.

The most effective and useful are the following exercises:

  • Light Jogging.

It can be carried in the street or on a cross-country simulator. The load should be low so as not to trigger a massive increase in heart rate.

  • Walking.

Running on the treadmill, on the spot or at competitive levels.

  • Stretching.

To stretch muscles you can perform a basic package, which includes longitudinal and transverse splits, the rifts from one foot to the other in a squat, touching the footsteps of fingers in the slope, Mahi hands and feet.

  • Jumping.

They are not only in the complexes of cardio, but perfect for a hitch. To complete the training, you should choose low-intensity jumps at a moderate pace — for example, using ropes or moving on a step aerobics platform.

  • Static exercises.

One of the best ways to effectively complete the exercise. Most for the end of fitness workout fit yoga or Pilates. For example, the pose downward-facing dog, boat pose, chair pose are great options static loads with a low intensity. End classes suitable vis on the bar to relieve tension from the spinal column, base plate.

  • The load of the hitch is allowed to alternate by combining the lightest possible load with moderate.

Therefore, diversity is allowed as a hitch to practice dancing or swimming. The dances combine active movement, but also stretching elements. Swimming is the perfect way to complete power a fitness workout, because the process is dynamically pumped in the all area of the muscles and at the same time relieve emotional tension.

The choice of a particular load for a hitch depends only on the physical preparation of the athlete and the nature of the basic training. Experts recommend regularly alternate the types of exercises, changing the tempo and amplitude of movements.

Hitch for effective stretching of the muscles

Stretching of muscles during a cool down is important as much as and light cardio activity. Stretching helps the body fully recover after a series of strength exercises, often accompanied by microreserve muscle fibers and lactic acid production, and that becomes the cause of the pain.

Special fitness hitch to stretch muscles disperse the lactic acid in the tissues and stimulates the blood flow in the muscle fibers, allowing the body recovers faster and better.

Hitch after fitness training — sports is a useful habit to develop that will not be difficult. Do not forget about the rules and the time to restore the proper balance to get the maximum benefit from sports activities.

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