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Hitch after fitness workouts: benefits and best exercises

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Hitch after fitness workouts: benefits and best exercises
The contents

  • Use exercises a hitch
  • An example of a cool down after strenuous fitness training
  • An example of a cool down after a fitness with cardio

The importance of conducting warm-up before exercise know most fitness enthusiasts, but with the need to perform a hitch, after intensive work, know not all. Hitch, which includes a simple, but effective exercises, has a positive effect on the body and increases the effectiveness of physical activity.

Use exercises a hitch

The main objective of a cool down run after fitness classes, is the implementation of a smooth transition of the body from the rigorous training regime into a state of rest. In addition to this task, performs the following useful functions:

  • the restoration of normal heart rhythm;
  • normalization of breathing;
  • the decrease in body temperature;
  • elimination of tension in the muscles;
  • preventing shortening of muscle fibers;
  • improve the physical capabilities of the body like the flexibility and plasticity;
  • prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness — muscle pain occurring after fitness;
  • relaxation of psyche.

The hitch typically consists of training movement designed to stretch, but, depending on the nature of fitness workouts, quality content hitch can differ slightly.

An example of a cool down after strenuous fitness training

The hitch performed after power gym may consist of the following simple but effective training movement:

  • Standing straight, bend forward at an angle of 90 degrees and rest on straight arms to support. Without removing his hands from the support, to bend down even lower, stretching the muscles of the back, upper and lower extremities. In this exercise, you should not bend your knees.
  • Stand up straight at the bar of the simulator, to rely on her forearm at chest level. Breathe in and submit the housing forward so that the hand was outside the building, thus stretching the chest muscles and working through the shoulder joint. Repeat this warm-up element of the complex, leaning on the counter of the simulator the other upper limb.
  • Sit on the floor, bend the lower limbs and feet together, pulling them as close as possible to the groin. This is followed on the exhale, bend down, dropping the chest as low as possible. At the bottom of the slope is necessary to stay on 5-10 seconds, continuing during this period breathe. Straighten up and repeat the exercise 3-5 times.
  • Standing straight and keeping your back straight, step forward and push the knee newporno the lower limbs to the floor. Straining the abdominal muscles for a more reliable fixation of the balance, one must raise the arms up and connect his palms together over his head. Fix this posture for 10-15 seconds without holding the breath during this period. To return to the starting position and repeat this element of the hitch after the power of fitness classes, making a step with the other foot.
  • To sit on the bench, as widely as possible to arrange the lower limb and then on the exhale, tilt your body, lowering her Breasts between his legs. Take the hands behind the footsteps and linger in the bottom position for 10-15 seconds.
  • Stand up straight, put your palms on the waist and spreading her feet on the width of the pelvis. Later in the exercise you need locking body in a static position, perform 10-15 rotations of the pelvis in every direction, pursuing thus the hip joints.
  • Keeping the initial position, as in the previous training movement hitch, inhale and tilt your body first one way and then the other. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times in each direction, stretching the muscles on the sides.
  • Standing straight, pull the upper limb forward and hook the brush into the castle. Deploy palms away from you, stretch arms forward, rounding the back. You must then concatenate the palm of your hand behind and pull the upper limb back and up, slightly tilting the body forward. At the end of the exercises need to stretch my hands up, stretching out behind the palms entire body.
  • An example of a cool down after a fitness with cardio

    Hitch, running after fitness workouts with cardio, such as running or Cycling, involves first the gradual reduction of speed, and then the following training complex:

  • Stand up straight, step forward with one lower extremity. Step width should be about 50-60 cm later in the exercise you need without taking your heel from the floor, bend over to toe of the foot exposed forward. To stay in the slope 15-20 seconds, continuing to breathe and directing the gaze forward, to prevent dizziness. Repeat this element hitch putting forward the other lower limb and bending over her.
  • Standing straight, stretch your hands into the wall. Without removing his hands from the support, to move away from it about a meter forward and tilt your body to the formation between him and the legs of a right angle. Then you need to drop even lower chest by performing chest several pulsating movements up and down. In this exercise, it is impossible to tear off heels from a floor and palms from the support, and bend your knees.
  • Make a lunge to the side, leaving the leg as far as possible. Tilt your body down and wrap it around the shank of the supporting lower extremity. To fix the resulting position for 15-20 seconds. Rise from the lunge, focusing on the heels. Repeat the exercise in the other direction.
  • Standing straight, put one lower limb as far as possible to the side, trying to sit in side splits. To stay in this position for 20 seconds, stretching the muscles of the thighs and ligaments located in the groin area.
  • Spread wide his lower limbs, move the body weight at first on one leg, to stay in this position for 5 seconds, and then roll the pelvis to transfer weight to the other lower limb, obtained the locking position for 5 seconds. This exercise should be completed within 60 seconds.
  • Standing straight, place feet at a distance slightly wider pelvis and lean forward, trying to put his hands on the floor. When performing this element of the hitch, not round the back.
  • Presents exercises for the hitch are not binding — they can be replaced by more convenient for the specific situation and specific person.

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