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Highly effective training with the TRX loops

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Every day more and more people begin to lead a good lifestyle – do you exercise, adhere to proper nutrition. In this regard, the popularity of the fitness industry grows, and new types of training. To relatively new types of training applies aquadynamic, BOSU fitness, CrossFit and trx training.

Features of the training

Training with the trx loops what is it? So, in a literal translation from English means the exercise of the General resistance of the body. Classes with the trx loops is aimed at the elaboration of all muscles of the body using its own weight. Initially this training was developed by the commander of the American Navy Randy Metricom. Randy had to prepare their fighters to the job, having sports equipment. He used the straps from the parachute, by creating them from a rope system. After completing his military service Hattrick, an study in the University, and brought their project to the end. On the investors ‘ money has created a simulator for the whole body with the name of the trx.

The peculiarity of this type of sports is that you can enjoy not only in the gym but at home and on the street.

Workouts using TPX for beginners and already advanced athletes. Due to the change of body position and range of motion you can change the load level.

This type of training has several advantages, namely:

  • •training aimed at the elaboration of all muscle groups;
  • •promotes endurance and balance;
  • •the compactness of the simulator, since it can take any trip and to be engaged in under any circumstances;
  • •new exercises that will help to diversify the usual workout in a gym;
  • •it is recommended to engage people with back problems because the exercises with loops help to strengthen the back muscles without overloading it.

On the basis of the number of benefits that have exercises with TPX loops should conclude that to try this type of training should be for each.

The target audience of the training with TRX

Who still recommended this kind of sports? As stated above workout with loops suitable for all, regardless of what kind of physical shape the person is. However, starting from the level of wanting to engage in this sport, the coach picks up the circuit exercises. Beginners are given simple exercises using the trx without the use of additional equipment and with a small number of iterations and approaches. For those who have long been in the field of fitness, training with loops helps speed up the metabolism, which contributes to efficient fat-burning metabolism. Advanced athletes use this machine with a circular workouts and with a large number of sets, working to failure.

Workout program

Many fitness centers offer group or individual sessions with the trx loops. Group lessons though and cost far less than personal training, however, the effectiveness remains the same. Groups are formed according to level of training (beginner, intermediate, advanced). It is noteworthy that to deal with this trainer you can and at home.

A set of exercises:

  • 1.A popular exercise among men and women, push-UPS, it is pumping the chest muscles and arms. Depending on the load level repeat this motion between 10 and 25 times.
  • 2.To work out the back muscles, press, arms, shoulders and hands is effective exercise – the pull back. Another exercise for comprehensive review of different groups of muscles of the upper body – knees to elbows.
  • 3.It is better to make already experienced athletes with a high level of physical fitness. For this you need to put your feet in the straps and be in the bar. Next you need to tighten feet to yourself and stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • For the study of the lower part of the body there are also a number of exercises.

  • 1.The most popular among them are the lunges and squats. To perform the first exercise with a TPX should put one foot into the loop, and the second left on the ground, then lunge, keeping torso straight. Squats, as you know, this is a very popular basic exercise, performed on a regular basis which leads to the strengthening and growth of the gluteal muscles. However, this lesson can help to increase the relief of the buttocks, but only teach proper technique of this exercise with a barbell will strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  • 2.Performing squats on one leg will bring the best effect. Need to grab the loop and pull one leg, deep seat.
  • 3.The gluteal bridge, a popular isolation exercise is also very effective using TPX. To perform to put foot in loop and create a right angle between the thigh part of the leg and tibia. Next you need to raise the pelvis up to the highest point, focusing on loops.
  • So, is it worth buying a ticket to employment in this sport or to purchase TPX loop home? The answer to this question is everyone should give themselves, knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of such training. However, it is necessary to remember that this training is working on absolutely all muscle groups, even those that fail to pump using barbells, dumbbells and other weights.

    Classes with loops will improve endurance and strengthen the muscles of the body. It is important to understand that TPX is useless to train to masonboro. To build muscle, it requires training with weights, the weight must be gradually increased. But if the main goal of the workout – slim and toned body, TPX loop a great alternative to all mnogopoliarnym training and various types of fitness.

    Remember safety when performing exercises, because this training is traumatic enough. In the presence of health problems need to consult with your doctor. This is due to the fact that classes with TPX loops create a high load on the body that can harm people with existing conditions.

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