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High-intensity interval fitness: types and training programs

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High-intensity interval fitness: types and training programs
The contents

  • The role of interval training in losing weight
  • Features of interval fitness training
  • Interval aerobic physical activity
  • Maximum training interval circuit
  • Submaximal interval training
  • Economicstimulus aerobic training interval circuit
  • Fartlek as a kind of intense physical activity

Interval fitness training is one of the most effective methods of active weight reduction and normalization of the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Through this exercise as quickly as possible to obtain formed body, accelerate weight loss, increase blood flow and lymphatic flow of the body, to improve sports skills.

The role of interval training in losing weight

Interval fitness classes much harder than classic training programs, however, benefits from such intensive lessons more:

  • limit the splitting of fat cells in a short period of time;
  • active weight loss continues even after the end of the training;
  • the rapid development of athletic performance: endurance, speed.

Features of interval fitness training

The basis of interval training on a simple aim: to work actively on the limit, then slow down and repeat the load. Despite the simplicity of the wording, this concept contains a great number of variants of exercises and techniques of their implementation.

Such fitness training can be carried out at various cardiocard: treadmill, static bike, elliptical trainer, stepper. However, physical activity is not limited to sports equipment: you can run outdoors, do valuesdo or swimming, building training on individual interval scheme.

The optimal number of training 2-3 times a week. This is a fairly heavy type of physical activity: after it will take a lot of time and effort to recover. Interval training on the scheme can last from 5 minutes to half an hour — it depends on the physical preparation of the athlete.

Interval aerobic physical activity

Aerobic fitness interval circuit activates the splitting of fat cells and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Standard for the duration of aerobic physical activity significantly inferior to the interval of results, however, can successfully act as a warm up.

The system of interval training involves quite long periods of activity and shorter periods of rest. High intensity periods are of the order of 2-5 minutes.

The meaning of the class: the work with this level of activity, which will have the strength to complete the interval to the end, without reaching the limits. As a result, the intensity of a two-minute interval will be much higher than the intensity of the five minutes.

Recovery time should be 30-60 seconds: the smaller the relaxation time, the harder the training. In this overly long rest greatly reduces the result of physical activity. In these fitness classes can use the following intervals: 2 minutes high intensity and 30 seconds recovery.

Quality load and gives aerobic fitness interval training on a stationary bike. A static bike is an excellent option for aerobic exercises of any degree of intensity. Especially on an interval schemes, when the activity of movement is from 2 to 5 minutes, and the average time of stay — not more than 45-50 seconds. The number of such interval of segments can be about five.

Maximum training interval circuit

This type of training would be effective for quick weight loss. Rest intervals can be very small and long, but it is worth remembering that fitness training the harder and more effective than less lasting periods of recovery. To independently control the alternation of the intervals between physical activity, experts recommend to use the timer for timing. This device is sold in any sportmagazine and is also available in the form of applications for smartphones.

One of the variants of such workout is maximum interval training on the treadmill. The basic package is based on a gradual crescendo of intensity. First, you can start with 5-7 maximum time periods. Then run one more interval. To continue building up the intervals can be up until the total time of the fitness training will be a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

Submaximal interval training

This kind of interval program on his scheme is similar to the previous species. The difference is that instead of activity to the limit you need to work in a less intensity pace. Due to the reduction of energy consumption will be able to perform more intervals. This physical exercise specifically designed to develop endurance, but at the same time helps to normalize the metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

An example of a submaximal interval training may be the occupation on the elliptical shell. Doing exercise on the treadmill is only about 15-30 minutes, but the results are not inferior to intense cardio.

Activity is better to start with 30 seconds, then gradually increase the time to one minute and followed by a smooth decline to 40 seconds. Rest time between sets must be contained within 40-50 seconds.

Economicstimulus aerobic training interval circuit

This is a special kind of fitness training, which is a complex of aerobic and extreme interval training. The work is carried out at high level, so that maximum calories are burned much faster and appears relief muscles.

Periods of physical exertion short, and time is still less in duration. Through this scheme training will be the most difficult, intense, but effective for slimming and for consideration of relief.

The maximum activity must be held within 40 seconds when the rest interval between intervals of no more than 10 seconds.

Fartlek as a kind of intense physical activity

A fartlek is a unique form of interval training at the gym, when all its varieties is collected together. The total duration of activity is about 15-40 minutes, depending on the degree of intensity. You can start with light Jogging for 5 minutes, then go to active step (30 seconds) sprint (30 seconds), fast walk (40 seconds), running (2 minutes).

The duration of the fartlek depends on the abilities of the athlete and his current physical shape. The main idea of such a fitness scheme — work with different speed, pace and time of activity. Fartlek never bored, because to change the sequence of program exercises as much as possible.

Try to add variety to your regular fitness classes, to speed up the process of weight loss and increase endurance. This way you can achieve a perfect shape in a very short period of time.

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