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High-intensity fitness training on a stationary bike for weight loss

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High-intensity fitness training on a stationary bike for weight loss
The contents

  • The emergence of Cycling
  • How effective is Cycling for weight loss?
  • The essence of Cycling fitness
  • Who should not use classes Cycling fitness?
  • That will help to diversify the classes Cycling
  • Physical activity without injury

Cycle-training constitute an aerobic exercise, which is weight loss in a short time, and the appearance of minor relief of muscle due to their quality work. Despite the fact that this fitness trend appeared relatively recently, it quickly became popular thanks to the effectiveness and availability of sports — exercise bikes are available in almost every gym.

The emergence of Cycling

The developer of this kind of fitness is considered to be a professional American cyclist John Goldberg, famous for his sporting achievements in the early 90-ies of XX century. He became one of the few athletes who drew attention to the low efficiency of typical spin classes at that time. To make the training process more efficient, Goldberg has perfected the concept of classes, so that they are:

  • to provide active stimulation of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation, contributing to weight loss in a greater degree;
  • faster to improve endurance;
  • actively involve almost all the muscle groups.

As for the name of a new training complex, it was taken from the abbreviated form of the English word “bicycle”, translated into Russian language means “Bicycle”.

Very soon the performance of Cycling has become a universally recognized fact: to train in this training program were not only professional athletes, but ordinary people who decided to get in good physical shape. For the same reason bicycles have become increasingly for fitness at home.

How effective is Cycling for weight loss?

As Cycling workouts are characterized by a high degree of intensity loads, they make possible rapid weight loss, and people in good physical shape to help maintain the entire body in a healthy tone.Useful Cycling the fact that such aerobic physical activity prevents a range of diseases of internal organs, and also helps to rehabilitate after injury or surgery.

The most widespread Cycling got among the girls, dreaming to get rid of excess weight. And no wonder: aerobic exercise is very energy-consuming — 1 hour classes you can get rid of 800 calories, which is a very high rate. In addition, Cycling training to help purposefully to work through the most problematic areas of concern for the girls, the press, hips, back.

The essence of Cycling fitness

Cycling workouts simulate riding on this bike. The classes are held in the most comfortable conditions:

  • missing all the negative weather factors, often prevent the realization of outdoor air (strong wind, rain, low temperature);
  • the group is constantly under the supervision of an instructor who has the ability to freely approach each student and to point out his errors.
  • in the gym there is a training atmosphere that helps you focus on productive work on your body;
  • there are no obstructions in the form of complex topography, landscape, and dangerous road traffic.

The big distribution has received training, conducted in specialized Cycling studios. During these sessions experienced instructor oversees the correct fit, stand on the pedals and ensures that physical activity for each student was the best. Not to mention the fact that a huge role in the conduct of any exercise plays a motivation, which can be obtained in the above-mentioned studios and fitness clubs.

Who should not use classes Cycling fitness?

One of the main advantages of Cycling fitness is high intensity level of physical activity that is both a significant obstacle for training in respect of people:

  • having cardiovascular disease;
  • those with asthma or hypertension;
  • serious disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • with progressive varicose veins in the legs.

While restrictions on age, gender, fitness level Cycling has.

To be safe and avoid possible harmful consequences for the organism, before the beginning of classes, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

That will help to diversify the classes Cycling

Many people mistakenly believe that cycle-training is extremely boring, because they are performed using the same simulator. Doing good in the gym or sport Studio, you will never face such a problem, because experienced instructors, upbeat music, and special training atmosphere make each training session not only productive but also enjoyable.

If you wish, you can change the duration of the workout, break it into phases or to make the interval — constantly alternate the pace and level of exertion.

Physical activity without injury

Before you schedule your cycle training, make sure that your body is ready for such physical activity. If you do not fully recover after the disease are not well nourished or chronically not getting enough sleep, then set a couple of weeks training. It is important that such fitness classes do not become a cause of great stress for the body, and you went only benefit.

Also do not forget about the need for a small warm-up before training. Just lightly pull the muscle and stretch the joints. To better warmed up, you can make an additional jog for 2-3 minutes.

After the lesson it is important again to stretch and relax the muscles. This will help to gradually bring the heart rate back to normal and to avoid severe delayed onset muscle soreness (muscle soreness after intense exercise) the next day after a workout. Complete classes, stretching, massage and sports walking.

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