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Heels: 6 of the rules of wearing heels to his legs

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1. Measure feet

Before you buy be sure to specify your size. Sounds funny, but in fact, foot size can change throughout life for various reasons: weight gain, work-up, pregnancy, hormones. So what extra dimension does not hurt. One more thing — buy new shoes in the evening, when feet were sold during the day.

2. Try to find a balance

To feel comfortable in heels — means to be able to balance. Heels you carry all the weight on the poor feet, which pain appears. If you’re going to dance all night, choose a thicker heel, and it is desirable that the shoes had ties or something to better hold the foot in place.

3. Take the patch

RUB the leg of one minute, and then problems will not be gathered. As soon as you feel discomfort, sit in a chair and examine the leg, the right place put a solid patch, to avoid direct skin contact with the shoes. You can also use liners or creamy patches corns.

4. Take a break

The optimal time wearing heels 4-5 hours if moving. If you stand for half the time. Try to rest from standing every half hour. Rest after five hours of continuous dancing is the worst thing you can imagine. At the end of the party try to change into something comfortable.

5. Start treatment

Returning home in the dark, we are not always able to assess the damage. It is important to start recovery immediately with disinfectant spray. But doing a peeling or cutting corns don’t need. Then put your feet in a bowl of cool water and oils lemongrass or rosemary for 15-20 minutes. This will improve blood circulation and soothe the muscles. Then let the legs themselves will restore the skin need about 12 hours to heal minor scratches.

6. Do not rush

Do not wear heels every day. Choose the next day comfortable shoes and don’t forget that the better you care for your feet, the better they cope with stress.

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