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Healthy walk: technique classes in the fresh air

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Healthy walk: technique classes in the fresh air
The contents

  • Technique walk
  • Jogging with aerobic exercise
  • Treatment walking techniques of healing the body

A healthy lifestyle implies a rejection of bad habits and a high level of physical activity, so the easiest and most common advice to people who want to join it, is to increase the number of steps taken for the day. Regular walking especially in the Park or in the woods, is a great way to strengthen muscles, develop endurance and also to get rid of excess fat deposits. She has almost no contraindications; go on regular long distance can the elderly or suffering from hypertension people with heart disease and joints.

Technique walk

To increase daily activity it is possible to just take a certain number of steps per day, keeping a comfortable pace. But to make walking more beneficial to health, it is recommended to use the following items of equipment:

  • During the movement the arms should bend at the elbow joints forming an angle of about 90°. Legs move in the same rhythm at waist level back and forth.
  • Hands clenched into fists, but excessively to bite they should not be, the fingers should be relaxed.
  • During a step the foot is placed on the heel and rolls smoothly into the sock.
  • The body should be relaxed, the belly is tucked up, and shoulders back.
  • The breathing should be deep and smooth breaths doing through the nose, exhale — through the nose or mouth. While walking, it is impossible to prevent the occurrence of shortness of breath; the most convenient technique of breathing would be inhale for 3 steps then exhale also at 3 steps.
  • Heart rate should not exceed 140 beats per minute; average speed is 6-6. 5 km/h For convenience, you can use a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker in the form of a wristwatch. In addition, many modern smartphones are equipped with special sensors to measure heart rate during movement.

    One of the most popular options for Wellness and training is Nordic walking with special poles. Initially such training was used by skiers in the summer, so the lessons used ski poles, but with the spread of this technology of sports equipment has slightly changed and improved. Through the use of sticks increased physical load on the arms, back and shoulders, which helped to work the muscles in the upper body during the walk. In addition, it is possible to allocate following advantages of Nordic walking:

    • increase the speed of movement;
    • strengthened heart muscle, increased blood circulation;
    • the formation of correct posture, as due to the emphasis on sticks less stooping;
    • strengthening of the neck muscles, improve the mobility of the spine.

    The high rate of movement and additional stress of the case makes Nordic walking a great option for weight loss.

    Jogging with aerobic exercise

    A more prepared and resilient people instead of walking, it is recommended to use a Jogging. This form of exercise is more effective in the fight against excess weight, and also in the process of development of endurance. It should be noted that it is not suitable for people suffering from hypertension, heart disease, and joints. There is a lot of disagreement about the time Jogging: some people are convinced of the undoubted benefits the morning run, others insist on the effectiveness of evening time.

    To choose the time of day to practice it individually, focusing on personal preferences: Jogging will help to “Wake up” your entire body and tune in a working day. If you select the morning time to the risk of running on an empty stomach: in athletes it is considered one of the most effective ways of burning fat — glycogen stores for the night will be depleted, and the body will use as energy fat. But for most people this exercise may be too high, and untrained person runs the risk of the showers with fainting or dizziness.

    Evening same race is given much easier as the person is in motion during the whole day, and his muscles ready for the upcoming load. Slow running helps to relieve stress accumulated during the day, enriches the body with oxygen and strengthens the muscles.

    Stride length should average 40 minutes. It is recommended to run at least 4 times a week, more rare workout will be ineffective. The most comfortable option is to jog, when the foot barely off the ground, and the man moves with a low speed. When doing evening training session is recommended to begin one hour after the meal. You should also not run before sleep — this can affect its quality.

    To spend a run with advantage, you need roughly divided into three parts: warm-up, the running and hitch. As a starter you can use the walk with the simultaneous Mahi, breeding and rotation of his hands. Then move to a slow run, gradually accelerating. After completing the scheduled distance, reduce speed, and as hitch run at a very slow pace, gradually moving step.

    To start training should be gradually, at the first lessons, beginners usually run 5-10 minutes. Gradually increase this time, bringing it up to 30-40 minutes.

    Treatment walking techniques of healing the body

    Wellness walk shows people suffering from hypertension — it allows you to gradually strengthen the heart, stabilizing blood pressure. To walk treatment was effective and did not cause harm, it is necessary to remember following rules:

  • Training should start only in consultation with your doctor.
  • The load is increasing very slowly, carefully tracking his health. If the walk has any weakness, you should immediately cease activity and rest. The following training must be carried out at a slower pace.
  • The warm up should be very easy, no need to make bends, squats or lunges.
  • Treatment walking should be fun, to be engaged through force should not be.
  • Training must be regular, it is advisable to conduct them through the day.
  • The movement should be measured and unhurried.
  • Especially effective for hypertensive patients, walking sticks, because in the process you can always stop and lean on them for rest and recovery of breath.

    In medicine there is a term “path” used to indicate a method of treatment of walking measured in time, distance and inclination angle volumes. There are several types of path:

  • Lightweight, with a smooth route without any challenging obstacles with a length of 500 m.
  • Medium, with periodic irregularities of the route, walking pace sometimes varies; the length is 1.5 km away.
  • Complex, with lots of changes in elevation, alternating the pace from slow to very intense; the length is over 5 km away.
  • Path improves the supply of oxygen to the body, speeds up metabolic processes, helps to reduce weight, reducing stress on the joints. Enhanced blood circulation reduces the likelihood of stagnation in the veins and blood vessels, acts as a prevention of varicose vein disease.

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