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Healthy lifestyles and treadmill workouts: benefits and harms of running

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Healthy lifestyles and treadmill workouts: benefits and harms of running
The contents

  • A healthy lifestyle and running
  • The benefits of running for men
  • The use of cross-country exercises for women
  • Healthy and Jogging at the age of 50+
  • The formation of a healthy lifestyle through running

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Stadiums, sports grounds, gyms and fitness clubs are never empty. People began to realize that a healthy lifestyle is not just fashion. This is an opportunity to live better and happier.

One of the most effective and affordable ways of establishing a healthy lifestyle is running. He, like every sport, has its positive and negative sides. So before you start running, you need to read them and plan your training so as to obtain from them the maximum benefit.

A healthy lifestyle and running

If a person understands the need for a healthy lifestyle, he will always find time for physical education and sport. Especially because running does not require any special training. You only need the desire, sportswear and 30-40 minutes of free time.

If to run no specific contraindications, it in no way can harm the health. Among the main advantages of this sport are:

  • accessibility;
  • a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system;
  • strengthening of muscles, ligaments and joints;
  • improvement of metabolism.

In addition, people involved in running, become balanced and calmer. Noteworthy to say about the benefits of running for weight loss: Jogging works most of the muscles of the body, consumes a lot of energy actively burned the excess fat.

While itself is running can not be considered a panacea for all ills. A healthy lifestyle should be accompanied by changing eating habits, daily routine, food preferences. The only way to gain physical health for years to come.

The benefits of running for men

Considering the positive qualities run against the men, it is possible to allocate the following features:

  • strengthening the joint and muscle strength;
  • improvement of an emotional background;
  • improve sleep;
  • reducing the risk of cancer;
  • the increase in endurance;
  • increase self-esteem.

But, as in any other sport, running has disadvantages you should be aware of:

  • too long run affects the production of testosterone in the body. A decrease in the concentration of male hormones leads to a more prolonged recovery of energy. Therefore, men are recommended to run short lengths or by the method of interval training;
  • running long distances can cause weakening of the immune system;
  • incorrect running technique or uncomfortable shoes can cause pain in the joints and muscles;
  • the craze for running is not as useful if you plan to gain muscle.

These disadvantages mostly relate to professional athletes. For those who use HLS to achieve results and to improve their health, this sport would be a suitable kind of physical activity.

The use of cross-country exercises for women

Active exercise for women as good as men. All the above advantages of cross-country exercises can be attributed to the weaker sex, adding to the list the following items:

  • strengthening the muscles of the buttocks;
  • the improvement of the skin;
  • the rejuvenation of the whole body;
  • the increased production of happiness hormone — dopamine.

Healthy lifestyles and running — two related concepts. You should start with small, slow Jogging, or alternating slow running and walking. The pulse should not exceed 110 beats/min For the first workout, choose a flat surface. It can be a stadium, Playground or walkway in the Park.

Healthy and Jogging at the age of 50+

In adulthood we need to pay more attention to their health. Before Jogging, you must see a doctor to evaluate your health according to the following criteria:

  • blood test: hemoglobin 110 women and 130 men, cholesterol is not more than 4.8 units;
  • the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands must function reliably;
  • overweight — not more than 20 kg from the norm.

If the doctor approves Jogging, then start with moderate exercise in the fresh air. Pay attention to running technique. If at the age of 20+ the body easily copes with the loads resulting from the incorrect statement of the foot, too big amplitude of movements or irregular breathing, people who are over 50, will have to pay for is the health of the joints, heart and lungs.

Also, before you decide to embark on a healthy lifestyle, you need to abandon all negative habits. For example, a smoker, no matter how much he ran, never will be healthier. Pay attention to proper nutrition, which should be aimed at normalizing weight and strengthen the immune system.

Elderly it is recommended to combine running with Cycling, walking the stairs or uphill, jumping rope. In addition, a healthy lifestyle should be fun. If the emotional and physical satisfaction from training there, then they will benefit from highly questionable.

The formation of a healthy lifestyle through running

Before you start training make a moderate system loads. It can be a short morning or evening jog.

Morning treadmill workout might look like this:

  • rise, hygienic procedures;
  • a light Breakfast (banana, Apple, sweet tea);
  • training (half an hour after Breakfast), consisting of warm up (walking, swing, tilt rotation, lunges), 10 minutes of running on the pulse 110 beats/min, walking (5-10 minutes), a 5-minute hitches.

Evening classes run are built a little differently. Training should be carried out not later than 2 hours before bedtime. At the same time to supper for 1-1. 5 to run. In the evening time should not be included in the training of heavy loads and long runs.

For the HLS will be enough running or slow Jogging at a moderate pace for 20-30 minutes. In this race should be regular: at least 3-4 times a week. This healthy lifestyle will serve as a reliable basis for good health for many years.

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