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Healthy fat: 10 foods that do not need to be afraid

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Healthy fats: foods list


Here is a twist! Yes, lard contains arachidonic acid that is related to unsaturated fats which are needed by the body to liver, heart and brain stay healthy and work properly. Is composed of fat and other useful acid, but more important is the fact that the fat contains vitamins A and E. You know that this beauty vitamins? Here. So stop beating yourself up over a couple of pieces a week is a healthy fats for women.


The fats contained in coconuts are different from most other fat specific chemical structure. When broken down they form compounds that speed up your metabolism and help animals fats faster to decompose into components, and not to settle in fat depots.


Lamb meat contains valuable alpha-linolenic acid, which deficiency symptoms — muscle weakness and mood instability. Lamb is a great source of protein, vitamin B12, Niacin, zinc and selenium. Mind you, all these are the components of vitamin-mineral complexes for healthy skin and hair.


Tasty product with beneficial fats. In addition to calcium, which is a rich cheese, like all dairy products, it serves as an excellent source of protein, and is absorbed by the body the protein better than whole milk. Moreover, the “cheese” protein amino acid contents ahead of many products: it enriches our body with amino acids (lysine, tryptophan and methionine), which are vital for us, but not produced independently. And vitamins in cheese… E, C, PP, D, A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12 — and we just didn’t name it, and everything is clear.


After rehabilitation (eggs for a long time was listed in the list of foods that increase the bad cholesterol in the blood) omelettes and scrambled eggs again considered quite acceptable Breakfast. But eggs are not just harmless, they are very useful due to the content of choline: a substance that protects cells from the premature death (and, hence, works against wrinkles), has anti-stress effects, stimulates brain activity, prevents the formation of gall stones, normalizes the process of breakdown of fats and thus helps to reduce weight.

Bitter chocolate

Yes, healthy fats here — more than enough… Although obavljati something and not need: 100 grams of dark chocolate contains 11% of fiber and the important minerals for the body: iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. And the number of fighters against free radicals — antioxidants — chocolate generally the champion’s champion.


Thanks to the oleic acid found in avocados, cholesterol plaques are not deposited on the walls of blood vessels, which protects us from atherosclerosis is much better than a diet low in fat. And oleic acid protects us from diabetes and, according to some, is the prevention of breast cancer.

Fatty fish

Statistics says that people who often eat salmon, trout, mackerel and herring, are less likely to suffer from depression, longer retain mental alertness and faster to cope with stress. And they get sick less, recover faster after injury and three times less likely to suffer from diseases of the joints. The secret is in the fatty acids omega-3, the content of which the fish has no equal.


Because of the high fat content, nuts are on the list of prohibited foods for those who follow the figure. Throw these lists: according to recent data, people who use a day 20-30 grams of nuts, two times less likely to suffer overweight, they have more stamina and a healthy heart, great digestion and healthy skin. By the way, do you know that these nuts are cashews and hazelnuts, and everything else that you call a nut, it is and is not? Almonds, from a scientific point of view — bone, Brazil nuts and pistachios — seeds, walnut is a drupe, and peanuts — all Bob! But it’s just for information, I mean healthy fats they are simply irreplaceable!

Olive oil

Literally a balm for the heart. And vessels. And the digestive tract. And, despite the high caloric content, olive oil is an integral part of a healthy diet. Nothing new, but it is worth mentioning that there is olive oil suitable for cooking, and there is, which can only be added to the salad. For the latter you need oil labeled “cold pressed oil”, Extra Virgin or Virgin. And for frying take oil marked as Refined or “refined”. These oils occupy one of the top lines in the list of products with healthy fats.

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