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Handstand – not a dream but a reality

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Often there are exercises that possess a special beauty of execution. Handstand is no exception. How to learn how to perform this spectacular exercise? How to stand on his hands, so as not to lose the ease of movement and correct technique? Asking these questions? Our article is for you.

To begin with, that this exercise not only has natural beauty, but also brings little benefit to the body. Start to practice and understand how developing a handstand. Among its many advantages include:

  • strengthening of the shoulder girdle;
  • download back muscles;
  • strengthen the abdominal muscles;
  • accelerate blood circulation in the upper torso.

It is important to note that exercise has a number of contraindications, including:

  • various problems with the spine;
  • high intracranial pressure;
  • inflammatory diseases;
  • sprains and bruises of wrists, shoulder and elbow joints;
  • it is dangerous to exercise if you feel dizziness or nausea.

You have at least one disease or symptom of the above? We urge you to refuse further execution of such exercises like handstand.

Now let’s get to the review exercises and techniques.

A preparatory stage. Where to start?

Of course, if you really want, then only with great difficulty can you get into handstand on the first try. But in order to do this it was much easier, there is a whole list of exercises. These exercises will gently bring you to the desired goals without physical strain and fatigue.

  • Warm-up and breathing exercises.
    Of course, you should start with warm up muscles and oxygen saturation.
    This is necessary to ensure that the body is prepared to prolonged heavy exercise. Start the workout with neck, gradually moving to the exercises on your feet.
  • Handstand – strong hands. This is one of the main requirements of the exercise. Strong hands will not take out of nowhere, for their development you will have a good sweat. Plank and push-UPS – the best way. What you need to remember that both exercises require absolutely straight body. To increase the load on the muscles of the arms during the push-UPS, you can practice a long-lasting hold of a body at the bottom.
  • The bridge – the key to flexibility. How to stand up? Without the ductility and stretching of the muscles anywhere. In this regard, the bridge copes with the development of these qualities. The exercise has 3 kinds: from a prone position on the floor from a sitting position on the floor from a standing position. Start with the first position and gradually progress to the bridge from a standing position. You will not only stretch and strengthen their muscles, but also develop a sense of balance and also will train the vestibular apparatus.
  • You’re almost there. Headstand and forearms. It is, of course, easier classic handstand, as it involved more points of support. But this does not mean that the exercise can be done right now in the middle of the room. It is better to start at the wall when not alone, but with someone who would be able to insure you. Over time you get to doing handstand on the forearms and even one in the middle of the room.
  • Yoga is a great tool for strengthening muscles. In particular, it relates to posture and crow.
  • A long-awaited victory! Now you’re ready to start doing real handstands. Maybe not immediately, but your body is already prepared for new challenges.

Fear. What to do?

Fear is a normal psychological phenomenon inherent to every living thing. If you are afraid to fall, then there is nothing shameful or embarrassing. To overcome this unpleasant feeling, you need to be safe. For example, you can lay gym mats, in the event the fall to soften the blow to a minimum. Still afraid? Try it a few times especially to fall to the Mat. Gradually, the fear will recede.

Handstand with the support surface

First attempt the exercise you need to perform the wall, or with a person able to insure. The technique is simple:

  • Bend over and put your hands on the floor so that between you and the support was not less than 25 cm.
  • Hands should be placed shoulder width apart. The initial position taken.
  • Now push off the supporting leg and try to push the body up to the wall so that feet were situated along the wall.

Don’t wait too long with a stand on hand. The first time it is impossible to hold it for a long time. Frequent exercise will help develop endurance. At the conclusion of the exercise, you must push off foot from the fulcrum and Priya original position. For greater understanding of the techniques you can apply to a number of videos on spaces of the Internet. They will give you a visual aid for the exercise.

Handstand without support

You already know, wall, “shabby”, there was a desire to abandon support. How to do handstand without help? Nothing is impossible! In some stages you can achieve and new goals.

  • For the first stage will still need support. Get in a handstand near the supports, and then alternately start to get your feet off the wall. Accustomed to, tear off both legs and a few seconds keep your balance.
  • The second stage is to attempts to move away from surface for how much. It is important to preserve the proximity to a support for the safety net.
  • The third stage is the readiness to perform handstands without support. However, for the first time is to find a person’s insurer.
  • Now you are ready to freely be in the handstand without help. Practice and increase the time of exercise. Not far off new achievements.

Why stop if no response was another question – how to walk on his hands? It will not be for you hard efforts. If the front arms were done the same walk will also submit. Training concluded in three stages:

  • The first step is to learn how to perform small steps with your hands. It is important not to take your hands off the floor. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing balance and getting injured.
  • The second stage is the sorting out of hands according to the scheme – step-delay-the initial position… And so on, alternating left and right hand.
  • The final stage. Execution of small steps is easy? Start gradually to walk on his hands in a circle. Over time increase the distance and pace.

Note that there is aerobatics. Handstand on the gymnastic bars – not only spectacular, but also difficult exercise, requiring serious preparation. Here you will not help neither a support surface or soft Mat. In the fall there is a risk of serious injury. However, this goal is achievable. The main thing to remember is that everything starts small, and nothing happens without diligent training.

Today we talked about the technique stand and walk on his hands. As you can see, nothing extraordinary or impossible, you just need to want. Each day start with a positive “I can do it!” then workout are a joy and the results will not keep itself waiting.

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