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Hadi Chupan spoke for the last time?

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In the modern world, politics and sports go hand in hand and are extremely dependent on each other, which can be seen in connection with the latest events in the Persian Gulf, when, by direct order of US President Donald Trump, the second man in Iran, General Qassem Suleimanni, was killed . The bodybuilding world will also undergo changes for all bodybuilders from countries that the United States of America considers a hotbed of terrorism – they will have a complicated procedure for obtaining permission to enter countries hosting international power sports tournaments.
As last fall showed for the successful Iranian athlete Hadi Choopan, he deserves to perform at the highest level after taking a bronze place at the main event in Las Vegas – Mr. Olympia show. But will there be a sequel for this athlete? Muscular Development Magazine released a special report on the official YouTube video hosting channel dedicated to new issues in relations between the United States and Iran, as well as prospects for Chupan in the competitive season of 2020. Ron Harrison suggests the worst for this Iranian bodybuilder, for whom, most likely, the only chance to pursue his sports career in the field of IFBB Professional League is to obtain citizenship of another country.

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