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Hacked largest website power sports

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American website is one of the largest platforms in the world sales of sports supplements for strength training, fitness and bodybuilding. The company has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, while in the appropriate forum registered more than nine million users. Founded in 1999, the site for 20 years provides informative videos, articles, recipes, a forum for the exchange of knowledge and own a sports nutrition store. According to the published warning message from the owners of the portal, the employee fell for a phishing e-mail in February 2018, which allowed hackers to infiltrate the system a year after the incident. One of the leading companies on data protection was assigned to investigate this case, but still can not completely come to the conclusion that user data could fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, as a precaution, all passwords have been reset, so users now have to install them again. Besides, there were taken additional security measures and the site said on cooperation with law enforcement. It is also declared that, probably, no payment information was not compromised. If attackers managed to steal information, it was name, address, order history and phone numbers. According to their own statements does not store credit card information.

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