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Gym fitness for men: how to develop a training program

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Gym fitness for men: how to develop a training program
The contents

  • Why is it important to do fitness under the supervision of a trainer
  • Rules of fitness training programs and selection of exercises
  • Features exercises and warm-up hitch

Modern fitness clubs offer a variety of services to meet the needs of different customers. It is natural that the goals of the gym, men and women are totally different. Girls often have the goal of losing weight and create an attractive toned figure.

It is not excluded that the same task can put itself and the man. But most of men’s aims are to weight, generating a sculptured athletic body, increased strength and endurance.

It would make sense that fitness training programs for men and women are fundamentally different.

Why is it important to do fitness under the supervision of a trainer

Most visitors of fitness clubs do not use the services of a coach. Some do it to save funds, and some are just too confident. They rely on their experience and previously obtained knowledge. If you are already not the first year and know your body then perhaps a personal fitness instructor you do not need. But if you are a beginner, then the rejection of the services of a specialist is a “disservice” to their health and the desired result.

Yes, on the Internet you can find lots of ready-made programs and routines. But, first, they are not always designed by professionals. And secondly, if it is a quality fitness program, it is designed for a specific athlete, and you may just not be suitable. And there are a number of reasons:

  • Each human body is unique, and the program developed for one athlete will not suit another.
  • Different training objectives and other desired results.
  • Different indicators of health status and current fitness level.
  • A competent fitness instructor will develop an individual training program taking into account the above described outgoing data. It will provide you with the optimal load and operating weight. And also follow the technique of performing each fitness item. The last point is very important. Because improper execution of exercises, and with weights can lead to injury.

    Rules of fitness training programs and selection of exercises

    A universal training program in the gym for men do not exist. However, as for girls. But there are rules which should adhere to when drafting their own plan.

    • Define your personal goal to visit the gym.

    Often this is weight loss, athletic create relief shape, increase strength and body mass, maintaining an existing form. From the goal depends on the rest of the production training process.

    • Determine your number of fitness classes per week.

    Someone is ready to do daily, and someone barely cut two days a week. Keep in mind that your goal is also affecting this item: up for weight loss and for its elevation to the hall need to walk 3-4 times a week, preferably 5; for the growth of mass and strength — 3 times; and to maintain the current form will be enough 2 times. Determine in advance the appropriate number of visits to the gym, so you can do without a pass trainings. Soberly assess their capabilities, because it will affect the final result.

    • Select the method by which you want to perform the exercises.

    Experts klassificeret 5 different methods. Separate method and exercises in one approach help to increase body mass and strength. Supersets create athletic relief as well as burn extra weight. Circular method of training is good if you want to lose weight. The combined method is also struggling with excess weight and creates a beautiful relief of the body.

    • Decide on training movements.

    There are basic exercises. They have proven over the years and millions of athletes, both Amateur and professionals. Also, there are many additional exercises aimed at specific muscles or muscle groups. There are those, for which you need special equipment or adaptations. Others require special pre-treatment. The technique and perform some impossible to handle without the advice of a competent instructor. The specific choice will also depend on the goal. For example, pushups with cotton excellent develop explosive power. But without knowledge of the technique and not being able to perform even simple push-UPS it is impossible to include them in your exercise program.

    • What muscles and when to load.

    When the goal is in the weight or increase strength during training, you need to load from one to three muscle groups. And the next other groups. For weight loss load the entire body in one session. If you want to create a beautiful relief, it all depends on the anatomical structure of your body, and yourself clear training plan, you can make up with experience, by trial and error.

    • The order of performance of exercises.

    Increasing muscle size and strength, the elements should be done in blocks. And when losing weight — on the contrary, the load should turn to go on different muscle groups.

    • The number of sets and reps and duration of rest.

    This item depends on your goals and current physical condition of the athlete. It is very individual. Ready to the fitness programs often are not clearly figures. This gives you an opportunity to choose the optimal for you personally the fiznagruzki.

    • The weight of the shells.

    The weight is also very individual. For one athlete it may be 70 kg, and the other to 40 kg. All depends on the physical training and selected items of fitness for the program.

    Features exercises and warm-up hitch

    Do not forget about warm-up and hitch. Newcomers, however, and experienced gym visitors often ignore these two important parts of fitness. This approach is fraught with injuries and is very injurious to health.

    Workout allows you to warm up the body and prepare it for future loads. A hitch in the end of the lesson, on the contrary, gradually calms the body.

    A fitness program is essential in achieving this goal. Writing is a challenging and important process. Go to classes without a clear plan, at least, unwise. How unwise and the use of foreign training schemes made for someone else.

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